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The is a detailed guide to unemployment insurance, compensation and benefits. It’s a private website whose task is to lend a hand to people who are unemployed, find the resources they require and respond to their questions. This is not a government website nor are we associated with the government.This site is your guide, dealing with unemployment and seeking a new job. We want to demonstrate people that they are not unaided, that there is assistance for them and that others have been in the same situation and succeeded.We show how to file for unemployment, the eligibility requirements, claim initial, weekly and extension benefits, calculate and compute weekly benefits and much more.

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  • Connecticut Unemployment Benefits
    By Choirqueen, on April 19, 2019:
    The Connecticut company that I work full-time for is closing for renovation s for 2 weeks. They told me to use my vacation time but then I’m won’t have any time left for a vacation w Jen my children are home. Can I collect UP for the 2...

  • Oregon Unemployment Benefits
    By Julia, on April 18, 2019:
    My partner and I have lived together for 15 years and we have a 7 year old together. We are not married due to complicated extended family issues. I have been employed at the same job for 10 years. My partner recently accepted a job offer in Arizona. We will be...

  • North Carolina Unemployment Benefits
    By Jane Payne, on April 18, 2019:
    I received a balance payout check on March 22, 2019 and before I could get to the bank to cash the check my dog ate most of it. I have called 17 or 18 phone numbers passed off to me by employees of the NCDOR employment department and spent 6 1/2...

  • California Unemployment Benefits
    By Chris, on April 17, 2019:
    I worked 4 months in my last job and they recently laid me off.. will I qualify for unemployment

  • Pennsylvania Unemployment Benefits
    By Jesse Livermore, on April 12, 2019:
    I’m being terminated at the end of April 31, 2019 after 33 1/2 years of faithful and dependable service and being forced to take my defined pension plan benefit. How will this affect my eligibility for PA UC? The defined benefit pension...

  • Michigan Unemployment Benefits
    By Shannon, on April 10, 2019:
    I have 14 weeks left of benefits and was set to start a new temp position last week when my parents were in a bad auto accident. My mom was in a coma. I called to delay my start date and the temp agency just cancelled the assignment. They were also my...