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North Carolina Unemployment Benefit Questions

Can I Collect Unemployment When Moving From California to North Carolina?

When times are tough, people sometimes have to make life changes. Many unemployed people move to another state to be closer to family or to seek better job opportunities. However, they may still continue to rely on unemployment benefits while trying to establish themselves. That’s why the California Employment Development Department will continue paying residents’ unemployment benefits, even when they move as far away as North Carolina.

A California benefits recipient living in North Carolina should register his/her change of address with the EDD, which will begin sending biweekly claim forms to her in North Carolina.

How to File Out-of-State Unemployment in North Carolina?

Even if you live in another state, if you have ever worked in North Carolina, you can file for unemployment benefits through the North Carolina Employment Security Commission’s website or over the telephone. Unemployment benefits are monies paid to unemployed workers, and the funds used to pay unemployment benefits comes from taxes that state employers have paid.

According to the state agency’s website, individuals who have worked in the state are eligible to receive unemployment benefits, given that they meet the other requirements that have been established to distribute funds.

I received separation pay (or pay, wages in lieu of notice, vacation pay, etc.). When should I file a claim?

You are not eligible for unemployment insurance benefits for any full week covered by separation pay, vacation pay, etc. (nor may such a week count as your “waiting period week”). Generally, you should file your claim the first week after the period covered by the payment (if the last week of the payment is not a full week’s pay, you may file that same week, although you possibly will still be ineligible due to excessive earnings).

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Questions & Answers

  1. Brenda Macon says:

    If I am receiving weekly benefits and must take money from PROFIT SHARING because of age requirements can I steal get my weeklies benefits?

  2. Lori says:

    Have been out of work because of a medical condition, the doctor said I could go back to work on light duty. However, my place of employment did not have light duty. They said that they would possible hold my job until I could come back to work normally, however, did not have any vacation time left, so would have no pay. Could not keep my children in daycare because had no pay.
    I resigned from my position because of my medical condition and they did not have light duty work. Am I eligible for unemployement. I am still under doctor’s care and will be for awhile.

    • Adrian says:

      To receive UI benefits, you must be able and available to work. I strongly recommend that you apply and also look at Workers compensation for benefits.

  3. Lori Mann says:

    I work papermill construction and had been filing in the state of Georgia, my funds were exhausted can I open a claim in North Carolina since I have worked there?

    • Adrian says:

      As far as I am aware,there is no provision of availing UI compensation from two different states.Please contact the NC labor office for info on additional benefits,if any.

  4. Ethan says:

    I was fired from my job a couple of months ago i drew unemployment for about 2 months but then my benfit year ended. But i still had a balence. In January i had a hearing and was found disqualifed. I filed a new claim Opening a new benfit year. Will the process start all over or will they go off the info from the older claim??????

    • Adrian says:

      They will certainly look into the history of claims and payments.If the reason for disqualification is grave, they may continue doing so.Please contact the claims center immediately before filing.

  5. David Smith says:

    I am eligible for benefits till May 2014 and was laid off for no work available during the holidays. Have been filing, and accepted by system weekly certifications, nothing is showing up on benefits paid. Getting frustrated with multiple telephone prompts/recordings/busy signals, what sdoes one have to do to speak to a live person to answer a simple question? Have a PTSD breakdown ?

  6. Don McDonald says:

    How many weeks are North Carolina unemployment benefits paid and what is the amount before taxes are deducted?



  7. Bonnie says:

    Our daughter worked for 7 years in Idaho after separating from the Air Force. She has now moved to North Carolina to go to school under the Post 9-11 GI bill and receives her base housing allowance plus her tuition. Would she be eligible to apply for unemployment either in Idaho or North Carolina even though she is receiving her base housing allowance?

  8. shon says:

    my job cut my hours to 10 hours per week. and hired three more employees do I qualify for any unemployment help?

  9. Brian Y says:

    I’m a NC National Guardsman and I was on active duty operational support Orders (ADOS) from FEB 2013 – to OCT 1, 2013. My orders just ended and am now back to drilling status. I’m actively looking and applying to jobs (both AGR & civilian), am I eligible for benefits?

    • kathy says:

      If you are drilling, you are still active as a NC National Guardsman, so you may not be eligible. You will have to contact your local unemployment office or someone within the National Guard for the best answer.

  10. george klems says:

    my employer did not pay the state taxes but took them out of my pay check can I qualify for unemployment

    • kathy says:

      You may qualify if you meet other requirements. Please contact the unemployment office. If you have paystubs showing the deductions, they may want to see them.

  11. Sherry Carpenter Bunch says:

    I worked in NC for 42 years. I am on disability leave for cancer, I receive monthly $1514. SS disability. My employer has terminated me and I a going to have to apply for adult Medicaid. Can I apply for unemployment benefits?

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