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Texas Unemployment Phone Numbers

In order to speak with a customer service agent, call an unemployment benefits Tele-center at 1-800-939-6631. Business hours are Monday –Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Central Time.

Call at 800-558-8321, Tele-Serv, TWC’s automated  telephone system to:

  • Request payment for weeks of unemployment,
  • Get payment information or the status of your claim,
  • Get general information about unemployment benefits

Claim status and payment request options are available Sunday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Central Time. General information is obtainable anytime.

Call 512-936-3338 to request information on how to repay the unemployment benefits you were not eligible to receive, contact the Benefit Overpayment Collections Unit Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central Time.

Be set for long time waits and be courteous to the person you get connected to. The staffers on the other side are over-worked and do everything they can do to assist you!

Questions & Answers

  1. Kristina Leatherwood says:

    I filed for unemployment benefits 10 weeks ago and my case still shows “under review.” I have called several times and have gotten no answers from anyone- thats when a live person actually gets on the phone. I am soooo frustrated that it has taken this long especially since I’m 8 months pregnant and have 2 daughter’s starting school in 3 weeks and have “$0.00” income. Can someone please tell me what the hold up is,at least on just being updated on what’s going on.

  2. Melissa says:

    I’m trying to file a claim online but during registration I’m being asked for a PIN which I do not currently have. I’ve tried calling the toll free number throughout the day but receive a message due to call volume we cannot help at this time, please try again later. Can you assist with how to obtain a PIN online instead of calling the toll free number?

  3. Tamika says:

    I received a letter saying unemployment CAN pay me benefits and I still have not been paid. I can NOT get through when I call the number, no matter if I call during “non peek” hours or not!!!!

  4. Connie says:

    I filed for unemployment and got a letter saying I did not make enough to qualify but the employer only put down that I worked for them for 3months but it was 6months and I can’t get in contact with anyone to correct it …I have tried the number Day and afternoons for several days and can’t get through

  5. Avery says:

    Is there any other way I can reset my password online… It’s not recognizing my email online and it’s closed on Sunday. Email me if you can

    • Sam says:


      You should be able to do it on the website. Please look out for a relevant option or call the Claims Center for reset instructions.

  6. Dalisha says:

    I can’t get through to the call service provider it always says call back later!!!

  7. krystal says:

    I have been trying to get in contact with the unemployment to let them know that I am working full time but it always says that to call later what do I do???

    • Sam says:

      If you want to inform them about your employment, you can stop applying for weekly claims and that can be an acceptable way to indicate.

  8. John Wilson says:

    I filed for benefits almost 5 weeks ago. My claim status shows as “Under Review”. I checked with my previous employer and no one has contacted them. I cannot get through to a person on either of the contact numbers for Texas, 18005588321 or 18009396631.

    I need to speak to a person!

  9. Carmen Jolie says:

    I am currently working but my employer is giving me 30 days to look for another job. They said the role requires someone with more experience. Basically they are firing me because I don’t meet their criteria anymore. They have made an offer to someone else and are really pushing for me to find something although I keep working 40 hrs a week plus training the HR Assistant and They still want me to leave a plan on where everything is. It’s taken so much for me not to walk out. Can I? If I do would I be eligible for unemployment? I would like to find a job I enjoy doing and not get one only because they are rushing me to find one. Please help!

    • Sam says:

      Generally, voluntary reasons for separation from the job are not considered.

      Please check with the Unemployment Office by calling them.

  10. Jason Richardson says:

    Right now I’m on medical leave from work and I don’t get medical pay from work. Can I file for my unemployment

  11. John says:

    I live in Missouri and the company I work for is in Texas. I am laid off with a return date in late Jan 2017. With a temporary lay off do I need to complete a weekly work search in order to collect unemployment in Texas?

    • Martin says:

      I don’t think you should be making the required number of job searches.

      Please call the Unemployment Office for further details.

  12. Brenda says:

    I have tried for three weeks to talk to a Customer Rep – I have called the 800-939-6631 number mornings, mid-day & afternoons to no avail. I am receiving conflicting info online & over the automated system. This is not fair to not be able to clear up the problems (which I don’t understand anyway – all looks correct from my end) and start receiving benefits.

    • Martin says:

      The phone lines can get busy during peak hours.

      Alternatively, you can also try using your account online or visit the nearest Unemployment Office for an update.

  13. Michael Eadie says:

    I filed on July 3. Received verification that wages were enough to be eligible on July 18. Have made claims for 4 weeks in July. But the message is saying TWC is reviewing your claim to determine if we can pay you benefits. If we need additional information, we will contact you.
    My next claim date is on Aug.14.
    My question is does it typically take 6 weeks or more to determine if I will receive benefits? Is this normal?

    • Martin says:

      The initial claim should not take more than 7-10 business days unless there is a dispute.

      Please chase the Claims Center by speaking to a representative to find out more.

  14. Travis says:

    I have tried multiple times a day to contact the office because I received a notice telling me that I was NOT eligible for benefits. There is an amount that states I have benefits remaining, benefits paid is $0.00. I have tried calling every number associated with TWC and they are too busy for my call, tells me to leave a message. I leave a message and never hear from anyone. I have got to where I am leaving 3 or 4 messages daily. I am not understanding why I am ineligible to receive benefits. I just want to talk to someone that will let me know something. Is there anyone I can contact. I contacted the local office and they are just on the employment side they don’t help with benefits. Someone please help me.

    • Martin says:


      Please keep trying. Since phone lines are constantly engaged, you must try to visit the nearest office and stress on your claim since this is the only channel available.

  15. Karen says:

    I am currently employed but need to quit the job due to the fact that I have back issues and should not be sitting for extended periods of time. If I quit my current job due to health reasons would I be eligible to collect unemployment benefits and, if so, what proof would I need to provide?

    • Martin says:

      Unfortunately, personal reasons such as health issues are not considered.

      Please call the Unemployment Office in your state for further information.

  16. Trish says:

    I have tried continuously to contact the office because I received a notice telling me that I was NOT eligible for benefits since I didn’t make enough at my job. The job you have on file isn’t my most recent and I need to change this information so that I can receive payment as soon as possible. Who can I contact? What extension? I am not able to make this change online…please help!

    • Martin says:

      Please note this is a private forum. Please try calling the phone numbers during off peak hours to make a contact.

      Alternatively, you may also consider visiting the nearest office.

  17. Joseph says:

    Where are the unemployment offices?

  18. Benny says:

    I have called TWC several times and been hung up on. I already have funds in my account but never received a card. I’m getting very upset because it is almost time for me to file again.

    • Martin says:

      I can understand your frustration.

      Please try calling during non-peak hours or explore the option of visiting the nearest Unemployment Office.

  19. Alex says:

    I would like to talk to a real person, because the numbers I have called do not give that option. Could you tell a 800 or local number….either one, that I can call without answering….”go to a Website”

    • Martin says:

      Unemployment Offices do not generally have a toll free number.

      Please explore the official website for more numbers.

  20. Rocky Brandon says:

    What do I need when I call in to file a claim? Can you give me website to file a claim?

  21. Jason Randle says:

    I filed for unemployment when will I receive my first check

    • Martin says:

      Please wait for 7-10 working days for the processing. If you do not receive it after this time, please chase by calling the claims center.

  22. Marjorie Cole says:

    I want to move back to Seattle, WA. I am employed as a Certified Nursing Assistant. I need to reactivate my Certification in WA. WA requires that I submit all Certified Nursing Assistant employment since I stopped working in WA in the year 2000.
    Is it possible for the unemployment to send me an email with all of my Texas employment listed?

    phone: 915-801-9196

    • Martin says:

      Please note we’re not associated with the Unemployment Office in your state.

      Call them directly on the phone numbers provided for further assistance in this regard.

  23. Ambre says:

    I called to submit a claim and was told to call an additional number. Does anyone have that number? It started 800-844-???? Or 800-884-????

  24. Adrian sauceda says:

    I called for my benifits when will I get my check?

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