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Wisconsin – Filing An Appeal When UI Claims Are Denied

Being unemployed is quite a challenging state in life. Which is why, temporary financial assistance in the form of Unemployment Insurance (UI) is a blessing for many. However, not everyone who applies for UI gets approved for receiving the benefits. All candidates are evaluated carefully to check if they meet the eligibility criteria and rejections… Read More »

How to Reopen Unemployment Claims

If you had a UI claim through a previous employment and received weekly payments,  later secured a job and then unfortunately became unemployed again, you may want to consider re-applying for UI benefits if your previous benefit year expired. Most states allow you to reopen your existing claim if it is still in the same… Read More »

Nebraska Unemployment Weekly Claims

After you apply for benefits, you must request weekly benefits online for every week you are unemployed or your hours are reduced. You must request weekly benefits for any week you want payment or waiting week credit, even if your eligibility is being decided or you have an appeal pending. When you request weekly benefits,… Read More »

Kansas Unemployment Weekly Claims

To receive your benefits, after filing your unemployment application, you MUST file a weekly claim each week you remain unemployed until your benefits expire. File your first weekly claim on Sunday afternoon or evening or on Monday after filing your unemployment claim the previous week. For example: If you filed your initial application on Tuesday… Read More »

Montana Unemployment Weekly Claims

IMPORTANT: You are the only one who can file for your benefits. Allowing another person to have access to your PIN and file for you is considered fraud. There are two way to request payment: On-line or via telephone using the Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) at 444-9800. Both systems are available 24 hours a day,… Read More »

District of Columbia Unemployment Weekly Claims

You may file your weekly claim for benefits over the Internet at You may also file your weekly claim over the telephone at 202-724-7000. In either case, you will need to use the password that you created or that we mailed to you when you filed your initial claim. If you do not know… Read More »

Maine Unemployment Weekly Claims

Filing Your Claims by the Internet or Telephone. You cannot file a weekly claim by the Internet or the telephone if you do not have an active claim. If you do not file your claim for the current or previous week in a timely manner, the automated Internet or telephone systems will not accept your… Read More »

Vermont Unemployment Weekly Claims

Once you have established your claim, you need to continue filing weekly claims to continue receiving benefits. Weekly claims can be submitted via the Internet or the telephone and through mail in some rare cases. Filing claims through Internet: This is the easiest and fastest way. Visit Vermont’s Department of Labor’s website and follow the… Read More »

North Dakota Unemployment Weekly Claims

Call the Unemployment Insurance Claims Center at 701-328-4995 (TTY: 800-366-6888) to complete your weekly certification or speak with a claims center representative. You can also file weekly claims online through UI ICE which is Job Service North Dakota’s Unemployment Insurance Internet Claims Entry system. This secure, convenient tool allows you to certify weekly eligibility. Remember:… Read More »

Wyoming Unemployment Weekly Claims

A claimant can file his claims using any of the following methods: Telephone: Dial +1 (307) 473-3789 for assistance. The above number connects you to an interactive voice response system that lets you file your weekly claim after inquiring about the payment status of your claim. English and Spanish are the available languages. Internet: Visit… Read More »