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The is a detailed guide to unemployment insurance, compensation and benefits. It's a private website whose task is to lend a hand to people who are unemployed, find the resources they require and respond to their questions. This is not a government website nor are we associated with the government.

This site is your guide, dealing with unemployment and seeking a new job. We want to demonstrate people that they are not unaided, that there is assistance for them and that others have been in the same situation and succeeded.

We show how to file for unemployment, the eligibility requirements, claim initial, weekly and extension benefits, calculate and compute weekly benefits and much more.

Questions and Comments

  • California Unemployment Benefits
    By Stephen Barton, on January 13, 2017:
    I am 63 years old and have been unemployed for several years, I lost just about everything and I was homeless. I am a union sheet metal worker and finally in April 2016 I got a job in San Jose and finally things started getting better I was able...

  • Unemployment Benefits Eligibility
    By Keith S., on January 12, 2017:
    Is it possible to receive unemployment benefits and social security benefits at the same time in the state of Iowa?

  • Oklahoma Unemployment Benefits
    By tina, on January 12, 2017:
    HI, the company I work for as an assistant for almost 5 yrs is selling and the new company isn’t keeping any of the employees can I get unemployment?

  • Massachusetts Unemployment Benefits
    By Ellly, on January 12, 2017:
    I have a question regarding my eligibility to collect employer from one of my employers . I have two jobs and one is part time (I do not want to collect from it )but I would like to collect from the other one , because they significant reduced our...

  • Florida Unemployment Benefits
    By Lori, on January 12, 2017:
    What is a acceptable reason or good cause for a late filing for disaster relief?

  • California Unemployment Benefits
    By Rosemary Wheeler, on January 12, 2017:
    I have worked for this company for 8 years, they just told me they are making me a part time employee and will be used when work is available. They gave me no schedule for when I would be used. Can I file for unemployment?