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Did your employer pay unemployment taxes ("Covered Employment")?


Did you earn at least $ 1000 in the base period in

Base period is the first four of the last five completed calendar quarters. If you are filing today, base period is Jan 2015 - Mar 2015 to Oct 2015 - Dec 2015


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How did you lose your job?

Quit Fired Laid Off

Did you quit your last job due to unsafe working conditions, not being paid, discrimination and / or health and safety risks?


Were you fired for no fault of your own?


Were you laid off for no fault of your own?


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CALL: 877-517-5627 if you live NW Oregon. 877-728-7970 for SW region and 800-663-7914 for Central/Eastern region. If you live outside of Oregon call 800-982-8920., Unemployment Insurance: (1-877-345-3484) For weekly claims call the local office or 800-982-8920.

you are not eligible

State Name: Oregon

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Disclaimer: The estimates are good in faith and accuracy is not guaranteed. We are not liable for any loss and damages caused by using the tools on our website.
Disclaimer: The estimates are given in good faith and accuracy is not guaranteed. We are not liable for loss or damage caused by the tools on our website.

    State: Oregon (OR)
    Phone Number: 877-517-5627 if you live NW Oregon. 877-728-7970 for SW region and 800-663-7914 for Central/Eastern region. If you live outside of Oregon call 800-982-8920., Unemployment Insurance: (1-877-345-3484) For weekly claims call the local office or 800-982-8920.
    File Online: http://www.employment.oregon.gov/EMPLOY/UI/index.shtml
    Major Towns: Portland, Eugene, Salem, Gresham, Hillsboro, Beaverton, Bend, Medford, Springfield and Corvallis.

    Current Unemploymnet Rate in Oregon

    Oregon Unemployment Questions

    What can I expect after I file my unemployment application?

    Whether you file your initial unemployment application online or by telephone, staff need to process the application. This can take a few days when workload is heavy. Once the application is processed, the unemployment depatment will mail you a Wage and Potential Benefit Report and a Claimant Handbook.

    On the first Sunday or Monday after you filed your application, file a claim for the prior week. You can file your claim for the prior week online or by phone on our Weekly Claim Line. You need to file a weekly claim for each week you are unemployed and wish to receive benefits, including your first or “waiting week.“

    If there are any issues on your claim to investigate, be sure to respond to all letters or telephone messages right away. Continue to make your weekly claims while investigation is in process. If you don’t make a weekly claim, the investigation can't begin. It can take three to four weeks to complete the investigation.

    You may be scheduled to attend an orientation meeting at a WorkSource Oregon office. If you do not go, your benefits will be delayed. Depending on the reason you didn’t go, your benefits could be denied.

    How do I get my PIN? And what is a CID?

    Personal Identification Number

    You chose a Personal Identification Number (PIN) when you first filed your initial unemployment application, whether you filed online or by telephone. You will use the same PIN throughout your claim. You will need it whenever you access the Online Claim System and to claim weekly benefits whether online or by telephone. Agency employees do not know your PIN. If you forget it, you will have to ask to reset it so that you can choose a new PIN. You are responsible for the security of your PIN. Do not share it with anyone and don’t let others use it.

    Claimant Identification Number

    Your Claimant Identification Number (CID) is a number assigned only to you at the time you filed your initial unemployment application. We use it on the documents we send to you as a way to safeguard your claim and Social Security number from identity theft. You will need your CID to change your address or apply for direct deposit through the Online Claim System. . The labor department will not give out your CID, even to you if you call, so please keep a record of it.

    What is a Waiting Week?

    The Waiting Week is the first week on your claim in which you meet all eligibility requirements. You do not receive payment for your waiting week. Every unemployment account must have a Waiting Week before the unemployment department can start making benefit payments.

    Important: You must claim the week in order for it to be your Waiting Week. Simply filing your application does not give you credit for your waiting week.

    What can delay, stop, or reduce my benefits?

    Benefits are payable only if you are eligible. Common issues which require investigation and could result in you not receiving benefits include:

    • Quitting your job;
    • Being fired or suspended from work;
    • Missing an opportunity for work during a week you claim;
    • Refusing work;
    • Turning down or not contacting the employer when referred by a WorkSource Oregon office;
    • Missing a scheduled orientation meeting with a WorkSource Oregon office;
    • Illness or injury;
    • Failing to look for work;
    • School attendance;
    • Being out of the area unless you are looking for work;
    • Not being willing or ready to take work;
    • Receiving retirement pay, vacation pay, or holiday pay;
    • Skipping a week without restarting your claim; and
    • Answering a question on your weekly claim in a way that raises an issue.

    If there is a problem, the labor department will contact you either by phone or mail. They will explain the problem and how it could affect your claim. They will ask you for details about the situation. Please reply quickly if you get a form to complete, a letter asking for information, or a telephone message; your benefits could be delayed until you answer. If you do not answer at all, they may deny benefits.

    Continue to make your weekly claims either online or on the Weekly Claim Line while the staff investigate your claim.

    The unemployment department will make a decision based on information from you, your employer or other sources. If the decision allows benefits and you meet all eligibility conditions, we pay any benefits you have coming. Any time they deny benefits, they will send you a decision explaining why they denied benefits, for what time period, how to requalify, and how to appeal if you disagree.

    How do I change my mailing address?

    You can change your mailing address through the Online Claim System You will need to enter your Social Security number, your customer ID number (CID) and your PIN in order to access the address change screen. Your CID is printed on every document the unemployment department mail you.

    You can also call your UI Center or notify us in writing of your address change, even if you have stopped reporting.

    Each January, the labor department mails out Form 1099G, Statement for Recipients of Unemployment Compensation Payments, for use in filing your tax returns. they mail the form to the latest mailing address that they have on each claim. If they don’t have your current address on file, the Post Office will not forward the form.

    Note: Changing your address in the iMatchskills program or with the Post Office does not change it on your claim record.

    How do I start or stop tax withholding?
    You can choose to have state or federal taxes, both, or neither withheld from your benefits. You can change your withholding after filing your claim, but tax regulations require changes to tax withholding be made in writing. Complete an Authorization for Tax Withholding, Form 1040WH, and mail your request to the Employment Department at PO Box 14135, Salem, OR 97309 or fax it to (866) 345-1878. Be sure to include your name and either Social Security number or customer ID number (CID).

    How does retirement pay affect my benefits?

    Retirement pay could reduce your benefits, make you ineligible, or have no effect at all. If you are not eligible for periodic payments, it has no effect. If an employer for whom you worked during the base year of your claim either contributed to the retirement fund or maintained it, then your retirement pay is deducted dollar for dollar.

    Social Security does not affect your benefits unless you do not want to work full time, put limits on the type of work you will do, or if you do not want to look for work any more.

    What if I work for a temporary agency?

    If you work for a temporary or employee leasing agency, you may receive benefits between assignments or if you are working part time. You must still meet all other eligibility requirements.

    You are an employee of the agency even if you always work at other businesses. When restarting your claim after working for a temporary or employee leasing agency, list the agency as your employer, not the business you were sent to help. Also, tell us the reason the assignment ended; lack of work (completed the assignment), quitting (leaving the assignment before it ends), or being fired (taken off the assignment before it ends).

    Assignments may last a few hours or days, or may continue for months. When your assignment ends always check in with your agency at once. They may have a new assignment for you. If you refuse a new assignment, you may be disqualified from receiving benefits.

    Where can I get help finding a job?
    The Employment Department provides a broad range of services to assist in your return to work. Employer job listings, resume writing resources, career exploration tools and labor market information are among the services provided. Staff is available to assist you and introduce you to the services that will benefit you in your work search.

    Claimants are required to fully register for work in the electronic job match system (iMatchSkills). Failure to register for work in iMatchSkills will result in a denial of benefits. The requirement does not apply to claimants who are scheduled to return to work within four weeks, or who are limited to seeking work though their union hiring hall. Individuals can register for work using iMatchSkills at www.workinginoregon.org. People can also register in person at their nearest local employment office.

    Federal law requires all states to determine each claimant’s probability of exhausting regular benefits. These claimants are selected to participate in the Worker Profiling program. Federal and state laws requires selected claimants to participate in reemployment services in order to remain eligible for benefits. In Oregon, this program is known as Reemployment Services. The program selects claimants who are likely to exhaust benefits, and provides, through a local office or one-stop partner: * Individual needs and skills assessments * Career information * Labor market information * Résumé writing assistance * Job placement assistance, and * Job search assistance.

    If you are selected to participate, it is important that you attend the Orientation and participate in the reemployment services provided. Failing to attend the Orientation or participate may result in a denial of benefits.

Questions & Answers

  1. […] workers is a legal responsibility of every state in the U.S. As most of you should be aware, a monetary compensation is offered to claimants on a weekly basis in response to their claim filed in advance. The extent of […]

  2. Susan Z says:

    I am being laid off my job due to it being eliminated as of 06/10/2016. I am going to receive a severance for a few weeks. Do I need to file immediately for unemployment or can I take the severance weeks off. I would like to file for unemployment when the severance is about ten weeks after the final work date.

  3. Candice L. Bencomo says:

    I own a salon with 4 employees. We are in a retirement community and we have had an outbreak of the Noro virus that started approximatly April 11 and as of this morning we looked like it would be clear to start on Mon. May 2. But, this afternoon one more person has become infected and it puts my employees out of work for atleast 4 more days. Are they eligible for benefits?6

  4. Rose says:

    I currently work as a temp employee and my contract end in June. I am planning to finish out contract but my husband received a job offer in California and I will be moving there once my contract ends. Can I apply for unemployment since I am relocating and my contract will be ending?

    • Martin says:

      Contracted employees are generally not eligible.

      Please call the Unemployment Office in your state for further information.

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