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The is a detailed guide to unemployment insurance, compensation and benefits. It's a private website whose task is to lend a hand to people who are unemployed, find the resources they require and respond to their questions. This is not a government website nor are we associated with the government.

This site is your guide, dealing with unemployment and seeking a new job. We want to demonstrate people that they are not unaided, that there is assistance for them and that others have been in the same situation and succeeded.

We show how to file for unemployment, the eligibility requirements, claim initial, weekly and extension benefits, calculate and compute weekly benefits and much more.

Questions and Comments

  • North Carolina Unemployment Benefits
    By Bridget, on May 27, 2016:
    If I hire a North Carolina resident to work in New York for a 12 week assignment, do I need to register with North Carolina for unemployment which she may be eligible for after the 12 week project is completed or would she file a claim through the state...

  • Colorado Unemployment Benefits
    By Ron, on May 26, 2016:
    I need to leave my job and move out of Colorado because living at this altitude creates too many health issues. My doctor is in concurrence with this. Can I drop unemployment?

  • Illinois Unemployment Benefits
    By Dolores Schmidt, on May 26, 2016:
    I receive $672.00 monthly from Soc. Security and applied for unemployment when I was forced to retire from my part time job. I keep receiving monthly mailings stating that I make more than the allowable amount. Can I not receive unemployment because I...

  • Florida Unemployment Benefits
    By Susan Johnson, on May 26, 2016:
    My company is being absorbed by another, we are being put on a 90 day probationary status. If for some reason the new management does not like me can I file unemployment benefits against my old employer.

  • Unemployment Insurance Common Questions
    By Dan, on May 24, 2016:
    Can I work For UBER part-time while still collecting unemployment benefits? According to UBER I am an independent contractor.

  • Unemployment Insurance Extended Benefits
    By Lisan Rogers, on May 24, 2016:
    So frustrating. I am in Florida. Got laid off after 20 years. Just a shot out of the blue that I never even saw coming. Florida only awarded me 12 weeks. After 20 years of not missing one day all I get is a lousy 12 weeks. At my age 58 it is...