Unemployment Insurance Extended Benefits

Those who are obtaining unemployment benefits are also entitled to apply for additional extended  benefits under various state and federal schemes. Customary unemployment insurance lasts for 26 weeks.  When there are elevated levels of unemployment in your state,  you will receive an extension of benefits. A soaring level of unemployment is described as a rate above 6%. Your state will inform you about the unemployment extension when your traditional benefits are about to run out.

Want to know how long does this extension provide benefits in your State?

Benefits Extension by State – Available Weeks

The following table shows number of weeks of extension allowed in each state. Everyone will be eligible for UI benefits. EUC and EB benefits are determined based on the current unemployment rate in the State and subject to availability.

StateUIEUC EBTotal Weeks
Dist of Columbia260026
North Carolina190019
North Dakota260026
New Hampshire260026
New Jersey260026
New Mexico260026
New York260026
Rhode Island260026
South Carolina200020
South Dakota260026
West Virginia260026

UI: Unemployment Insurance (UI) programs offer the basic unemployment benefits to eligible workers who become jobless through no fault of their own, and meet specific other eligibility requirements.

Note: Emergency Unemployment Compensation(E.U.C) remains expired and is not available in any of the states or D.C.  Extended Benefits(EB) are only activated during high unemployment period and is state specific.

EUC:  This is a 100% federally funded program that offers benefits to those who have exhausted regular state benefits. There are presently four Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) benefits extensions available. Each Tier provides additional weeks of unemployment other than the basic state unemployment benefits.

EB: Extended Benefits (EB) are available to workers who have exhausted usual unemployment insurance benefits all through periods of high unemployment.


Unemployment Extension Tiers

As already mentioned, in the United States, there is a usual of 26 weeks of unemployment benefits, known as “regular unemployment insurance (UI) benefits”. There are two programs for extending UI benefits.

  • Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC)
  • Extended Benefits (EB)

Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC)

Important Note: EUC benefits remain expired as of December 28,2013 awaiting an extension that is being debated to be approved by the Congress. These are not available currently.We suggest that you keep a track of national news in this regard for updates.

Unemployment benefits extensionA Tier of unemployment is an addition of a certain amount of weeks of unemployment benefits. There are presently four Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) benefits extensions available. Each Tier provides additional weeks of unemployment other than the basic state unemployment benefits.

  • EUC Tier 1 offer up to 20 weeks or 80% of an individual’s maximum benefit amount from their original unemployment insurance claim, whichever amount is less.
  • EUC Tier 2 gives up to 14 weeks of 54% of an individual’s highest benefit amount from their original unemployment insurance claim, whichever amount is less. An individual must tire out EUC Tier 1 benefits so as to obtain EUC Tier 2 benefits.
  • EUC Tier 3 provide up to 13 weeks or 50% of an individual’s maximum benefit amount from their actual unemployment insurance claim, whichever amount is less. An individual must run out EUC Tier 2 benefits in order to receive EUC Tier 3 benefits.
  • EUC Tier 4 offer up to 6 weeks or 24% of an individual’s maximum benefit from their original UI claim, whichever amount is less. An individual must exhaust their EUC Tier 3 claim by benefit.

Extended Benefits (EB)

Extended Benefits are obtainable to workers who have tired usual unemployment insurance benefits all through periods of high unemployment. The basic Extended Benefits program offers up to 13 extra weeks of benefits when a State is undergoing high unemployment.

EB is activated only during high unemployment period in the State.

How to File for Unemployment Benefits Extension

  1. Check your state’s unemployment extension qualification criteria. The rules for unemployment and unemployment extension are dissimilar in each state. Start exploring the unemployment extension eligibility criteria particular to your state. There are often two different unemployment extensions, one in state funded while the other funded by the government.
  2. Gather all personal information necessary; and reapply. Collect all of your information you needed upon primarily filing unemployment; your work histories, your reason of unemployment, and your social security number. In order to obtain an unemployment extension, go to your state’s unemployment website, or call the employment security department. Apply for your unemployment extension.
  3. Wait for the mail; the paperwork comes in the mail and your checks must keep coming. Once you have applied for your unemployment benefits, wait for the paperwork and the payments that will follow. Bear in mind that you can be inspected on your job search at any time; keep through job search records with reliable contacts to confirm receiving your application.


  1. Kyle Brannon says:

    I am in the state of Missouri and am 2 weeks from exhausting my unemployment benefits, how do I go about applying for an extended UI?

    • Martin says:

      The E.U.C(Emergency Unemployment Compensation) remains expired. There is no extension available. Please inquire further with the labor authorities in your state by calling them.

  2. MsToni says:

    I am also located in the state of Texas and my UI have exhausted. I see all the comments and I feel so bad for what we all are experiencing. It’s hard to make it in this day. I really feel for people with children. I don’t know what this world is coming to but it seems like I’m in a dream because I was always able to make it. Relocating to Texas was the biggest mistake I ever made in my life. It is true that people are heartless and cold and won’t help folks out here who are jobless…. I’m speaking of those who do sit behind their desks with their jobs looking down their nose. I have began to pray and pray some more. I am at a lost and getting behind on bills. Don’t know what’s going to happen in the next month or two. My back is like up against the wall. I have always worked hard and now I just feel like I’ve been stripped of all my honest hard work. I guess all in all nobody here cares.

    • Martin says:

      I can understand your frustration.

      I guess the only advise I can give is to rev up job search and put the ordeal to rest by finding employment.

  3. Joel says:

    I guess I really only have a few question. Being natural born citizen in the United States of America, it seems like it is getting harder and harder for Americans to rely on THEIR country and the government running it for help. If I was in another country or came into this country, you can bet that the government would jump at the opportunity to help me, not being a US Citizen. It seems that our government is more concerned for other countries and helping them. Using my right to freedom of speech, I feel that soon we will no longer be The United States of America, but the States of all Countries United. We will have so many other countries here that all true Americans will be forced to move to other countries, then we can get the help we needed. What has happened to this country? We live in a place that there is less concern for our homeless, needy, elderly and even ones who need just a little help to get by. An example: I once lived in an apartment that was doing an audit to see where you fell as far as income. I was considered low income. I was working a full time job and supporting my children. I needed at one time to get some help for food and was told I made too much money. Go figure. Now how can our country put a limit of 26 weeks with no chance of any extensions on someone collecting unemployment. A lot of the jobs have gone to non citizens that we would apply for. Someone who works at a job for 20 years, gets laid off. Can’t find a job that pays even close to what you were making so that they can make ends meet. What kind of government would tell us that we cannot have any extensions because we have no more money???????? But gives immigrants 5+ years tax free living, housing and many other things that we as US citizens can’t acquire??? I honestly think that the government should be spending our money on something more important than letting immigrants into our country and setting them up with a lifestyle that most of us haven’t even had.

  4. kali says:

    I’m in the state of Texas…..ui has run out this month…..I have tried for jobs in Houston, where I live yet the competition is brutal……I’ve revised my resume and continue to look daily….even participate in the workforce work shops and stuff…..now I’m down to asking local charities for help at Times…..

    How can a determined person like myself survive? When all avenues become extinguished?… I’m not lazy and I try to follow the formula….do I just wait and see if the government will help us???? Seems one-sided when it comes to the administration….they help millions who..well…didn’t come honest….but what about us?? Why can’t we. “(The people)” get a pin swipe??…..I’m not fussing nor trying to be rude but it is what it is and it’s irritating… I work hard, invest in my 401k and save….
    What about us??

    What do I do????

    • Martin says:

      Well, I can understand your frustration. There are thousands who are undergoing the same ordeal.

      Perhaps, you can widen your job search ambit and look for jobs outside. Also, the best way to apply for jobs is online.

  5. Chris says:

    This is lovely. I’ve had friends that have received UI for years. I know legislation changes but it’s ludicrous that I’ve had it for 6 months, and now must tremble at the thought of not having it, with child. My story is much to detailed to simply post in online, but I need help.

    • Martin says:

      Why don’t you speed up your job searches and use online resources to do so? UI benefits are temp relief anyways.

  6. Jessica says:

    I’m about to rub out of my 26 weeks of unemployment in WV, are their other weeks I can apply for? I’m extremely nervous because I can’t find anything on the website.

    • Martin says:

      The E.U.C(Emergency Unemployment Compensation) remains expired. There is no extension available. Please inquire further with the labor authorities in your state by calling them.

  7. kimmie says:

    Can you apply for unemployment benefits from your home residence if you worked in another state?

  8. Casey says:

    In Alabama are EB offered at this time?

  9. LC says:

    Thanks Martin for the information and responding to the questions.

  10. Bonnie Carr says:

    My unemployment just ran out in Miami I moved to Wisconsin when I got laid off. I cannot find a job here its been 4 months can I re apply in Wisconsin?

  11. jill murphy says:

    If Illinois is at 9% unemployed, at what % does an extension get approved for people who have exhausted regular benefits(26 weeks)

    • Martin says:

      Well, the decision to extend benefits will be taken by the state authorities in accordance with many factors.

      You can contact the Unemployment Office in your state for further information.

  12. D Rick says:

    10s, wow, how do you do it? Sorry, just taking an easy jab. EUC is expired, but what about EB, and how do you find out?

    • Martin says:

      You can find out by either visiting the official website of the Unemployment Office in your state or by calling them by phone.

  13. Angela coley says:

    My benefits have exhausted after 16 weeks and I’m in nc am I eligible for an extension

  14. martin sucks says:

    martin you suck and sound very robotic or just dont have a soul, the people on here are desperate and all you can say is
    “There is no extension available in any state. The EUC remains expired. Please contact the state authorities for further details” have some compassion for people or show some sort of sympathy dude, you suck at your job!!!

    • Martin says:

      Hello Mister Cuba,

      If my sympathy could offer any financial relief to you, I am happy to offer sympathetic answers. This forum receives 10s of questions on a daily basis and our motive is to provide precise information to help claimants/jobless workers.

    • Jimmy Johnson says:

      Because Martin didn’t say what you wanted to hear, he sucks ? Maybe your attitude and overall outlook is the reason that you are unemployed.

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