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The is a detailed guide to unemployment insurance, compensation and benefits. It's a private website whose task is to lend a hand to people who are unemployed, find the resources they require and respond to their questions. This is not a government website nor are we associated with the government.

This site is your guide, dealing with unemployment and seeking a new job. We want to demonstrate people that they are not unaided, that there is assistance for them and that others have been in the same situation and succeeded.

We show how to file for unemployment, the eligibility requirements, claim initial, weekly and extension benefits, calculate and compute weekly benefits and much more.

Questions and Comments

  • Washington Unemployment Benefits
    By Charlotte Enott, on October 15, 2017:
    When/how will I know if my application went through? I am not sure if I was supposed to go through the employer info, Since I am the employee? I thought I would have to explain the circumstances of why/how I became unemployed.

  • Unemployment Benefits Eligibility
    By Richard Jenner, on October 15, 2017:
    If I was let go from a job and not given a reason other than “We are moving in another direction” but received a severance package, can I file for unemployment benefits in Florida?

  • California Unemployment Benefits
    By Lola Castro, on October 14, 2017:
    This is for Tina Privat-July 2017 – Sorry Sam but your responses even confused me!! To qualify for unemployment, you must be out of work through no fault of your own. If you quit your job voluntarily, without good cause, you won’t be...

  • Texas Unemployment Benefits
    By VALENTINE EZEH, on October 14, 2017:

  • Pennsylvania Unemployment Benefits
    By David, on October 11, 2017:
    I have been on short term disability due to back surgeries for the past 4 months. I have been at my job for 9+ years. I got a phone call today stating that since my short term disability is now changing over to long term disability he is being...

  • West Virginia Unemployment Benefits
    By Roberta Loos, on October 11, 2017:
    To add insult to injury this family is devastated. My side of the story is not heard. Have received numerous acculates on this job for numerous reasons, customer appreciation, attendance, never missed work, employee of the year, scores with...