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Updated : June 11th, 2019

State: Alabama (AL)
Phone Number:1-866-234-5382 (7am - 5pm, Mon. - Fri.) to file an Unemployment Compensation Claim. To file an Unemployment Compensation Claim (TTY/TDD) dial 1-800-499-2035 (7am - 5pm, Mon. - Fri.) To contact the Inquiry Line regarding an existing claim call 1-800-361-4524 (7am - 5pm, Mon. - Fri.)
Major Towns:Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile, Huntsville, Tuscaloosa, Hoover, Dothan, Decatur, and Auburn.
Current Unemploymnet Rate in Alabama

Alabama Unemployment Questions

How much can I receive each week?
Benefits per week range from a minimum of $45.00 to a maximum of $265.00* calculated using your base period earnings. On the day after you file your claim, a form is mailed to you (monetary determination) that states all of your base period wages by employer and the total and weekly amount to which you may be entitled.

What will happen if I draw unemployment benefits while I am working?
You may be charged with an overpayment of unemployment benefits which you will have to repay before any further or future benefits can be paid to you. You may also be disqualified from receiving unemployment benefits. If you are working and drawing benefits, it will be discovered through a periodic audit of your unemployment claim for benefits. Your claim for unemployment benefits may be audited, even after your claim ends. Your claim is audited by comparing any weeks in which you were paid benefits with any wages reported by your employer during the same time period.

Can I receive benefits during all of my benefit year?
Generally, you have up to 26 weeks of eligibility depending on how much you have earned in your base period. If you return to work of if you have deductible income for any week, you may draw more or less than 26 weeks. The total amount that you can draw for the year is the maximum benefit amount shown on your monetary determination.

What if I have work in another state?
When you contact the call center, a representative can file your claim against another state (unless that state operates their own call center) or determine if you need to combine all of your wages from several states to file a claim. You will need to be prepared to discuss the last 18 months work history for this information to be correct. The call center representative is trained to help you decided what type of claim will benefit you the most. In some cases, you will be given an option on which claim/s you decide to file.

What are Trade Readjustment Allowance (TRA) Benefits?
TRA benefits are a weekly allowance which may be paid to eligible workers following the exhaustion of their regular Unemployment Compensation benefits. This is usually the same amount as the UC payment in effect or established by the first separation from employment

What is the Waiting Week and will I receive payment for it?
A Waiting Week is an unpaid period following the 13th compensable week of Unemployment Compensation payments. Therefore, no benefits for the 14th payable week of benefits will be issued even though a certification is required for that period. However, you may be paid your full maximum benefit amount should you remain unemployed and continue to claim subsequent weeks and meet all eligibility requirements.

Can I have Federal withholding taxes taken out of my unemployment payments?
Yes, you can have Federal Withholding taxes withheld at the current rate of 10%.

What To If You Return To Work And Become Unemployed Again?
You should reopen your claim as soon as you become unemployed, either via Internet at or by calling the claims line at 866-234-5382. Do not wait to receive your last paycheck. Remember. Your claim cannot be backdated. Your most recent employer will be notified that you have filed a claim for benefits and will be requested to provide information as to why you are no longer employed.

Basic Eligibility Criteria to Claim Benefits in AL

You must have insured wages in at least two quarters of your base period in order to qualify for unemployment benefits. The base period is the first four of the last five completed calendar quarters before the week you call to file an initial claim application for a new benefit year. Wages paid to you during your base period are used to determine if you have enough wages to qualify for a claim and to calculate how much you can be paid in benefits.

Appealing against the decision

If you disagree with an examiner’s determination, you may file an appeal to the Hearing and Appeals Division. This is your first level of administrative appeal. Appeal requests must be filed within 15 calendar days of the mailing date of the original decision or within 7 calendar days if the decision was handed to you in-person. If the last day to file falls on a weekend or a state holiday, the deadline to file an appeal will be the next working day after the weekend or holiday.

Questions & Answers

  1. I had a part-time job with was a big part of my income.. My company was bought by another company.. I was not offered a position, can I claim unemployment?

  2. I was terminated from my job of 15 years due to my taking off too much time. This was due to a well ducumented mental illness which hindered my ability to seek help or treatment. I have since been able to get treatment and would like to seek employment.Am i now uneligible to file a claim due to the amount of time since my seperation?

    1. Chuck,

      You may not be eligible since unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons.

  3. I tore my Achilles and need surgery, this has made me unable to work at my job for at least 8-10 weeks with recovery. I have FMLA so my job is secure until I get doctors clearance after recovery, however, it is unpaid and I need money to pay for my health insurance so it doesn’t lapse while recovering from surgery. Can I claim unemployment while still on FMLA if FMLA not paying me.

    1. James,

      You may not qualify to receive UI benefits since its only offered to claimants who’re able and available for work.

  4. I have been applying for unemployment for almost 4 weeks and have not received a payment. The status says Waiting week, Not paid, Not paid, Not paid. I know the pamphlet says 2-3 weeks before you get your first benefit payment but this has been almost a full month. I can’t reach anyone outside the automated system which tells me what i already know

    1. Alicia,

      Please try calling the Claims Center during off-peak hours to reach them faster. You can also check the status online, on the department’s website.

  5. I am drawing unemployment I have a job offer that will last 2 weeks. It is seasonal work after that i will be laid off.will I be able to open my claim back up?

  6. Ive done my first weekly claim which was the waiting week, all ive received in the mail was a letter telling me how much id be getting and the maximum amount. I haven’t received a letter saying denied, anyway on the second week and I did my claim on Sunday and its still saying waiting week with my first claim date on it, I called the agency and all she told me was how much I would get and for how long and to keep filing, I mean how long does it take? I do have bills

    1. Kesia,

      Please chase the Claims Center for an update on payment status. After the waiting week, you should receive the payment credit without any further delay unless they keep you informed.

  7. After 12 yrs of employment, the company is downsizing to ultimately shutdown due to lack of work. I am being terminated (involuntary) effective 3/31. I am 57 years old and can take a lump sum distribution from my 401k to pay debts. How will this affect my eligibility for UC? Will this distribution cause me to be ineligible? Or will it delay eligibility? If delay, for how long? Thank you.

    1. As you rightly said in the last sentence, it will delay your eligibility. Since severance pay is treated as an income, you’re required to wait until the payout is complete.

      Please call the claims center/customer service of the labor dept. in your state for further information.

  8. I collected unemployment benefits March 2016 into June 2016 and i am looking for the form to file taxes with. I had taxes withheld and i have not received it in the mail as of this date.I was under the assumption that the had to be mailed out bu January 31, 2017. I am not sure who i need to contact to get that information. I need some assistance please.
    Thank You

  9. I am age 70 but I have continued to work because I have to for financial reasons. I recently got laid off because my employer closed their business. I am continuing to look for work. Will my unemployment benefits be affected if I have to take a Required Minimum Distribution from my retirement plan due to reaching age 70 and 1/2? Thanks for your help and assistance.

    1. Jimmy,

      I am not sure of how it works in your state. It’s recommended that you call the Unemployment Office for further details.

  10. I just filed my first unemployment claim last Sunday. I just filed my 2nd UE claim tonight. This week, I received annual pay from an internship that I had which ended September 29th. I listened for the words “did you receive any annual pay” when I made my claim, but they never asked that question. The did ask if I had received any Vacation pay, so I looked on my check stub at the Holiday pay and there was none. I answered NO. Did I answer that question right?

    1. As long as you were specific, it should be fine. Either way, please speak to a representative from the Claims Center to confirm.

    1. Not sure of the eligibility since it differs from state to state. I suggest you contact the Unemployment Office for further details.

  11. My unemployment status went from waiting week and 2 weeks of it saying status not paid and a balance of how much should I receive each week. Now it’s say status not paid for waiting week with zero balance. Does this means I was denied? I haven’t got a determination letter saying I was denied

  12. I worked for a company for 11 years, I hurt my back and had FMLA some of the FMLA days were not approved due to calling after the start of shift. I lost my job due to the points system in place. Can I file or would that be considered my own fault?

    1. It can be considered voluntary.

      Please call the Unemployment Office in your state to establish facts and decide accordingly.

  13. Due to downsizing of current employer I am taking a lumpsum payout and being terminated from the company. Will I be able to apply for Unemployment benefits?

    1. You can be eligible to receive UI benefits after the lump sum payout ends. Please consider applying for benefits until you find a job.

  14. I worked at a pediatric Dr office as a medical assistant. I had to have surgery. The Dr released me for 6/13/16. On my way to work my human recourse lady called an terminated me on 6/13/16.. I filled uc. And got a letter stating how much I would draw. Then got a letter saying call a worker. I did and she wanted my statement and told me to send my Dr release paper. I did. I been claiming my week and it said waiting week, then not paid, and not paid. Do u think I will be able to get u unemployment

    1. Since you’ve already applied, please call the Claims Center on the phone numbers provided for an update on status.

  15. I first filed on 6/11/16 after being fired on 6/9/16.I filed furst week,it says “waiting week” filed this week and it says “not paid” & along with it,it shows amount id get weekly etc.uf ut shows not paid on 2nd week and waiting week on 1st..does that usually mean its denied?? In your experience..does it usually head to denied? (I recieved direct deposit paper and packet with base report etc in mail)

  16. I filed my claim this week, it said “NOT PAID”, I filed on 6/4/2016 and certified 6/6/2016. What’s going on? I have available balance remaining and it’s the same. I tried calling the unemployment office and it said high call volume and hung up on me. I’m freaking out right now and I have bills to pay.

    1. I can understand your concern. Please note this is a private forum and we do not have access to your claim.

      Please chase the claims center over the phone during non peak hours.

  17. I been on my job 26 years they let me go saying i made errors no one told me about. New manger came in hiring family and friends who made errors and was told about them and they were able to correct there errors . I was the last old employee left in the office they have let 8 people go since this new manger took over. Will i be able to file for unemployment. I have been this job the way i was trained never been wrote up and good elevation

  18. How long do I have to wait to find out do I get unemployment, I talk to the claim manager 3 weeks ago ,she just told me to keep claim every week ,but I been fired in march and I still haven’t received a check yet …please explain

    1. This is a private forum and hence, we do not have access to your claim information.

      Please call the claims center and chase them for status at regular intervals.

    1. You will not be eligible since unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons.

  19. Hello I applied for benefits and in my account it said waiting week but not its saying not paid.. I have a benefit amount and how much the payments will be.. I’m a little confused on what this means.. I was laid off also

    1. It means you’ve been approved by providing the schedule.

      Please speak to the claims center for precise information on the payment date.

  20. I am from out of state. moved here to help company I work for set up a department. When I move back to home state will I be able to collect unemployment if my company oks it

  21. I have already done my waiting week. This week was supposed to be my first payment. It says paid, but I haven’t received anything. I’m sure Christmas eve and Christmas has caused a delay, but I did my certification on Sunday and still nothing. I can’t call because they have been closed and are also closed the weekend would they give me two payments in one week? Also I have direct deposit set up, but it says payment on debit bank card. Dies that mean my bank account or are they sending it to a card I don’t have?

    1. It probably means they have initiated a transfer to your bank but has taken time due to Christmas holidays.

      Please call the claims center on Monday if you do not see the weekly payment on your bank account.

  22. I was fired today by my DM because I didn’t I.D a regular customer who buys cigarettes at our store daily.. He is 26 years old and everyone sells to him without I.D because we started out carding him about a year ago but now we all know him.. can I file for my unemployment?

    1. If you were fired indiscriminately, you can go ahead and apply, provided you’re able to provide supporting proof in case of a dispute.

  23. Can someone please help. I file weekly on Sunday and it appears that my payment hits on Thursday (this is my first week) What is going to happen next week during Christmas? Will I get my benefits that Wed or not till the following week? Will they send two payments at once

    1. We do not have official information regarding this since we’re not associated with the Unemployment Office in your state.

      Please call the claims center and speak to a person for specific information.

  24. I resigned from my position to avoid being released. I know that because I resigned I am not immediately eligible for UC. If I remain unemployed for an extended period of time, will I become eligible? For example, I’m unemployed for X months, then I can apply for benefits even though I resigned.


    1. As far as I am aware, there is no clause as such where you automatically become eligible after a certain period of time.

      Please check further with the labor authorities in your state.

  25. I have a relative who is concerned about being fired from a job — his supervisor seems to be looking to place a friend in the job my relative is doing. The supervisor has been finding reasons to make complaints against my relative, but none of them are provable, and none are very bad (certainly nothing criminal in any way or safety related). If my relative is fired, can he collect benefits?

    1. As long as your relative has supporting evidence in case he is fired, he can draw benefits.

      His employer may dispute the claim.

  26. My mother got very sick I had to quit my employer that I been with over a year now I filed for unemployment will I get approved

    1. Unfortunately, you will not be eligible since unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons.

  27. I am very very confused… When I go to the website, it said that I have funds available. Well, I filed my weekly claim on Sunday September 14,2015 for the week ending September 12, 2015. It stated that it was “not paid” when I have funds available for unemployment, wouldn’t that say that My claim was approved? I can’t get in touch with anyone. My question is, I had to resign from my previous employer due to a decline in mental health status, diagnosed with PTSD by the Va in 2011, certain aspects at work exacerbated my condition and for health reasons, I had no other choice but to resign. Had I not resigned I probably would have committed suicide. I am actively receiving treatment from the VA. What am I supposed to do at this point? I am seeing many posts that is giving the impression that the state does not care about the health of their tax payers and residents. Does this make me ineligible? No ine responds to emails and I cannot get in trough with anyone over the phone. I need to know what is going on with my claim before I lose everything.

    1. Victoria,

      We can understand your situation. Please try visiting an office in your area if the phones remain unanswered. If there are funds in your account, it largely means that your claim has been approved.

  28. I’m going to have back surgery and I would like to know if I would be able to draw unemployment. I will return to work when the doctor releases me.

  29. I have been working for a bank as a contractor (temporary work) for 2 years. I am now pregnant and due in December. I spoke to my supervisor today and asked if I would be able to have time off for maternity and will I be able to return after delivering my baby. She told me because I am a contractor I will not receive paid nor unpaid time off, and my position will not remain reserved for me, it will be filled as soon as I leave. So not only do I not have benefits, I also will not have a job to return to. Will I be able to receive any unemployment for the time I am able to work, after I have my baby?
    Thanks for any response.

    1. I have been working for a bank as a contractor (temporary work) for 2 years. I am now pregnant and due in December. I spoke to my supervisor today and asked if I would be able to have time off for maternity and will I be able to return after delivering my baby. She told me because I am a contractor I will not receive paid nor unpaid time off, and my position will not remain reserved for me, it will be filled as soon as I leave. So not only do I not have benefits, I also will not have a job to return to. Will I be able to receive any unemployment for the time I am able to work, after I have my baby?
      Thanks for any response.

      1. You will not be eligible since unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons.

    2. You will not be eligible since unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons.

      Pregnancy is not considered.

  30. I quit my job of 38 years in Feb. The company was reducing my position out of mgmt. At this time my parents were dealing with health issues out of state and I knew I would have to spend a lot of time getting their house sold and moved here. Now I need help until I can find a job. Can I get unemployment benefits under this circumstance?

    1. I am afraid you will not be eligible since unemployment benefits are only extended to those who lose their job due to involuntary reasons such as lay offs.

  31. Can my company lay me off for a week and not pay me unemployment? I’ve been with this company 10 years. We have two layoff periods, Dec. and July. If you receive unemployment in Dec you want receive it in July when filed, and vice versa. We file thru company not by phone or online. Is this legal? We’ll get holiday pay check but nothing else.

    1. If your employer has declared themselves as seasonal, I guess this should be fine.

      Only the govt. can pay you unemployment compensation. Your company cannot administer it. Please inquire further with the labor authorities in your state.

  32. I have been out of work on medical leave for back surgery since December 2013. I had filed the required paperwork with my company so they had to hold my position, but two months after surgery, I found out the company leased all of the stores out to foreigners and left the state. This technically left me unemployed! It has been 7 months since surgery and now that I have been released to return to work by the doctor, worker’s comp has quit paying me! My problem is, I talked with my old manager and she said, even if I hired on with the new owners, they cannot meet my new compensation needs for my new physical restrictions. Am I eligible to receive unemployment until I can find a new job that will accommodate my back? I need some form of income until I can find another job to support my family and myself!

  33. I’ve been filing weekly claims, one week said “waiting period” now it says “NOT PAID” what does the status of “NOT PAID” mean besides the obvious of not being paid, does that mean my claim was denied? Or I will not be paid?

    Thanks for your help,

    Crystal Jenkins

    1. Please contact the customer service of the labor dept in Alabama on 1-800-361-4524 (7:00 am – 4:30 pm,, Mon. – Fri.) for an accurate status.

  34. my job posistion was eliminated and i was terminated and given severance pay. will the severance pay affect my ability to draw unemployment?

  35. I worked for Samlip in Alexander City, Alabama through a temp service. I was told I pointed out and was not to return to Samlip. I was told that I would not qualify for unemployment. Is that true?

    1. Depends on the type of employment.Seasonal and freelance workers are usually not eligible to receive UI payments. Please go ahead and speak to the Labor department in AL to ascertain.

  36. I’ve been waiting two week for unemployment to deposit money to my card and I found out the take the first and last check now person is in charge of this and how would I go about calling or getting in touch with him

  37. I am not very happy with the state of Alabama, I have been without a job since October 2013 and filed like I was told to do and put in my time every week like I was suppose to do now it is the end of Nov. and not yet have I receieved anything not even a call from anyone to help me nor even a back pay from when I applied from the start go figure state of Alabama, now almost christmas and no money not even to pay power bill

  38. OK so I was told today I’m going to be laid off Friday from my full time job but I have a part time job 2 days a week and only make maybe 100 week from there can I get unemployment with having a part time job?

    1. Hi Trish,

      If you have worked full time in a company for a considerable period of time, you should be able to receive unemployment. However, you will have to mention your part time job and the earnings will be deducted from your weekly benefit amount if you qualify to receive unemployment.
      More information here –

      1. Thank you so much BC I have been on my full time job for 6 years and only had my part time job for 5 months and the only reason I got it is BC they cut my pay at my main job

        1. Hi Trish,

          You keep the required documents ready and file your initial claim the day you get laid off.

  39. i have worked as a server at the steak n shake off of goverment blvd. from 1-10-11/ 5-31-13. I was fired for asking a customer if there was anything left on the table before he sat down? (He sat at a dirty table and there was a 10 dollar bill sitting there before he sat down)”my tip”! The customer then called corporate and told them I made him feel uncomfortable and he left, I now know that the customer is always right even if they STEAL, his word against mine!!! I’m a single mother with 2 Baby girls and I need help, please notify me on how I go about getting my unemployment until I can find another means of work PLEASE

    1. Hi Barbara,

      Getting fired for a work related misconduct may not fetch you unemployment benefits. But, if you apply for benefits and it is denied, you have an option to appeal the decision. Please go ahead and apply for unemployment compensation.

  40. When a civilian employee is furloughed at what point can they apply for unemployment through Alabama? Do you have to take 5 or more continueous days of furlough? Example, I let empployee A take 5 days consecutively off, can he file and draw unemployment? Employee B wants to take all 11 days consecutively, can she apply for unemployment? I have several employees asking that question, also I am affected too. The link attached is driving the question. thanks for your response. Jack

  41. I work and draw social security. My company has been sold. Can I draw unemployment as well as my social security?

  42. I’m pregnant and my hour at work got reduced and in a month I will have to take a maternity leave am I eligible for unemployment.

  43. I am almost out of my unemployment, and I have been diligently searching for employment. How do I apply for the extension? How long will be extension be given? and Does the amount change from the current compensation? Thanks.

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