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Kansas Unemployment Job Search Requirements

When you apply for weekly certification, you will be asked to show your work search efforts for the week. This makes sure that UI benefit applicants are in constant search of a job and are not living off unemployment benefits.
You are required to look for work each week. Keep a record of your job contacts. You will be asked to provide this record periodically to the Kansas Unemployment Contact Center. Remember, you do not have to furnish this document each week, however, you will have to hand it over during the audit process.

Your records should include:
• Date of contact
• Employer name
• Address
• Email
• Phone
• Fax
• Person contacted
• Type of contact
• Results/followup


Questions & Answers

  1. Nancy Myers says:

    If we offer an employee a position in another state at one of our locations and the employee does not accept, does that disqualify them from unemployment?

  2. Debra Ehlers says:

    In my profession you do not know when or where the projects are. In other words you don’t call them, they call you. Will I have to actively search for a job outside of my profession and if so how much of a lower wage do I have to accept?

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