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Nevada Unemployment Extension

The recent sequestration of federal benefits requires across-the-board reductions to many federal programs, including the Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) program.  This will result in a mandatory reduction to all weekly EUC benefits paid for a certain period of time.  The amount and timeframe of the reduction have not yet been finalized.  All individuals affected will receive additional information by mail.  The telephone claims centers do not have any additional information at this time; updates will be posted as they become available.

Unemployment Benefit Tier Structure Changes:

TIER Amounts  payable  on EUC  prior  to September 2, 2012  Amounts payable on EUC as of  September 2, 2012 
Tier 1 pays up to 20 weeks of benefits or 80% of your regular UI claim, whichever is less. pays up to 14 weeks of benefits or 54% of your regular UI claim, whichever is less.
TIER 2 pays up to 14 weeks of benefits or 54% of your regular UI claim, whichever is less. pays up to 14 weeks of benefits or 54% of your regular UI claim, whichever is less.
Tier 3 pays up to 13 weeks of benefits or 50% of your regular UI claim, whichever is less. pays up to 9 weeks of benefits or  35%  of  your  regular  UI  claim, whichever is less.
Tier 4 pays up to 6 weeks of benefits or  24%  of  your  regular  UI  claim, whichever is less. pays up to 10 weeks of benefits or 39% of your regular UI claim, whichever is less.
Maximum Amount Payable This  equals  a  total  of  up  to 53 weeks or 208% of your regular UI  claim, whichever is less. This  equals  a  total  of  up  to 47 weeks or 182% of your regular UI  claim, whichever is less.

About to run out of regular unemployment insurance benefits?? ——> Know about Unemployment Extension

Questions & Answers

  1. Chris says:

    My unemployment just ran out, would like to know if i could get an extension?

    • Martin says:

      The E.U.C(Emergency Unemployment Compensation) remains expired. There is no extension available. Please inquire further with the labor authorities in your state by calling them.

  2. peter cornute says:

    my six months benefits ran out i am unable to look for work because my wife is totally disabled can i get a extension

  3. Tami A says:

    My unemployment has exhausted, is EUI available?

  4. Marsha Charima says:

    Would someone please be kind enough to inform me of whether or not I qualify for further unemployment benefits. I’ve got a zero balance as of last week, BUT is an extension in order. If so, how do I proceed?

    Thank your in advance.

    • Adrian says:

      Please call the customer service of the labor dept in your state.

      They will be the best people to advice you as they have direct access to your claims.

  5. Myra says:

    My 26 weeks to collect my unemployment has been Exhausted. How do I find out if I qualify for an extension and how do I file for an extension please.

  6. Myra says:

    My unemployment has been Exhausted, can I file for an extension for one of the tiers or do I qualify for an extension?

  7. james hubbs says:

    my 36 weeks of ui ran out on do i find out if i qualify for an extension in la vegas?

  8. Phyllis Crittenden says:

    I would like to file an extension. Can I please speak with someone? I call but the line has been busy since the beginning of September. My telephone number is 702-885-9280. Thank you.

  9. Hans Korschinowski says:

    My unemployment ran out the end of June, I took the past six weeks traveling looking for work in Idaho, Washington and Montana with no luck, guess the word is to much experience. I was told I could get an extension on my unemployment benefits,is that true and what is the proceedure?

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