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Kansas Unemployment Weekly Claims

To receive your benefits, after filing your unemployment application, you MUST file a weekly claim each week you remain unemployed until your benefits expire. File your first weekly claim on Sunday afternoon or evening or on Monday after filing your unemployment claim the previous week. For example: If you filed your initial application on Tuesday you should file for your first week of unemployment on the following Sunday or Monday. You may file weekly claims online or by phone.

The calendar week for unemployment compensation purposes runs from midnight Sunday through midnight the following Saturday. You may file on any day of the week, Sunday through Saturday, but filing earlier in the week assures the most prompt payment. You will not receive a benefit payment until that week has been claimed. If you do not file within 14 days, your claim will become inactive and you will have to file an application by calling the Kansas Unemployment Contact Center.

If there is a state or bank holiday, your payments may be delayed.

Information Required –

You will need the following information to file a weekly claim for payment:

• If filing online – your user name, password and PIN.
• If filing by phone – your Social Security number and PIN.
• The number of hours worked during the week being claimed.
• The amount of gross wages earned (money earned before deductions, not received) during the week being claimed. You must report wages earned for the week in which you actually worked for those wages, not the week you received payment for that work. This includes any pay received as a Reservist for weekend drill and annual training participation.
• The gross amount of any paid time off (such as vacation, personal time off or holiday pay) you received for the week being claimed.
• The gross amount of severance pay received for the week being claimed.
• Paper and pencil to write down any information or instructions you may be given while filing.

Methods to file weekly claims –

1. File Online
Log in or create a username and password. After you have answered all of the questions, your answers will be displayed for you to review. You will be able to click “Back” to change your answer(s) or click “Submit” to process your weekly claim.
You may be instructed to call the Kansas Unemployment Contact Center or download a form to provide information regarding your eligibility.

2. Phone Filing – You may also call to file a weekly claim:
Weekly Claim Lines
Kansas City Area ……(913) 287-6913
Topeka Area ………….(785) 296-4337
Wichita Area …….. ….(316) 269-0633

A toll-free number is not available for filing a weekly claim.
If you are asked to send in a form, do so immediately as any delay may significantly postpone the processing of your claim or result in a denial of benefits.

NOTE: You MUST continue to file your weekly claim for payment even if a decision about your claim is pending and you are not receiving unemployment payments

Questions & Answers

  1. Mike Thomas says:

    Cant get through on the phone line. Tried all three numbers. do not remember user name or password so I cant use web site, and there seems to be no way to reset them. Cant get through!!

  2. Nancy says:

    How many jobs searches per week to qualify for Kansas unemployment

    • Martin says:

      We do not have precise information in this regard. Generally, its 3-4 job searches.

      Please call the claims center for precise details.

  3. jim says:

    Filed claim two weeks ago, served the waiting week period. Then I filed my second claim yesterday, which was Sunday. When I check my claim status today(Monday) it says, “No Payment Issued”. Why?? How can I receive my payment?
    I am eligible to receive benefits and have tried calling over the phone numerous times to no avail.

    • Martin says:

      Well, there seems to be some delay in disbursing money into your account.

      Please try the phone numbers during off peak hours. You can also check online, on the department’s website.

  4. Lorenza Vasquez says:

    how can i filoe my weekly claim?

    • Martin says:

      You can file over the phone or online, on the official website.

      Please check the content in this page (from the top) for further information.

  5. Robert McManus says:

    I am getting several people who don’t give out paper applications. what do I do then for getting credit for apply for those jobs?

  6. ALEJANDRA says:

    I recieved my weekly claim questionnaire of week ending on 11/14/15 via mail, however, it doesnt have a return address, did anybody else recieved this? Or knows the return address?

  7. Sheila says:

    I have been trying to file my weeklu claim since last Sunday and I have called multiple different contact numbers, they all say “there is a technical problem, then i get disconnected trying to speak to a live person. Cannot file online either because there is a problem and they refer you back to the hotline where there is a technical problem and I get disconnected. What should I do? Its been a week with this sytem having technical problems. I bet inhavr made over 50 phone calls and still cannot file my weekly claim. Please help. Thanks

    • Martin says:

      Well, I can understand the ordeal.

      The only option left for you would be to probably visit the nearest office for further assistance.

  8. Daniel Sims says:

    tried to file my weekly ciaim but it says there is a technical problem. System won’t let me speak to a real person and refers me back online where I’m told to contacft a real person! Is this just someones sick sense of humor? what am I supposed to do?

  9. Tam says:

    have been trying all days to file weekly claim!And tried calling at least a dozen times do not get to talk with a live person! What to do????????????????

    • Martin says:

      Have you tried filing online? Most of the weekly filings are automated without any human interaction.

      Please follow the instructions carefully.

  10. Tam says:

    After I file claim,and on phone interview, so how long can I get benefits?

    • Martin says:

      The turn around time will be provided through relevant communication channels.

      Please call the claims center if you’ve not received any information.

  11. christine lasley says:

    Was unable to file my claim system is down I try calling the number that was listed was unable to get a hold of them to file my claim.What should I do

    • Martin says:

      Please try alternate phone numbers provided on the official website of the labor dept in your state.

      Ensure you call within stipulated hours.

  12. Tam says:

    Hi,I fill a claim at 10/16,at Mon day 10/19 I try to report weekly claim,but they said it no available for me to file,so next monday10/26 it same thing a week before,and monday11/2 and today same thing happen I try to call number 287-6913 but give me a busy signal, so I check again of my status claim it said NOT activate,What can I need to do to Activate- Thank

  13. Mike says:

    Is the whole system down? I can’t file through the website nor through the phone system. And I get disconnected trying to talk to a live person.

  14. Theresa says:

    Why do you have so much trouble with your automated phone system? It does not matter when I call there is always one problem or another getting thru! Maybe a new IT Manager. Very frustrating.

  15. Jamie Collett says:

    Tried filing my weekly claim for the week ending 11/8/2015 online and it says there is no week to claim, then when I try to file on the phone it says there is a technical issue. I’ve never had this problem before. Does anyone else have this problem right now?

  16. Tiffany says:

    I had surgery on my foot and now do to unforeseen circumstances I was on restrictions but my job couldn’t keep me there do I qualify for benefits

    • Martin says:

      You will not be eligible to receive unemployment since the injury/surgery puts you off work for sometime. If the injury was work related, please explore workers compensation scheme.

  17. jack says:

    Can not get signed in for weekly benefite neither on line or by phone.Can not contact a real live person?

  18. jack says:

    have been trying two straight days to file weekly claim! Cant talk with any one except a recording and weekly page keeps saying pin incorrect! tried calling at least a dozen times then call ends automatically and still do not get to talk with a live person! What to do????????????????

    • Martin says:

      If you are having issues filing over the phone, please try online. Its hassle free and easy to manage.

    • Whit says:

      I get this error when I try to file a weekly claim.

      “An unexpected error occurred”

      “There are currently no weeks available for you to file”

      I tried to file a claim over the phone and it won’t allow me to. Am I being denied or is there just an error with the system? Please help. Thank you

  19. Melissa says:

    Tried filing my weekly claim and it said “there’s a technical difficulty” and I need to call back during the week. Are others having this problem or is this a personal problem?

  20. Dennis Rosene says:

    what is your web site to file weekly claim, I already have my ID and PASSWORD, you do noy make this easy.

  21. tracey L francis says:

    can I collect unemployment while I’m on maternity leave?

  22. PATRICK says:

    I have filled for my clam win shoud I no win I am going to git my card in the mail

  23. mark says:

    I am a federal employed employee who is now furloughed. didn’t think it would go this long. can I now file for unemployment insurance over the phone or on-line?

  24. Fal says:

    I have been getting a busy signal since 3:45 p.m. It is now 5:35 p.m. and I am still not able to get through. For some reason I am unable to do the process online, I’m being told to call…
    Is the phone system still updating or is there really a problem that can not be resolved today?

    • Fal says:

      7:05 p.m. I am finally able to file my claim.

    • kathy says:

      sorry to hear of your frustration… I am happy to read you finally got through.

    • Daniel says:

      I am unable to get through on 785-575-1460 or 785-296-4337. I have been calling since yesterday but the system doesn’t allow me to press 1 after entering my social. I have also tried online and its stated that I have no weeks to claim and says unexpected error. Any suggestions on where I can find another alternate number to speak with someone as I have been trying since yesterday.

  25. Ashley Demars says:

    What do you do when the phone system says its down during calling hours and the website wont work to file your weekly claim?

  26. Erika says:

    Today I tried filing my claim today but the website is not working. I tried to call but the phone lines are not working either.What should I do? I can’t really afford to miss a week and have to start all over again filling out paperwork and get more behind as it is?

    • kathy says:

      Wait and file later. If the system is down for maintenance, it won’t be long and you will not have to start all over etc.

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