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Nebraska Unemployment Weekly Claims

After you apply for benefits, you must request weekly benefits online for every week you are unemployed or your hours are reduced. You must request weekly benefits for any week you want payment or waiting week credit, even if your eligibility is being decided or you have an appeal pending.
When you request weekly benefits, you are required to answer questions in order for the Department of Labor to determine your eligibility for that week. You are also required to enter your weekly job contacts in the online work search as part of the weekly certification process. If you fail to complete the weekly work search log, you may be disqualified for the week.

You have from 12:01am Sunday to midnight on Friday to request your weekly benefits each week. You must request weekly benefits by the Friday following the most recent week end date or your request is considered late and benefits may be denied. Late requests may cause you to be ineligible for that time period.

Waiting Week

The first eligible week is called your “waiting week.” To get credit for the waiting week, you must request a payment and meet all eligibility requirements for that week. The waiting week is never paid. However, you must serve a waiting week to be eligible for payments for later weeks. There is one waiting week per benefit year. If for any reason your benefits are denied for the beginning weeks of your request, your waiting week will be your first eligible week after the denial period. A week that is prior to the effective date of the claim or a week that is under disqualification for any reason cannot be used as the waiting week.

You must request your weekly benefits every week. If there is no disqualification on your claim and you have submitted at least two requests for weekly benefits, you can normally expect your first payment within three to four weeks of when you first filed.

Questions & Answers

  1. Dennis Howard says:

    I was on site entered my work search for week of 12/21/2013 which it allowed me to do but it would not let me do a weekly claim for that week. What am I doing wrong. It says I have a balance of 1416.00 for benefits left. I will call Monday as need this money to survive and look for work. Dennis Howard

  2. jose gutierrez says:

    made another application at the all purpose fertilizer also still waiting on results.

    • kathy says:

      Sorry, this is not the unemployment office – we are a public forum. If you are reporting your job search activity, please review the instructions and call the local office for clarification.

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