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Ohio Unemployment Phone Number

During the application time for jobless benefits, you may need to contact Ohio unemployment office several times and need to talk to somebody directly. This can be because you haven’t been obtaining the promised benefits or you have a simple question.

In that case, you can call the OH Unemployment Phone Number 1-877-644-6562 (Toll Free)

At time of high call volumes,the labor dept employs a unique call back service which allows customers to leave their name and number, as well as a preferred call back time.

When you call the OH unemployment phone number, ensure that you have the following information:

  1. Social security number.
  2. Dates of employment.
  3. A pen or pencil, and paper to take notes.

Questions & Answers

  1. Patricia Haley says:

    I started my application, but it went off my screen as I was getting ready to do part 2, what do I do now

    • Adrian says:

      You should be able to continue from where you left.

      If you have any difficulties, call the phone numbers provided for support.

  2. Susan Miller says:

    I cannot reach a live person to speak to. I originally applied for
    unemployment in April 2013 but decided not to actually receive
    benefits until July, 2013 with my first payment being July 23, 2013. They are now telling me my benefits are exhausted and it have only been about six months. Can someone please reply to me so I can give them my phone number and they can call me. Thank you.

  3. jagdish patel says:

    I have started working on february 9th 2013 and still working.I need to find out how much money paid by my employer untill now in case if i get fired how much i get?Thanks i like to speak in person on phone i tried many times no success.I am still working in Brookville ohio state.

  4. Eileen Watson says:

    How do you get a pin number? Can you get it by calling?

  5. Susane Hutchinson says:

    my employer is cutting my hours to 25 per week, can I file for partial? If I refuse to come in 5 days a week at 5 hours a day anc get fired can I file? With gasoline over $4 per gallon the expense of driving would put me at a loss. What solucions are available?

    • Baggie says:

      Hi Susane,

      You can collect benefits as your working hours have been significantly reduced. Please check if you have earned sufficiently and meet other eligibility requirements.

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