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Lawmakers Insisted to Extend Unemployment Benefits

The Americans are insisting on lawmakers to extend unemployment benefits as seeking a job becomes harder. Lawmakers are facing new pressure to extend jobless benefits after groups supporting the measure have started on a new round of lobbying to persuade Congress to extend federal benefits to the long-term unemployed. An allied group of advocates including… Read More »

Federal EUC Extension 2013

Congress voted to extend the Federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) program through 2013 on tuesday (1-1-2013). This means, unemployed workers who are currently collecting federal jobless benefits can continue to receive unemployment compensation. Unemployed workers who run out of state benefits during 2013 are now eligible for benefit extensions. With the extension of EUC, more than 2… Read More »

How to Extend Unemployment Benefits in Texas?

If you have exhausted your unemployment benefits and still meet the eligibility conditions to receive compensation in Texas,  you will be able to receive extended unemployment benefits either by State or Federal Unemployment extension programs of Texas. Unemployment Insurance (UI) Texas Unemployment Benefit is the pay of fixed amount on monthly or weekly basis given… Read More »

Unemployment Insurance Extended Benefits

Due to the current economic situation, those who are obtaining unemployment benefits are now entitled to extend their benefits by 13 to 20 weeks. Customary unemployment insurance lasts for 26 weeks.  When there are elevated levels of unemployment in your state,  you will receive an extension of benefits. A soaring level of unemployment is described… Read More »

Congress Votes on Extending Unemployment Insurance Benefits– Again

US congress has implemented a 2012 unemployment benefits extension in the highest unemployed states in the country. Nearly overshadowed by debates, Congress is wrestling with how to increase the unemployment benefits that are about to expire. This emergency unemployment compensation is certainly a necessity and has been extended by Congress nine times since they were… Read More »

How to extend Unemployment Benefits beyond initial 26 Weeks

Update: As of January 2014, Federal EUC benefits have expired and the Congress has not approved the extension of these benefits yet. You have lost your job that provided all the financial support. Now what? Obviously this is not the time to doubt in your abilities and feel depressed. Take a step back and use… Read More »