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Oregon Unemployment Eligibility

Following are the monetary and non-monetary eligibility required for qualifying for UI in Oregon.

Monetary eligibility

Eligibility is decided based on a one year period called as the base period which is the first 4 of the last 5 calendar quarters completed at the time you file your initial claim. To qualify for UI

monetarily you must –

  • Earn at least $1,000 in wages from employment. This amount is subject to UI law. You must also have total base year wages that add up to or equal one and half times the wages earned during the highest quarter of the base period.


  • Worked at least 500 hrs and earned wages subject to  UI law during the base year.

Non-monetary eligibility

Following are the non monetary eligibility criteria to qualify for UI in Oregon

  • Candidate must be unemployed through no mistake of theirs
  • Applicant must be able, willing and available to perform full time work
  • Unless seeking work elsewhere, claimant must be residing at the address of permanent residence for major portion of the week
  • If you were fired or if you quit, reasons behind this should be genuine and pressing
  • Claimants must actively seek new job opportunities and must register themselves with any job hunt systems

Eligibility questions

If I was fired from my job, will I qualify for UI in Oregon?

In most cases, being fired because of an action of yours, will almost instantly disqualify you from UI benefits.

However, the law understands that in some cases the employee is innocent and that the termination of his employment is at the will of the employer. If you were fired for reasons like discrimination or any such criminal intent, you will be eligible for UI.

However, you must be able to prove to the authorities that you were unfairly fired. Termination with just causes, which means causes that can be attributed to your behaviour or actions, eg timeliness, lack of discipline etc will never be excused.

Will I be eligible for UI if I got laid off from work?

Yes. Most probably. Getting laid off means that the employer let you go for reasons like lack of work or cost cutting. This means that you had no role in your termination and that it was not due to your fault. You stand a very good chance to qualify for UI in such a  scenario.

However, losing a job through no mistake of yours is not the only criterion. Claimants will also have to meet the other monetary and non-monetary eligibility criteria.

What would cause the delay of my benefit check or approval for UI?

Benefit checks will be issued only after you are deemed eligible. Some of the issues that could delay your approval or you not receiving benefit checks are as follows:

  • Avoiding an opportunity to work in a specific week
  • Refusing suitable job offer
  • Refusing an employer to whom you were referred by the Oregon WorkSource office
  • Failing to appear for meetings with WorkSource office
  • Not meeting job search requirements
  • Injury/illness
  • Attending school
  • Not being available in the state add
  • Receiving income from sources such as vacation pay, severance pay, pension etc
  • Not restarting your claim after skipping a week
  • Provide false or fabricated information on one of your forms

If an issue is encountered with your application, you will be notified about it via e-mail or telephone. To avoid unnecessary delays, clear the issue off at the earliest.

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Questions & Answers

  1. Matt says:

    My total base hours are short at 498. 500 hours are needed for eligibility. How can I make sure all numbers were reported properly and why do they tell you to claim everything if they only count Employers that pay into UI

    • Adrian says:

      Please call the claims center on the numbers provided if you have any questions on the accuracy of the numbers reported.

  2. Matt says:

    does under the table qualify

  3. Andrew says:

    I am moving from one part of the state to the other in order to attend graduate school. My wife is moving with me. She is going to be forced to quit her job. Would she qualify for UI?

    • Adrian says:

      Your wife will not be eligible since unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons.

      Personal reasons such as moving out of state is not considered.

  4. melissa says:

    I was fired today. I have an app that records calls. In my state this is legal. My supervisor said that “Yeah, I know it was not your fault but the client was mad so they had to let you go”. Can I qualify?

    • Adrian says:

      You can, as long you have all the required proof in case there is a dispute and you can justify your case.

      Please consider applying for unemployment compensation.

  5. Laurie says:

    I have been working for my employer for over a year now and just recently been told if I didn’t commute to whatever facility in the region that hours were available that I would have to use vacation time. I have requested to go to part time and not have to drive all over the place. When I was hired I told them I was leaving my current job because I didn’t want to commute 79 miles a day anymore and they stated they could accomodate me by having me float to buildings within 16 miles from my original building which is already 29 miles from my home which I agreed to. Now they have stated there is no part time work available and I WILL be required to go wherever the hours are when needed which is not what we originally verbally agreed upon in my interview and why I took the job. My manager has always told me its my choice if I want to go further to other buildings or not but now they are demanding that I go or they will take disciplinary actions against me and quoting policy and procedure. I BELIEVED at time of hire this was a verbal contract that I wouldn’t have to go further then the stated buildings UNLESS I agreed upon it and both times I agreed to go further I expressed afterwards to my manager that it was just too much commuting and I didn’t want to go back there again. I have now been caused so much stress I had to go to my doctor and request sleeping and anxiety pills due to the stress of the whole situation. I have written letters asking to go to part time, explaining why I want to go to part time, and stating how I believed that this wasn’t going to be an issue upon hire. They have NEVER made me used my vacation time prior to this to make up for hours either or when I declined to go someplace that was too far away. IF I quit would I still be eligible for Oregon UI while I was looking for another job. I have several applications in already and may just possibly take an on call position but I will not have medical insurance then. I don’t know what the next step to take is. Please help

    • Adrian says:

      Well, any voluntary reasons for being unemployed does not qualify.

      However, looks like you have a genuine situation.Can’t really say if you will qualify at time. No harm in applying though.

  6. Patrick Ridenour says:

    If I have applied for 2 different positions. Job #1 is a better fit for me personally than Job #2 and Job #1 is the one I want more but Job #2 is offered to me first. If I don’t accept Job #2 right away because I think I will get an offer from Job #1. Would that disqualify me from benefits if for some reason I don’t receive an offer from Job #1 and then Job #2’s offer is rescinded because I waited too long to accept it?

    • Adrian says:

      Yes, there are chances if they are aware of the job offers in hand.

      • Patrick Ridenour says:

        So what you are saying is because of the rules from unemployment about losing eligibility for failing to accept work, that in this situation I would be forced to accept Job #2 even though Job #1 is a better fit for me. If I were to accept Job #2 and then Job #1 was offered to me, that would put me in a very uncomfortable position. As I would have to decide whether to do what is right for my career or worry about my reputation if I burn the bridge of the second employer by abandoning/reneging on my obligation in favor of the job that is right for me. I should be accepting work that is right for me and not forced to take the first offer that comes along. That policy doesn’t sit right with me.

  7. Amber says:

    My employer is eliminating the position I was hired for two years ago but offered me a position in which I would have to work swing and graveyard. I am in graduate school and have a minor child at home (single parent). Can I file for unemployment due to the fact the position/hours I was fired for is being eliminated?

    • Adrian says:

      Depends. Voluntary resignation usually does not qualify for UI benefits. But then, you have a genuine reason.

      If you decide to leave, please consider applying for UI benefits until you find a new job.

  8. Jamie says:

    During maternity leave can I receive unemployment?

    • Adrian says:

      UI benefits are extended to those who are available to work. Pregnancy is usually not considered as a qualifier.

  9. Robbie says:

    I am a part-time instructor for a community college. I am scheduled to teach two classes (the same two classes I regularly teach each term) this Spring. However it looks like those classes will be cancelled due to low enrollment. Will I be eligible for unemployment if those classes get cancelled?


  10. Goldie says:

    I work as a assistant cook for a public school am I eligible for unemployment during the summer?

  11. kyle says:

    what if I worked 2 months in another state this year? I work in Alaska for about 6-8 weeks each spring.
    Thank you

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