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Florida Unemployment Eligibility

The Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation is liable for managing the state’s unemployment insurance fund. As per the Florida Unemployment Compensation Law, an applicant’s eligibility depends on his work earnings history, his capability to keep seeking available work while collecting benefits and his reason for joblessness. Suitable claimants must file biweekly claims to keep on collecting unemployment benefits.

Monetary Eligibility

To establish a monetarily eligible reemployment assistance claim, a person must have worked and earned wages during a specified period of time called the base period (first four quarters of the previous five completed quarters prior to filing a claim).

To be eligible monetarily, a person must:

  • Have been paid wages in two or more calendar quarters in the base period;
  • Have total base period wages of at least 1-1/2 times the wages in the quarter having the highest earnings;
  • Have at least $3,400 total wages in the base period.

This calculation is automatically done at the time you file your claim.

Non-Monetary Eligibility

Once your claim is determined to be monetarily eligible and you have claimed weeks, your non-monetary eligibility must be determined before any benefits will be paid to you.

Below is a general description of the issues which can affect your claim:

  1. You were discharged (fired), you quit, or you are on a suspension or leave of absence from your last employer or other recent employers.
  2. You are a school employee and you are not working because you are between terms or on a vacation or holiday.
  3. You are unable or unavailable to work or to accept work or you are not looking for work or you have failed to report five contacts with prospective employers for work during a claim week..
  4. You are currently attending school or training.
  5. You are currently self-employed.
  6. You are obtaining payments of some kind from a recent employer.
  7. You refused a suitable job offer or you refused a referral from the One-Stop Career Center to a suitable job.
  8. You failed to participate in Reemployment Services scheduled at the One-Stop Career Center.
  9. You failed to complete the initial skills review on the Internet.

Eligibility Questions

I was fired from my last job. Will I be considered eligible?

In case you are fired for a reason like you were not good at the job or you did not have the skills to carry out the job, you must be able to receive benefits. But in Florida, employees who are fired for misconduct related to work may not be eligible for jobless benefits. Misconduct is defined as an intentional or controllable act (or failure to act) that shows a planned disregard of the employer’s interests. An employee who is fired for the following reasons will usually meet the criteria for benefits.

  • carelessness,
  • performance problems,
  • inefficiency or
  • good faith errors in judgement.

My employer is laying me off due to monetary crisis. Can I avail UC?

Usually, in Florida you have to have to have lost your job through no mistake of your own so as to collect unemployment. When you get jobless, it is not your fault. In nearly all cases, this means that if you get out of work, you are qualified to receive unemployment benefits. If you get laid-off from your job, you must instantly apply for unemployment benefits. Getting laid-off doesn’t mean that you were fired. Getting laid-off doesn’t mean that you did something incorrect. Getting laid-off means that the company you worked for did not have enough work for you to do, and could no longer afford to pay you for your job.

Will quitting a job affect my eligibility?

In case you quit your job, you won’t be entitled for unemployment unless you had a good reason for doing so related to your work or a personal illness or disability. In case you left your job because your spouse was transferred by the military, you will remain entitled for benefits. And if you left a temporary job since you were recalled by your permanent employing unit within 6 months after termination, you will qualify for benefits. Following causes may also be accepted by the law :

  • Cause attributable to the employer
  • Accept other work,
  • Relocate,
  • Care for a family member,
  • Distance to work,
  • Unhappy with the job

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Questions & Answers

  1. KEVIN BURNS says:

    Is there a letter stating your eligibility for unemployment benefits that accompanies the Wage Transcript and Determination?

  2. francisco says:

    I’m a prep cook at a fine dining restaurant but I feel like I’m being abused because every time I go to work I have to pick up other peoples assignments that weren’t completed on top of my own assignment. And the staff also be fighting on the job. If I wanted to quit this job and look for another job will I be able to qualify for unemployment?

  3. Tatita says:

    I was hurt on a job site in 06, had surgery in 07, have restriction and haven’t beenable to find employment since. I have to put my restriction on all applcations because if somthing should happen I don’t want to be accused of lieing on the apps. Am I eligible to receive unemployment.

    • Adrian says:

      If you are available to work and are willing to accept a suitable job offer,please consider applying for UI benefits in your state.

  4. Joyce says:

    Good Morning. I have been a housekeeper for a non-profit for 20 years. They are talking to me about being laid off because I can no longer keep up with the expectations of the job description. I am capable of doing other kinds of work, and I am attending school to be able to do so. Will I be eligible for unemployment if this takes place. Please let me know. Thank you for your time. :)

    • Adrian says:

      I hope you earned monetary compensation from the job that you worked for.Remember, you must be actively looking for a job and make relevant searches.

      If so, please consider applying for UI benefits until you find a job. Best wishes!

  5. vince says:

    I have been at my job for 8 years steady. I may have to go for shoulder surgery and be off work for an extended period for rehab. will I be eligible for benefits

    • Naze C says:

      I have been employed in my job for 5+ Years. I’m suppose to have surgery in my knee, witch will keep me out for about six months. Should I be eligible for unemployment ?

      • Adrian says:

        UI benefits are only extended to those who are available and are able to work.
        Since you will be out of work due to a surgery,I doubt. Explore other benefits in your state that suit your situation.

  6. ShaWanda says:

    I didnt work during the period of 10/12-9/13, but accordingly to my information with UC, there is still money available for me to utilize. I went back to work on 10/2014 and was just laid off on 2/19/. Am I able to receive benefits for the time I worked

  7. Rebeca Eshkenazi says:

    Good morning,
    I was laid off 4 months ago. The company I worked for 8 years is a non-profit organization, therefore they don’t have unemployment insurance benefits. Can I still apply for unemployment insurance benefits? Please be kind enough to advise. Sincerely, REbeca Eshkenazi

    • Adrian says:

      I guess they must have an exception for such situations where the employer does not pay into the state.Please speak to a representative from the claims center in Florida for further advice on this.

  8. roney sorensen says:

    A friend of mine was laid off in September. She received a severance
    lump sum payment from her former company. Is she eligible for unemployment compensation? She had worked full time for the company for 20 years.

    • Adrian says:

      If your friend is no longer receiving severance or any other form of payment from the last employer,please be advised that she should be eligible to receive UI benefits from the state.

  9. fernando marengo says:

    Worked for 33 years with same company they notified all employees that need to cut 1200 jobs by end of November 2013 & they offer early retirement I took the
    package but cannot find a job. do I qualified for unemployment Benefits.

  10. c allen says:

    I travel for a company. Travel is required to get my job done. My employer has stopped paying or is paying late our expense reinbursements also our 401K contributions have not been made (not match – self directed). Do I have any rights?

  11. maddy says:

    I was fired from my job but I have a real estate license.I have no business right now and I have nothing pending .Can I still file

  12. J Pits says:

    I recieve monthly gov’t SS retirrement checks and was laid off. Do I qualify for UE

  13. Robert Melendez says:

    I was hit by a big top loader at the port of Miami I was out for a year and a few months the company asked at settltment to not seek employment for six months I did not agree they took exactly six months to get my check after agreeing on the terms of settlement when I went back to work they told me that my job was given to someone else I am a unuon man and the union told me the I would be the next on the list it has been six months and I am waiting am I elegeble for unemployment I never even gave it a thought until today could I applied I was paid workmans comp is that consider wages I am out of money and no work yet

  14. Joe says:

    I have a signed contract to be paid a salary based on a 50 hour week. I am now expected to work 60-67 hours a week at the same salary. I have brought the matter up with my boss and his boss but they said I have to work the additional hours. Can I quit and collect unemployment benefits while looking for a new job?

  15. Robert says:

    I work for a company out of Florida,I went to my annual DOT physical but I didn’t pass because of my heart condition having AFIB and was disqualified from my I in title to receive unemployment? confused in Texas

  16. Selena says:

    I am currently working in the State of Florida two part time jobs, one in the morning (for a real estate office) from 9-12 making $15 per hour and one in the afternoon (for a church) from 1 to 5 making $13 per hour. My morning job said they are going to lay me off. I have been with both companies for 6 years. Will I be eligible for partial unemployment? If so, do you know how much I would be eligible for?

    • Pamela says:

      I am not receiving my full forty hrs. per week. Working twenty four
      to thirty three hrs. per week.
      Can I receive partial unemployment for the lost hrs. that I am not

      • roney sorensen says:

        I would go ahead and apply for unemployment. I would think you would get
        partial compensation after being reduced in hours from full time to part time. Good luck.

  17. Don says:

    I was arrested on an old warrant i knew nothing about and was incarcerated. I was not able to contact my employer during this time(5 days) and was subsequently terminated for three no call-no shows. Am i eligible for UC?

  18. S Burns says:

    I was a 1099 employee. Laid off last week. I am not sure weather my employers paid unemployment taxes. Am I still eligible if I was a 1099 Employee?

  19. maria says:

    I have been employed in Florida for over 10 years. My company A is closing and merging work with company B. My last day will 11/30/13. Company B is hiring me for 2 months up to Jan 31, 2014 on a 1099. will I be eligible for unemployment benefits from my previous employer beginning Feb. 1, 2014?

  20. arnold frankel says:

    company has offered me a by-out If I acept it am I still eligable for unemployment compensation

  21. Twanda says:

    I injured myself at my part time job, and am now receiving worker’s comp. My full time employer will not allow me to report to work because of the worker’s comp. The full time employer is now telling me I have to resign. Will I receive unemployment from my full time employer while I am receiving worker’s comp from my part time employer?

  22. David B says:

    I worked for 7 years in Texas and I was laid off in August. I applied in Texas for unemployment, but it has not been approved yet. I since have moved to Florida to live with family to save expenses, and I am looking for work here. Can I apply for unemployment in Florida?

    • David says:

      My wife and I currently live in the state of Pennsylvania. In the fall we plan to relocate to Florida due to my wife’s health problems. I will have to leave my job and find employment in Florida. Will I be able to apply for unemployment in Florida?

      • Adrian says:

        You must be looking at applying from the state where you were employed last as the employer would have paid into the state taxes.

  23. yvonne says:

    What about the people that are affected by the government shut down, do they qualify for unemployment.

  24. justin says:

    I left Winn Dixie in April for a job with more hours at WALMART. Yesterday I was laid off after working many weeks for 35-40 hours. WALMART says I was a seasonal temporary employee. Does that disqualify me from unemployment compensation? Thank you for your help.

  25. Jack Johson says:

    I resigned from my last position (in another state) to move with my wife who is attending school full time (college). Am I eligble for unemployment while looking for work?

  26. Kim Johnson says:

    I apply unemployment I said I took the assessment test. I took it the last time I was on unemployment is that one still good. You can also call me at Thanks!

    • kathy says:

      This is a public website – please do not post personal information. This is not the unemployment office. If by assessment test, you are talking about job search type services it may depend on how long ago the last time was.

  27. Arlene Velez says:

    My current boss of 17 years is selling our practice. The potential buyers have agreed to keep us on staff for 6 months, however they are only offering us half our long term wages. Would we qualify for unemployment due to such a large pay loss?

    • kathy says:

      Sounds likely – but in addition to such a drastic reduction in pay are there reductions to your responsibilities? Until it happens no one can give you a firm answer as they need facts to do that.

    • Paulo says:

      The company I work for was sold and they are offering the severance package for those will not move to the new employer, this the new employer building is twenty miles far from our actual building and twenty seven miles from my house, they are offering position in the new company but the salary is very low comparing what I get now. Do I qualify for unemployment.

  28. Samuel George says:

    The company has advise me that there is no work yet they haven’t told me whether or not I been laid off or fired, so what do I do I’m going on two weeks with out pay?

    • kathy says:

      Call the unemployment office to initiate a claim, ask if they would back date it to your very last day worked or possibly before if your hours were lower than usual. Do your best to preserve a good relationship with the employer, perhaps they will give you a date of recall – try to get it in writing.

  29. Deedra says:

    I moved from Tennessee to Florida for a job. After 1 month, I was laid off from the Florida job. I applied for unemployment benefits in Florida but was told I hadn’t worked long enough in Florida so I should file for unemployment benefits in Tennessee. Will I be able to apply in Tennessee even though I live and was laid off in Florida?

    • kathy says:

      Yes and since you had some earnings in Florida, I am surprised they did not allow you to file there… Perhaps it is because you have no earnings in Florida in your base year.

  30. Natasha says:

    Military spouse, relocating to Florida in 2 months. I am currently full time employed in the state of WA. Due to our military relocation I will be unemployed after Oct. 11, 2013. Will I be eligible for compensation when we arrive in Florida?

  31. Susan wilson says:

    I was hired 7 years ago as a homeworker. The company was sold to AFS almost 3 years ago. They “grandfathered” the homeworkers into the company and suddenly in the past 3 months, they have began to “spueeze” us to come into the office to work. We have been told by our Operations Manager that our jobs will be going to India very soon and that only a select few will be maintained in the Oldsmar office. Most of us took the work from home position because we have flexible hours and can take care of elderly parents and children. If the companies changes do not allow us to continue our work, what are our options? Will we still be eligible for unemployment benefits? We are not quitting, but are being placed in a difficult position because the company is making changes to something they “grandfathered” in for us. Please help. There is a group of 13 of us who do not know what to do and need money until we can find another job. thank you.

    • Baggie says:

      Hi Susan,

      Unemployment can kick in when you are laid off. If the company dismisses you as they plan on outsourcing, there are chances to receive unemployment compensation.

  32. Linda says:

    I wanted to know if a person is eligible for unemployment compensation if your scheduled hours per week have been cut in half?

    • Baggie says:

      Hi Linda,

      Yes, if a person’s working hours have been cut significantly, he or she is eligible to receive partial unemployment pay. Please note that this person will have to pass other eligibility requirements as well.

  33. shawn furey says:

    I live in another state and trying to claim my unemployment from Florida.

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