Alaska Unemployment Extension

EUC is a Federal temporary extension of unemployment compensation for unemployed individuals who have already collected all regular state benefits for which they were eligible.

Alaska is currently paying benefits under the Federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) program. EUC benefits will be paid prior to the state EB benefits. If you have exhausted your regular unemployment benefits, you may be entitled to receive EUC. If you are denied or exhaust EB, you may apply for or continue receiving EUC.

Total available weeks currently in Alaska is 26 weeks.


Under federal law, as of 2019, EUC benefits are no longer available.

Extensions for collecting UI payments are in effect only during periods of high unemployment and only if the state or federal government take specific action to provide extended benefits.


    • Shannon,

      The E.U.C(Emergency Unemployment Compensation) remains expired. There is no extension available. Please inquire further with the labor authorities in your state by calling them.

    • Tasha,

      You need a W2 to file taxes. Please visit the official website of the Unemployment Office or call them to get one.

  1. Is December 2017 can I get Alaska unemployment extension, I am In San Diego California and is currently a federeal disaster zone due to fires?

    • EUC or extended benefits expired across the country as of 28th dec 2013 and is awaiting congressional approval for extension.

      Please track national news and apply if/when you hear about extension.

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