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Rhode Island Unemployment Benefit Questions

How much will be my benefit amount?

Your benefit amount is usually 4.38% of your earnings in the highest two quarters of your base period but will not exceed the fixed upper limit as per that state’s laws.

As of 1/1/13, the minimum benefit amount is $45 per week and the maximum is $566 not including dependency allowance.

The highest allowed benefit amount will continue to remain at $566 unless that figure is less than or equal to 57.5% of the average weekly earning of all workers covered by the Employment Security Act. Benefit amount for a certain benefit year will remain unchanged.

If you have children who are listed as dependents, that will qualify you for dependency allowance, provided the kids are below 18 years. Handicapped children who are above 18 years will also qualify for the allowance.

A claimant can have a maximum of 5 dependents and the dependency allowance will be 5% of your Weekly Benefit Rate. Minimum dependency allowance is $15 per dependent.

The number of dependents cannot be changed for a benefit year. If there is a change in the number of kids anytime during the year, it cannot be added to your claims. If 2 parties make a dependency claim for the same child, the party with primary custody will receive the dependency allowance.

Questions & Answers

  1. David Moniz says:

    Can I collect if I am getting SS?

  2. Yaniry De Los Santos says:

    I quit my job due to lack of improvement can I still get unemployment benefits?

    • Martin says:

      Depends. Unemployment benefits is generally not provided to those who quit voluntarily.

      Please call the claims center/customer service of the labor dept. in your state for further information.

  3. Sidney J Moore says:

    I work out of CT , RI Tax taken out but no TDI, I have a medical problem that may stop me from working at this job. If i am release because of these medical conditions will i be able to collect unemployement until I find another job.2

    • Adrian says:

      If the medical condition is work related,you may look at exploring Workers compensation.Otherwise UI is extended to those citizens who are unemployed involuntarily.

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