Alabama Unemployment Weekly Claims

After you are determined as eligible to receive unemployment benefits, you will have to proceed to step 2. Here, you have to fulfill certain requirements each week after which you will receive your unemployment pay check. This is called weekly certification. It is in place to ensure you are in constant search to get back to work.

When you file your certification for weekly benefits, you will be instructed to answer the questions truthfully.

When all the information has been entered and verified, you will be told that your certification has been accepted and is being processed. You must wait for this response to insure that all your answers have been recorded. If one or more of your answers is potentially disqualifying, you will be instructed to call the Call Center Inquiry Line for a fact-finding interview.

If you choose to stop filing weekly claim certifications for any reason, your claim becomes inactive. You will be notified about the break in your claim series when you make your weekly call. If you fail to follow the instructions provided, it may result in a loss of benefits. If you have failed to call for at least two weeks or more, you will have to reopen your claim.

Weekly continued claim certifications may be filed Sunday through Friday. To be considered timely, you must file your weekly certification no later than 5PM each friday.

Please note that you can be penalized for giving inaccurate or false information to obtain unemployment benefits.

Weekly Certification

Birmingham (205) 458-2282
Montgomery (334) 954-4094
Not in a local area: (800) 752-7389

File a weekly certification online.

Know about weekly work search requirements which are needed while filing weekly claims.

69 thoughts on “Alabama Unemployment Weekly Claims”

  1. Roy Daugherty II says:

    filled for unemployment 3 weeks ago and I have3 not received anything. When will I receive my money?

    1. Sam says:


      Please note this is a private website. Please call the Claims Center for an update on claim status.

  2. Alex Caldwell says:

    Didn’t file my claim until tuesday at 4:30 will I still get my benefits Wednesday?

    1. Sam says:


      You may not receive the payment on time if you don’t file on time. Please call the Claims Center for further discussion.

  3. Lisa says:

    What does “not paid” mean on a weekly claim? I’ve never had to do this before. I’m past my waiting week and I got a letter confirming my eligibility

    1. Sam says:


      It perhaps means the weekly claim amount has not been credited. Please call the Claims Center for assistance.

  4. Kelli says:

    I applied for my benefits. When I checked it yesterday my max benefits was 6,660 dollars. I checked it just now and my balance remaining is 4,064. I have received no payments. What does this mean??

    1. Sam says:


      They may have deducted a portion of payout. Please call the Claims Center to ascertain the exact reason.

  5. Kristi says:

    How long does it take to find out if you are approved after you file. The first week said if approved that that week as a waiting week. Today my
    claim said accepted an is processing. So does that mean I have been accepted ? I haven’t recieved a formal letter saying i was denied or accepted.

    1. Sam says:


      Please call the Claims Center on the phone numbers provided. They should have made a determination and informed you by now.

  6. Richard Traylor says:

    I have called this Ms Turner several times and left message after message .I file my weekly claim and it says not paid. How can I talk to someone about my situation? She is never in her office to answer the phone. This is just not right.

    1. Sam says:


      I can understand your frustration. Why don’t you call the Claims Center and speak to someone else?

  7. paula says:

    when am I suppose to start my weekly reporting? when benefits are approved or when I get first check? Does doing surreys count for jobs?

    1. Sam says:


      I suggest you call the Claims Center on the phone numbers provided to get precise answers to both your questions.

  8. Susan says:

    I receive a letter saying final pending approval what does that suppose to mean I receive a letter with how much the payments will be

    1. Sam says:

      Please refer to additional paperwork to understand the “Pending” status. You may also call the Claims Center to understand the timelines.

  9. Jackie Johnson says:

    I was off this week due to the fact that Auburn University let out for the summer semester and I drive a transit bus to transport the students. I forgot to file my claim on Sunday and couldn’t get through on the phone during the week. Can I still file for this week May 8-12? What number can I call to talk to someone I haven’t been able to get in to talk to someone to ask about my claim

    1. Sam says:

      I am not sure if you can file retrospectively.

      Please call the same number you call every week to claim and look out for an option on the IVR for an option to speak to a representative.

  10. Kimberly says:

    Can you get your maximum benefit amount all at once?

    1. Sam says:

      I am afraid, no. They are only available as weekly claims.

  11. tina harris says:

    I got an letter in the mail that said eligible and how much I would get and my wages but this is my third week claiming benefits and I still haven’t received payment Now the status of my claim saying NOT PAID I TALKED To The operator and she told me to keep fileing every SUNDAY.. WHAT SHOULD I DO???

    1. Sam says:

      Please file on a weekly basis without fail. The first payment will be made in about 7-10 business days. If you do not receive the payment after the waiting week, please call the Claims Center and speak to a representative.

  12. Chris McDaniel says:

    Why do the deposits always come on Tuesday if I call it in on Sunday or Monday? Why not on ever on Monday?

    1. Martin says:

      The money will only credit as per the timelines.

      If there is a discrepancy, please call the Claims Center.

  13. Jessica says:

    I forgot to do my weekly claim and it is now the day I was suppose to receive for this week. Is there anything I can do to receive this money still?

    1. Martin says:

      Please file on the designated day only. I don’t think you will able to reapply for the same week. You may speak to a representative for further instructions in this regard.

  14. Jasmine says:

    I have been calling in every Sunday for the last three weeks and all my weeks are waiting weeks! I revecived papers stating how much I would get and my hours worked but have yet to recive any payment. I really don’t understand why it’s taking so long for me to recive my befenfits. Then you call the information line and it says it has high call volumes and can’t get through to anyone to talk to about it so how am I suppose to get answers or talk to someone this is really getting frustrating and the phone lines aren’t really no help if you can’t get through!!!!

    1. Martin says:


      I can understand your frustration. Please consider applying online, over the internet on the department’s website. Alternatively, you may also try visiting an Unemployment Office in the vicinity.

  15. Kevin Garnetto says:

    7318Hayward Ave Lot20 Pensacola Fla 32525

    1. Martin says:

      Please let us know how we can help you.


    i tried to file on friday 9/30/2016 and it kept telling me to call back and when i tried online it was too late what should i do i need that money

    1. Martin says:

      Please call as per the timelines.

      Further information on the window can be obtained from the official website of the Unemployment Office in your state.

  17. Antonio says:

    I wasn’t approved for my unemployment. Is it possible that they will release the claimed weeks I have claimed ?

    1. Martin says:

      If the claim was not approved, the payment will not be released.

      Please call the Claims Center on the phone numbers provided for an update.

  18. Dani Hayes says:

    I have called EVERY number made available to the public about my claim and have yet to be able to get through to a person. This is my 4th week to file, it no longer has my waiting week, it now says “not paid” out to the side of all 3 claim week’s. I have received 1 letter telling me what I’m eligible to receive, how much I’ve paid and how long I can draw. When I checked my status today, my first week was changed to not paid. I’m almost 4 weeks in and still have not been told anything on if I’m approved or not… it shouldn’t be this hard or this frustrating.

    1. Martin says:

      Well, I can understand your reason for being frustrated.

      Why don’t you try logging in on the website for detailed info or visit an office in your vicinity if available? Try the phone during off peak hours.

      1. Jimmy Campbell says:

        I was unable it file my claim last week. I had to travel to LA to discuss some job prospects. I triad several times to call in and could not ever get through. I tried to file online but it was after five each time. When I logged on to file for the current week it would not let me go back to the prior week. What is the process to correct this? Also I have tried many times to call the numbers from the several website during my two month period of not working at various times of the day and have never been able to get through. It appears to me there is something wrong with the lines.

        1. Martin says:

          Well, I can understand your frustration. Not sure how it works since we do not have access to the systems.

          Please try calling during off peak hours or see if you can visit the nearest Unemployment Office in your area.

    2. Wendi says:


      What did yours turn out to mean?

  19. Renee says:

    I had a base salary job and I’m facing being laid off…however I want to be an independent contractor for a company.. Can I still file even though this is commission based only

    1. Martin says:

      Temp and contracted jobs are not eligible.

      Please inquire further with the labor authorities in your state.

  20. maxie says:

    I filed for unemployment on a Thursday do i wait until that next week to start calling in weekly claim

    1. Martin says:

      Please follow the procedure and certify during the stipulated hours only.

      File only once you receive a confirmation on the approval.

  21. Bretley J. Clark says:

    I have filed for my unemployment and was approved, however my card has expired. Where will my payment go and how can i get a new card issued? My payment is to be issued to me within the next three days.

    1. Martin says:

      Please contact the claims center immediately for further directions regarding this.

  22. Michele Miller says:

    I need to speak with someone about my claim I have been on hold for 1 hr 12 min.
    is there a different number I should call ? or a better way to contact someone ? I really do need to talk with a person.

    1. Martin says:

      Simply call the claims center on the phone numbers provided. You can find the numbers on the official website of the Unemployment Office in your state.

  23. Elaine says:

    The website is telling me I’m not
    authorized to use the website

    1. Martin says:

      Some sites do not allow you to access them if you’re outside the US territory.

      You can call the Unemployment Office for further information.

  24. Dee says:

    My claim says its certified but not paid.. What does that mean?

    1. Martin says:

      If its the initial claim, it may be under process.

      You may want to contact the claims center for precise info on the status.

  25. Grover Jackson says:

    wanting to go to crane operating school have experience but need licence cand I get grants or grant to help me with my bills till I receive proper training

    1. Martin says:

      Please speak to the labor authorities in your state to check if they have training programs to offer.

  26. jerry mcreynolds says:

    does the state of Alabama allow you to receive unemployment compensation if you draw a social security check?

    1. Martin says:

      You may be allowed both on the basis of certain grounds.

      Please call the claims center/customer service for further information.

  27. John Usry says:

    I forgot to file my claim on Sunday but filed on Monday.Will my unemployment still be valid or do I have to reapply?? Help please!!

    1. Martin says:

      Please call the claims center and speak to a representative to check if the claim went through.

      Some states provide buffer time.

  28. Elsa Victory says:

    If my doctor say I can work but not at the previous job I had will I receive benefits since I quit due to my health? Does the fact that I have never drawn unemployment have anything to do with my claim?

    1. Martin says:

      Unfortunately, personal reasons such as health are not considered. You will not qualify.

  29. Momique says:

    I have been filing for the past 8 weeks and havent recieved anything. I got a letter that said i was monetarily ineligible. I dont really know what that mean so i still file a claim every week and it says it has been accepted but always says it is a waiting week. I dont know what im doing wrong because either people i use to work with have already received theira.

    1. Martin says:

      If you have received a letter stating otherwise, you will not receive even if you continue filing weekly since the payment will not be triggered.

      Please call the phone numbers provided to ascertain the reason for denial.

  30. Cara says:

    I have not recieved my first check yet but I have been approved. I filed my weekly claim week 1 but forgot to file it this week which is week 2. What will happen? Will I not receive a check since I forgot a week? Or will I not recieve any benefits at all?

    1. Adrian says:

      You must follow the timelines prescribed as most of the processing is done by automated systems. You will not receive the monies for that particular week.

      Please call the claims center for further instructions.

  31. Jason says:

    I got my first weekly certification and it says it’s being held for the waiting week. However, it shows a “Balance Remaining” of $3,052″. Is there any way to determine what my weekly benefits will be based on the “Balance Remaining weeks? I’d like to figure out what my first payment might be.

    1. Adrian says:

      The balance shown will be an amount fixed for the number of weeks approved.

      Perhaps,you can wait for the first payment or ring up the claims center of the labor dept in Alabama to find out more.

  32. antoine clark says:

    How does alabama justify a waiting period before giving unemployment compensation? Doesnt federal law trump the state law? The state of alabama is nortorious for inhuman actions and laws. I.E slavery

    1. Adrian says:

      If there is a delay, you must immediately speak to the labor dept in Alabama to ascertain what went wrong.

  33. Judy Foster says:

    I recieved a message from the unemployment office this morning at like 10 am she requested that I call her back ASAP I have left her 5 voicemails at this point and still no response:( how am I suppose to respond ASAP if no one response to my messages when I call!!! I’m now a stay at home mom who has recieved one unemployment payment in one month and almost two weeks!!!! I would like to resolve what ever issue is holding it up!!! I was vacuuming and missed the first call!!!! Now how do I get I. Touch with someone?

  34. chris robinette says:

    on hold listening to what appears to be Christmas gospel music. been on hold for over an hour and a half. what is the reason for a hour and a half wait time to give 10min worth of information if that much. only have to call because I am a federal employee. why do I have to call yet if I was not a federal employee I would have been done already. seems wrong to me.

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