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How Can Low Unemployment Gradually Increase Inflation

The trade-off between inflation and unemployment The trade-off between inflation and unemployment was first reported by A. W. Phillips in 1958—and so has been christened the Phillips curve. The simple intuition behind this trade-off is that as unemployment falls, workers are empowered to push for higher wages. Firms try to pass these higher wage costs… Read More »

Is High Salary Expectation A Reason For Unemployment?

We’ve come across many stories of people who once earned six-figure salaries but were then abruptly laid off. Such people often find it difficult to get another job with matching salary. Because of this, some of them opt to make themselves more marketable and pursue higher studies. The end result is that they add student… Read More »

Teenage Unemployment In USA

We all know that the economy was largely gloomy, with a slowdown. Teens and students are bearing high tuition prices and thus, are in dire need of finding alternate sources of income. Usually, teens manage to find work in restaurant chains and the likes but are mostly unappreciated for the work they do and are… Read More »

Paying Taxes On Income From Unemployment Insurance

As most of you reading this would be aware, voluntarily unemployed citizens in the U.S are eligible for a weekly monetary compensation for up to 26 weeks from the system that is jointly run by the state-federal setup, commonly known as Unemployment Compensation or Unemployment Insurance. Ascertained on your income in the preceding 5 calendar… Read More »

Job Hunting Advice for ‘Stressed Out’ Millennials

According to a recent survey conducted by the American Psychological Association (APA) millennials are officially the most stressed out generation in the United States. Also known as Generation Y, millennials are those of us who reached adulthood around the beginning of this century. Now recognized by no less than the White House as the largest and… Read More »

Suicidal Behavior During Unemployment

Unemployment is one of the most testing phase in our lives. Whether you were fired or lost the job due to underperformance, the vacuum caused by job loss is irreparable. Specially if have a family depending on your earnings and you do not have the required financial backing to sustain the turmoil. Falling unemployment rates… Read More »

Self-Employment and Unemployment Insurance

The story of Lisa Parker Lisa Parker, a budding dot com entrepreneur in her late thirties runs a small company that deals with web development and maintenance for local enterprises in Detroit, MI. Her husband works as a marine engineer employed with a shipping conglomerate. Lisa has two kids who are in high school. Lisa’s… Read More »

NH unemployment declines in April for the second time

The state added 1,360 jobs in the month of April, thereby increasing the number of employed people to 696,980. But it is true that New Hampshire’s unemployment rate has become double of what it was when the recession began in 2007. For the second month in a row, New Hampshire’s jobless rate decreased in April.… Read More »

Unemployment situation in Buffalo, NY

All of us know that the greatest effect of recession has been unemployment. There has been lot of depression and frustration due to this. As the President Barack Obama will make a stop at Buffalo, NY, the economically hassled people are planning to welcome him with a billboard that says “Dear Mr.President, I need a… Read More »

Status of Ohio Unemployment Fund

The unemployment seems to be taking its toll in Ohio now. It seems that the Ohio’s unemployment fund is broke. This is because the tax that the employers pay to subsidize the unemployment fund id being reduced this year. Ohio has been one of the thirty three states that has been borrowing from the federal… Read More »