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Unemployment Insurance (UI) program provides benefits to eligible applicants who have qualifications for three primary conditions - i) lost the previous job due to no fault of their own ii) earned minimum required wages in the base period; and iii) worked for a minimum required duration during the base period. The specific eligibility criteria to file for unemployment benefits are set by the respective state governments.

The purpose of is to provide a platform for beneficiaries to know about the procedure to file for Unemployment Insurance programs in all states of the United States. The website provides a detailed guide to eligibility conditions, application methods, training programs organized for job-seekers and various other information that is crucial for prospective claimants. also provides state-specific eligibility calculators, using which claimants can get an idea about their chances to qualify for benefits. Claimants can also make use of the benefits calculator to find out how much their weekly UI benefits could be in their respective states. We provide end-to-end information about the UI benefits, which includes details about the applications to phone numbers and addresses of your nearest unemployment office.

Most importantly, we provide a platform for the beneficiaries and prospective claimants to find answers to the specific questions they have. We ensure this by constantly interacting with our users to make sure that their queries are adequately answered. We understand that the period of transition between one job and another can be hard, and therefore we strive to give our users the most accurate information relating to UI benefits.

Please note that we are not a government organization. Neither this website nor this organization is associated with the government in any way. We are a private organization whose purpose is to create a single platform for all unemployment insurance-related information.

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    By John DeSisto, on April 6, 2020:
    I have the same problem. You fill out page after page then it goes back to the beginning again. It’s a frustrating. Then it goes back in a vicious circle!! Now it says there is a problem in the Connect application. I think the Social Security...

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    By stacia l camper, on April 6, 2020:
    When will the cares unemployment applications be available?

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    By Tyler Asbury, on April 6, 2020:
    I am locked out of my account and need to speak to someone to help but unable to get through on the phone line, is there some other way to help me get my account unlocked?

  • Florida Unemployment Benefits
    By donna, on April 6, 2020:
    I have been trying since Saturday to apply online. The system is saying it cannot verify my ss# and that I have an account which I don’t. I have been calling all the phone numbers given, you might get a recording followed by a disconnect. We need your...

  • All About The Families First Coronavirus Response Act
    By Joseph Delquaglio, on April 6, 2020:

  • Florida Unemployment Benefits
    By Dafinka Kyutukchieva, on April 5, 2020:
    hi. ive been unemplyed last year till november. then i started work weeks after my account went exhausted. now the system doesnt have to option “file a new claim” for me. where do i type in the job experiences i had after my last...