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Oklahoma Unemployment Weekly Claims

Claims are filed on a calendar-week basis, Sunday through Saturday date. Weekly claims must be filed within fourteen days of the week ending date for the week to be considered timely. We recommend that you file on a weekly basis because claims filed after fourteen days will be considered untimely and will not be paid.

Filing Weekly Claim Certifications –

Weekly claim certifications can be filed by:
Internet – Oklahoma Network Initial Claims (ONIC)
Telephone – Interactive Voice Response (IVR)


Inside the Oklahoma City calling area use: (405) 525-1500
If you live outside the Oklahoma City calling area use: (800) 555-1554

Before you call IVR, make sure you have the following information:

  1. Social security number
  2. Personal identification number
  3. Information on any earnings and the number of hours you worked during the week (including vacation, holiday and severance pay)

Tips before calling:

  • Please do not use a cellular phone. To utilize the IVR system, you must have a TOUCH-TONE telephone or a regular push-button telephone with a TONE/PULSE switch. When using a regular push-button telephone with a TONE/PULSE, switch to Tone after you dial the number.
  • The general and payment information inquiry system is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • Peak activity occurs from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. daily, and Monday has the heaviest call volume.
  • The continued claim filing lines are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Remember, you must claim each week of benefits within fourteen (14) days of the week-ending date.
  • Customer Service Representatives are available Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

When you call IVR, the computer will follow a script and you will be asked specific questions. Additional questions may be asked based on your answers. Read through the sample questions before you call to save yourself time and confusion. You answer questions by using your telephone keypad and entering ‘1’ for YES and ‘9’ for NO.

Sample Questions

  • Oklahoma requires that you are able and available to work each week if employment is offered. Were you able and available for work during the week you are claiming?
  • You must report all work performed. Did you perform work during the week for which you were or will be paid?
  • Did you receive or are you entitled to severance pay for the week?
  • Did you receive or are you entitled to vacation pay for the week? NOTE: (Vacation pay is deductible if you have a return to work date.)
  • Are you entitled to holiday pay for the week you are claiming? NOTE: (Holiday pay is deductible in the week in which the holiday falls.)
  • Did you receive bonus pay for the week you are claiming? NOTE: (Bonus pay is deductible in the week in which it is received.)
  • Has there been any change in the amount of retirement pay or pension previously reported?
  • Did you refuse work during the week you are claiming benefits?
  • Did you quit a job during the week you are claiming benefits?
  • Were you discharged or fired during the week you are claiming benefits?
  • Oklahoma requires that you search for work each week in accordance to your work search plan that you established at the time you filed your claim. Did you make the required number of work searches in accordance with your work search plan?
  • Realizing you are liable for any false statements made to receive unemployment, do you certify that you have answered these questions truthfully and accurately?

There are other questions that may be asked depending on the type of claim or your response to the answers. Please remember, you must remain on the line until you have answered all questions and IVR tells you GOOD-BYE. You will be told whether your weekly claim certification has been accepted. If you meet all eligibility requirements, your weekly claim will be processed for payment. If the week is not accepted, you will be given additional instructions.

Claim Online

IMPORTANT: You must have Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 as your minimum browser in order to utilize the Internet for filing a claim.
The Internet/ONIC website is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
The web address to access the ONIC system.
The system will walk you through the procedures.

To access the Oklahoma Internet Claims System, please begin by entering your Social Security Number.

  1. Enter Social Security Number (SSN verified)
  2. Please enter your PIN number (PIN verified)

The system will then walk you through the questions.
Your claim will not be complete until you are given a confirmation number to indicate that your claim has been accepted.


Please look at job search requirements and how to apply for more information.

Questions & Answers

  1. Debra Lee says:

    When I filed my weekly claim I answered that I received a lump sum retirement benefit. I received the following response “payment was not made this week because there was a question of eligibility which arose from your answers when the week was claimed” It was a lump sum of less than $400. Will this affect just one week or all weeks?

    • Martin says:

      It may have a bearing on upcoming weeks as well.

      Please call the Claims Center immediately for more information.

  2. Sean Johnston says:

    I go this after saying I refused to work one day for 4 hours at 8.50/hr (old wage from last full-time job was 15.41):

    “Payment was not made on this week because there was a question of eligibility which arose from your answers when the week was claimed.”

    Does that make me ineligible for any unemployment, period, even in coming weeks? Just for this week? Do they just need to look at my answers and decide from there?

  3. Leroy says:

    What does it means when it say Payment was not made on this week because your weekly certification is pending processing.

    Week Endin

    • Martin says:

      It simply means your claim is held due to some reason.

      Please call the claims center for further information in this regard.

  4. Tram says:

    I have been told by my employer if I take a job within 30 days of layoff and if it does not workout (quit) I can still draw unemployment. Can you confirm or direct me please?

    • Martin says:

      I am not sure of such provisions in Oklahoma. Please call the Unemployment Office for further direction in this regard.

  5. Lacey says:

    I keep trying to file my weekly claim and it says: We’re sorry but we are unable to process your request at this time. (Due to extremely high volume all connections are currently busy. Please try again in a few minutes.) I’ve been doing this for about 4 hours now…Will I not get my unemployement for this week? It’s Due today, which is Sunday.

    • Martin says:

      You will only get the money if the claim is successfully registered and processed.

      Please try calling during off peak hours such as afternoons.

  6. Morgan says:

    Can’t get anybody to answer the phone I been calling for 3 days and stayed on hold for over an hour how can I get an answer

    • Martin says:

      Please note this is a private forum & we do not have access to your claim information.

      Perhaps, you can let us know the nature of your query. We can probably help.

  7. Brooke says:

    I am being laid off at the end of January from my full time job. I am working a part-time job 10-12 hrs @ 8 dollar an hour per week. Will I still be eligible for unemployment?

    • Martin says:

      You can consider applying on the basis of the full time employment.

      Please make sure to declare that you work part time as well.

  8. ben says:

    I filled for initial claim on 20th Dec 2015 and Sunday the 27 Dec. 2015, am trying to file but the system won’t all me says
    Our records indicate that you have filed for all available weeks at this time. If you have any questions, please call the Unemployment Insurance (UI) Service Center at one of the following telephone numbers. For the Oklahoma City metro area, please call 525-1500. If you live outside the Oklahoma City metro area, please call 1-800-555-1554. The UI Service Center is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:15 pm, except state holidays. Thank you.

  9. crissy says:

    I chose no that I was not available to work on a sunday due to a stomach virus so now it wont process my claim what will happen now

  10. siressa smith says:

    Hello I re opened my claim because my hours has dropped and I trying calling today to file for my weekly claim and it wants me to file for week ending June 7th? I’m confused and I can’t get nobody on the phone. Please help me.

    • Adrian says:

      Please listen for all options available on the phone service.

      You should find one where you can speak to a representative.

  11. Leavs Palos says:

    I have tried every browser known to man. It continues to say Browser not supported. I have a new computer and the newest browsers. I went to the library after struggling all afternoon and it said the same thing. What’s the deal. Need help. I called the number and it says 72 minutes minimum wait time. My home phone only holds a charge for around 30min.

  12. Tony says:

    the website says I have been approved for 440 per week,,but when I tried to do my weekly claim it tells me I need a confirmation number,,where do I get that

    • Adrian says:

      You must have received the relevant details when you submitted the claim.

      Please call the customer service if you need any further guidance.

  13. Tamatha says:

    I file my weekly claim every week. I received notification that I did not file within the 14 day period.I have printed out confirmation that I did indeed file for this specific week. I filed one month ago but have yet to receive payment. I am in desparate need of money to continue looking for a job, pay my utilities which are about to be turned off. why does this take so long? and I have documented proof that I did file for the week in question. please help me as I am starving and ready to lose my water and electricity!!!!! please help me rectify this as I have paid in my taxes for years and have never asked for assistance!!!! I am scared to death!!!!!

  14. lloyd parkinson says:

    how do I file my weekly

  15. joshua southerland says:

    why does it take so long to get your unemployment

  16. Debra Dyer says:

    I think I may have made some errors on my claim, & I checked that I did not look for the week of june 8. I did look for work but could not go back to change my answer. How do I access my claim?

    • Greg says:

      What does “Payment was not made on this week because there is an unresolved issue based on your separation from your last employer.” mean?

      • Adrian says:

        This is a generic response. looks like your claim is held due to your employer.

        Please call the numbers provided to find out more.

  17. Sarah J. Rawls says:

    When I claim part time work for the first time will it delay benefits?

    • Baggie says:

      Hi Sarah,

      If you are filing an unemployment claim for the first time, yes, you will have to serve a waiting week during which you will receive no benefit but you will have to file your weekly claim. After serving this waiting week, you will receive benefits for each week you file a weekly claim.

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