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New York Unemployment Extension

The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 was passed by Congress and signed by the President, extending time limits for Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) through December 2013.  The legislation does not alter the number of weeks of benefits obtainable under the EUC program.  It allows the EUC program to continue the same as before.

If you are collecting EUC, your benefits will continue from the point you were on as of December 30, 2012.  Please carry on claiming weekly benefits in the normal manner, unless you receive instructions to file a new claim.

Tiers of EUC:

  • Tier 1: 20 weeks (if exhausted Tier 1 by 9/2/2012) & 14 weeks (after 9/2/2012)
  • Tier 2: 14 weeks
  • Tier 3: 13 weeks (if exhausted Tier 2 by 9/2/2012) & 9 weeks (after 9/2/2012)
  • Tier 4: 6 weeks

Extended Benefits (EB) program ended in New York State on December 9, 2012.  EB is only available when the Total Unemployment Rate is at least 110% of the average for any or all of the corresponding three-month periods ending in the three previous calendar years.

More information on extension of unemployment benefits.

Questions & Answers

  1. Tynika Eggleston says:

    I did receive unemployment for the right length of time
    but didn’t receive the right amount.

    • beltway says:

      You may want to verify and validate the credentials of your paperwork filed.If you still think there is reduction in what you must have received,contact the claims center in your state.

  2. Shari Rashkin says:

    My start date for unemployment benefits was July 1, 2013. I am still job hunting (legal field). I am hoping to find something ASAP, but wondering if I am eligible for any extensions? Thank you.

  3. Tynika Eggleston says:

    I would like to know is there any unemployment money do to me. I never understood the amount that was giving too me, I think there was a mistake in my unemployment from the beginning and I had no way of founding out. Hopefully I can be help now, if someone can check my documents. Thank You!!!

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