Unemployment Articles

    Illinois – All You Need To Know When You’re Unemployed

    Unemployed or not, living in today’s job market, it is always indispensable for you to equip yourself with the know-hows of the unemployment benefits offered in your state. Illinois, like other federal states, has its own department which takes care of unemployed populace and seeks to address their financial problems, either you are a part-time… Read More »

    Employment Situation Across USA – May 2016 (Household & Establishment)

    After months of dormancy, there is finally some news to cheer about for Americans with respect to the unemployment situation in the country. The national Unemployment Rate fell by 0.3 percentage points in May 2016 to clock 4.7 percent with gains of 484,000 jobs during this month. The number of jobless persons in the country… Read More »

    How Smoking Can Affect Your Job Prospects?

    The destructive effects of an addiction to Tobacco to your health are well-established facts. Now you have more reason to worry as a study published in California, by JAMA (Journal of American Medical Association) Internal Medicine finds that Smoking can affect your financial life severely too. Besides, it also determines that smokers, apart from being… Read More »

    Is High Salary Expectation A Reason For Unemployment?

    We’ve come across many stories of people who once earned six-figure salaries but were then abruptly laid off. Such people often find it difficult to get another job with matching salary. Because of this, some of them opt to make themselves more marketable and pursue higher studies. The end result is that they add student… Read More »

    Veteran Unemployment Benefits In USA

    Unemployment is one problem that doesn’t necessarily need a shout-out. In spite of all the banter on the march towards progression, the unemployment rate of 4.9% is not really hailed as the greatest feat. However, the stagnation isn’t forever. Know more of the unemployment benefits to cross over all the obstacles in your way to… Read More »

    Employment Situation Across USA – April 2016 (Household & Establishment)

    As the employment situation has remained over the last few months, the unemployment rate in April was 5.0 percent, the same as March. This percentage consists of a little over 7.9 million unemployed persons out of the employable populace. Among the various industries, professional and business services lead the job creation engine with highest number… Read More »

    Pennsylvania – All You Need To Know When You’re Unemployed

    Pennsylvania UC (Unemployment Compensation) program is handled by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry, which aims to provide a cushion, only if you qualify for the unemployment benefits. This enables a sense of relief to all of you who were at a constant risk of being completely stalled in your day-to-day activities because of… Read More »

    Employment Situation Across USA – March 2016 (Household & Establishment)

    With the economic outlook remaining largely stable, the unemployment rate in March 2016 was 5.0 percent, adding a little over 215,000 jobs during this month. While industries such as construction, healthcare and retail created the highest number of jobs, mining and manufacturing had the highest number of job losses. The number of unemployment persons in… Read More »

    Factors You Should Consider Before Signing a Job Offer

    Receiving a job offer is often thrilling. Whether it’s your first job offer as a college graduate or one after a brief break in the career, signing a offer letter is one of the most cherished moments in life. We often tend to accept and sign the job contract without much scrutiny, focussing merely on… Read More »

    Teenage Unemployment In USA

    We all know that the economy was largely gloomy, with a slowdown. Teens and students are bearing high tuition prices and thus, are in dire need of finding alternate sources of income. Usually, teens manage to find work in restaurant chains and the likes but are mostly unappreciated for the work they do and are… Read More »

    Employment Situation Across USA – February 2016 (Household & Establishment)

    In continuation with our monthly publication on the unemployment situation in the country, let us uncover the news release from Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S Department of Labor, titled “The Unemployment Situation – February 2016” which provides a multi angle view on the employment/unemployment conditions. During February 2016, the economy added a little over 242,000… Read More »

    Employment Situation Across USA – January 2016 (Household & Establishment)

    Its that time of the month where we unveil statistics about the unemployment situation in the USA. As a part of of our ongoing series to bring to you, latest information from the world of unemployment, let’s go ahead and uncover key facts and figures on the unemployment situation during January. The Bureau of Labor… Read More »

    Wisconsin – Filing An Appeal When UI Claims Are Denied

    Being unemployed is quite a challenging state in life. Which is why, temporary financial assistance in the form of Unemployment Insurance (UI) is a blessing for many. However, not everyone who applies for UI gets approved for receiving the benefits. All candidates are evaluated carefully to check if they meet the eligibility criteria and rejections… Read More »

    The Female Unemployment Issue In America

    Despite more jobs being available today in the U.S., unemployment still plagues some sections of the society. While the unemployment rate is officially recorded at 5%, the surveys don’t always tell the complete story. In this article, let’s discuss the issues faced by adult American women in specific. Over the years, we’ve seen that the… Read More »

    Employment Situation Across USA – December 2015

    The year 2015 has been quite an important year for the employment situation in the country. Though it did not witness drastic fall or significant climb, It has more or less carried over the legacy of 2014, an important year that saw fast paced improvement by creating jobs across sectors and therefore directly impacting the… Read More »