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Alabama Unemployment Weekly Claims

After you are determined as eligible to receive unemployment benefits, you will have to proceed to step 2. Here, you have to fulfill certain requirements each week after which you will receive your unemployment pay check. This is called weekly certification. It is in place to ensure you are in constant search to get back to work.

When you file your certification for weekly benefits, you will be instructed to answer the questions truthfully.

When all the information has been entered and verified, you will be told that your certification has been accepted and is being processed. You must wait for this response to insure that all your answers have been recorded. If one or more of your answers is potentially disqualifying, you will be instructed to call the Call Center Inquiry Line for a fact-finding interview.

If you choose to stop filing weekly claim certifications for any reason, your claim becomes inactive. You will be notified about the break in your claim series when you make your weekly call. If you fail to follow the instructions provided, it may result in a loss of benefits. If you have failed to call for at least two weeks or more, you will have to reopen your claim.

Weekly continued claim certifications may be filed Sunday through Friday. To be considered timely, you must file your weekly certification no later than 5PM each friday.

Please note that you can be penalized for giving inaccurate or false information to obtain unemployment benefits.

Weekly Certification

Birmingham (205) 458-2282
Montgomery (334) 954-4094
Not in a local area: (800) 752-7389

File a weekly certification online.

Know about weekly work search requirements which are needed while filing weekly claims.

Questions & Answers

  1. Jason says:

    I got my first weekly certification and it says it’s being held for the waiting week. However, it shows a “Balance Remaining” of $3,052″. Is there any way to determine what my weekly benefits will be based on the “Balance Remaining weeks? I’d like to figure out what my first payment might be.

    • Adrian says:

      The balance shown will be an amount fixed for the number of weeks approved.

      Perhaps,you can wait for the first payment or ring up the claims center of the labor dept in Alabama to find out more.

  2. antoine clark says:

    How does alabama justify a waiting period before giving unemployment compensation? Doesnt federal law trump the state law? The state of alabama is nortorious for inhuman actions and laws. I.E slavery

  3. Judy Foster says:

    I recieved a message from the unemployment office this morning at like 10 am she requested that I call her back ASAP I have left her 5 voicemails at this point and still no response:( how am I suppose to respond ASAP if no one response to my messages when I call!!! I’m now a stay at home mom who has recieved one unemployment payment in one month and almost two weeks!!!! I would like to resolve what ever issue is holding it up!!! I was vacuuming and missed the first call!!!! Now how do I get I. Touch with someone?

  4. chris robinette says:

    on hold listening to what appears to be Christmas gospel music. been on hold for over an hour and a half. what is the reason for a hour and a half wait time to give 10min worth of information if that much. only have to call because I am a federal employee. why do I have to call yet if I was not a federal employee I would have been done already. seems wrong to me.

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