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  1. carlos jua caballero
    carlos jua caballero
    carlos juan caballero
  2. John Eisenbarth
    John Eisenbarth
    cont'd. Got in 1 time, on hold 3 hrs 40 min then was disconnected. Please help! Can I go to a service center??
  3. John Eisenbarth
    John Eisenbarth
    filed on the auto line in PA, told I had to speak to a person.have been calling 8883137284 HUNDREDS of times 3 wks.
  4. Tonia
    I quit part time job then lost full time contracted position 3weeks later in WI and am getting denied due to quitting part time job.
  5. Shay
    In NC, I worked almost 4 yrs as an RN without 1 vacation so I quit. Do you think I had a valid reason for quitting?
  6. Akeylee
    I need to finish
  7. smitty
    After 16 yrs with same co. ft asst mgr changed to pt asst mgr. Lost all benefits! Can I rec unemployment in WV?
  8. Susan Deuel
    Susan Deuel
    Am wondering am I qualify for unemployment benefits of 3 months with no pay earning during summer time til go back to work in August ?
  9. Gbudget
    Had a phone interview regarding my job termination. What is the timeframe, if any, to verify my UI benefits are not affected?
  10. elizabeth4
    Stopped benefits from first job,started new part time job.Can I restart claim because of not enough hours in new job?
  11. lisa handley
  12. Trisha
    I wont get paid for 2 months with my new job Can I recieve benefits
  13. Connie Hannegan
    Connie Hannegan
    I thought I am scheduled now for 10am on Friday 11/6/2015 can you confirm please re: service orientation
  14. Mandy
    i live in michigan my 20 weeks are almost up can i re apply?
  15. Connie Hannegan
    Connie Hannegan
    I am scheduled for a service orientation on November 4 at 2pm and was wondering what other days would be available as well as times.
  16. mitchwindy
    I live in Nevada and my hours were cut from 40 to 32 a week, can I file?
  17. napili
    I am receiving social security and disability since my injury in 2012. Do I still qualify for unemployment benefits?
  18. Debra
    Debra Carinci
  19. shelly
    How long do they have to determine eligibility?
  20. linda carol baker
    linda carol baker
    off work sense 2013 have a back surgery from a work accid have been recieve workmans am i able to draw benifits disabilty restrictions.