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The Long Term Effect Of Unemployment on Personality

Unemployment is not a pleasant phase of life. For the ones who depend on monthly salary credits into the bank account, jobless days tend to slow down life. Most of us would have passed through this phase at least once, if not more. Leading life without a job can hurt financially as well as emotionally.… Read More »

Top 5 Unemployment Eligibility Myths – Debunked

Unemployment insurance in US provides temporary unemployment compensation to jobless citizens who are out of work, owing to lay offs. The weekly monetary benefit may not really compensate the job loss, but helps in managing basic household expenses while the claimant is looking for job opportunities. You can receive up to 26 weeks of unemployment… Read More »

Unemployment Benefits Eligibility

Eligibility for unemployment insurance is determined by state law. More than half of jobless workers do not claim unemployment benefits because either they do not qualify or feel the filing process to be very complex. Contrary to this, numerous people meet the criteria for benefits and state unemployment offices have also reduced the amount of… Read More »