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The is a detailed guide to unemployment insurance, compensation and benefits. It's a private website whose task is to lend a hand to people who are unemployed, find the resources they require and respond to their questions. This is not a government website nor are we associated with the government.

This site is your guide, dealing with unemployment and seeking a new job. We want to demonstrate people that they are not unaided, that there is assistance for them and that others have been in the same situation and succeeded.

We show how to file for unemployment, the eligibility requirements, claim initial, weekly and extension benefits, calculate and compute weekly benefits and much more.

Questions and Comments

  • Florida Unemployment Benefits
    By Margaret, on July 21, 2016:
    Can a Canadian citizen with working papers in the states collect unemployment when layed off?

  • Unemployment Benefits Eligibility
    By mrredith, on July 21, 2016:
    Im a cna in an in home private setting and work in a team of 2 ive been there a year the other cna. I quit bc my co worker cant properly lift our patient and has veen told several times how to do so .i ve spoke to my employers mom and she hasnt fixed the...

  • Iowa Unemployment Benefits
    By Anibal Garcia, on July 20, 2016:
    My unemployment fund was exhausted. Is it there something like an extension? If yes, then how to apply for it?

  • Unemployment Benefits Comparison by State
    By Scott, on July 20, 2016:
    I will be seperating from military service soon and I would like to know if I can apply for benefits in Massachusetts even though I am not a resident.

  • Unemployment Insurance Common Questions
    By Wanda, on July 19, 2016:
    I have been on medical leave since December 2014 for Cancer. I had six months of chemo treatment and radiation. I attempted to return to work in June 2016 but only managed 2 hours. I have been terminated from my employment because of lack of stamina...

  • Kentucky Unemployment Benefits
    By Brad, on July 19, 2016:
    Is being asked short handed and to do the job of 3 or 4 people considered enough undue hardship to be considered for unemployment?