Alabama Unemployment Job Search Requirements

Job search requirements are in place to make sure that unemployment compensation recipients are putting in full efforts to get into a job and not living off unemployment wages. Unless otherwise instructed, you will be required to make an active search for work. You must make a reasonable and active search for work through customary means for your occupation. Keep a list of the job contacts you make. Failure to provide evidence of an adequate work search can result in a loss of benefits.


1. Apply each week with employers who hire people with your experience, training, or skills. Your contacts should include former employers if you have reason to believe that there is some chance that you may be rehired.

2. Contact employers during hours of the day and days of the week when hiring is normally done.

3. Generally, the most successful contacts are made in-person. Under certain circumstances, however, telephone calls and resumes may be acceptable, depending on the standard job seeking practices within your particular occupation.

4. Apply to the person who has authority to hire. File written applications for work whenever you have the chance.

5. Apply for work for which you are qualified, within the normal commuting distance of your place of residence.

6. Maintain a record of the contacts that you make, listing the name of the company, the name, title and telephone number of the person with whom you spoke, the date of the contact and the type of contact (in-person, resume, email, telephone, etc).


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  1. If my employer lays me off due to a company down and gives me a day to return to work when they anticipate shutdown to end, do I have to meet the job search requirements for Al unemployment? Since I have a job to go back to?

  2. While on unemployment, are you obligated to accept a job offer that pays extremely less an hour than your rate when laid off?

    • Kellie,

      You will be required to accept suitable employment offers. Please call the Unemployment Office for clarification.

  3. I have been doing internet weekly certification. This week I get a message that I am locked out of the weekly certification what do I need to do .

  4. I have two weekly certificates in and at first the first one showed “waiting week”. However since I filed my second one it says “not paid” does this mean I have been denied?

    • Rick,

      If you chose an incorrect option, the claim status may change accordingly. Please speak to a member of the Claims Center by calling the office.

  5. I have been job searching and I’ve been doing all the things required… why do my statues says not paid… I’ve called and called

    • Please note we’re a private forum and do not have access to your claim file. If you have difficulties reaching the agency over the phone, please explore the option of visiting an office in the vicinity.

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