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Oregon Unemployment Weekly Claims

After your initial application is filed, you must use the Online Claim System or call the Weekly Claim Line to file a weekly claim for each week you wish to receive benefits. 

  • Look for work every week. Keep track of where you look for work or the dates you check with your employer or union about work.
  • Keep track of any days that you are sick or away from the area where you live and work.
  • Keep track of any hours you work and the money you earn during each week.
  • If you are offered work, be able to tell us about the job offer: name of the company and person you spoke to, the work offered and details about the job, such as the duties, pay, hours etc.

You will receive benefits provided you meet the eligibility requirements for each week you claim after serving a Waiting Week.

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  1. LILY LOH says:

    i called and also submitted my claim on sunday, i.e. 12/1/2013 for my weekly requirement for the payment. How do I know if my claim is accepted? I went to, but I don’t know which website or address to look for my status of claim or phone number to call. Please help me. Thanks

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