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Updated : April 14th, 2023

Arizona Unemployment Benefits

Arizona Unemployment Benefits

Arizona’s Unemployment Benefit Program is a state-run program designed to provide temporary financial assistance to eligible Arizona residents who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own. The program aims to help these individuals meet their basic needs while they actively search for new employment opportunities.

Arizona UI Benefits Calculator

The Arizona Unemployment Benefits Calculator helps you estimate your UI weekly benefits amount.

UI Benefits Calculator
Calculate Your Arizona Unemployment Benefits

See our Arizona unemployment calculator to estimate your UI benefit payments.

Arizona Unemployment Calculator


Eligibility Requirements for UI Benefits in Arizona

To qualify for Arizona unemployment benefits, individuals must meet the eligibility requirements outlined by state law. This includes:

  • Living in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Earning enough wages during your base period
  • You’re unemployed through no fault of your own
  • Being able and available to work full time
  • Actively seeking new employment
  • Fulfilling the waiting week requirement
  • Registering for work with Arizona Job Connection

Monetary eligibility

When you file for Arizona unemployment benefits, the amount you receive depends on how much money you earned during your base period, which is the first four of the last five completed calendar quarters.

To be eligible for benefits, you must have worked for an employer who paid unemployment tax. You also need to have earned:

  • At least 390 times the Arizona minimum wage in your highest earning quarter, and half of that amount in one or more of the other three quarters OR
  • At least $7,000 in total wages in at least two quarters of the base period, with wages in one quarter being $5,987.50 or more.

After you file an unemployment claim, The Arizona Department of Economic Security will send you a document called a Wage Statement. This statement lists all the wages that your employer(s) reported for your Social Security number during the base period of your claim. The statement will also show the total and weekly benefit amounts you may be eligible to receive if you meet all the requirements. It is important to carefully check your Wage Statement when you receive it to make sure everything is correct.

Learn more about Arizona eligibility requirements

Job Separation

To get unemployment benefits in Arizona, you need to have lost your job for reasons that are not your fault. This means:

  • You didn’t leave your job on your own without a good reason.
  • You didn’t get fired or suspended because you did something wrong.
  • You are either completely out of work or working part-time.
  • If you are working part-time, you must be making less than the weekly benefit amount you receive from unemployment.

Arizona Eligibility Calculator

Maintaining Eligibility

In order to maintain eligibility for benefits, you must submit a continued weekly claim. This claim will ask you questions about your work search activities and earnings, including:

  • Were you able to work both physically and mentally on every workday?
  • Did you try to find a job during the week?
  • Did you say no to any job offers or work opportunities that were suggested to you?
  • Did you do any work or make any money during the week?

You must file a weekly claim to continue receiving benefits, even if you do not meet the eligibility requirements for that particular week. Failure to file a weekly claim will require you to file a claim to reopen your application, which may result in a delay of future benefits.

In addition to filing weekly claims, claimants must register with the Arizona Job Connection website. The Arizona Department of Economic Security will automatically register you after filing an initial application for benefits, however, you may receive a notice to complete registration if more action is required on your part.

Learn about Arizona job search requirements

How To Apply For UI Benefits in Arizona?

Be sure to have the following documents when applying for benefits:


To apply for Arizona unemployment benefits, you can file a claim online by visiting, calling the Arizona UI claims center, or by downloading form UB-105 and sending it to the Arizona Department of Economic Security by mail.

You will need to provide personal information such as:

  • Social Security number
  • Driver’s license number
  • Contact information
  • Details about previous employer(s), including names, addresses, and phone numbers
  • The day you last worked
  • Previous earnings
  • Reason for job separation

It’s important to make sure that all of the information you provide is accurate and up-to-date in order to ensure a smooth and successful application process.

Learn how to apply for Arizona unemployment

How to file weekly claims

Once you have applied for unemployment benefits in Arizona, you must file a weekly claim, even if you are still waiting for an eligibility determination.


You can file your claim online through the Arizona Department of Economic Security website or by calling the UI claims center and going through the automatic Telephone Information and Payments System.

In order to file, you will need the PIN you created during your initial application, as well as information about any wages you earned and the work search activity you performed for the week.

Learn how to claim weekly benefits


Things to know after applying for Arizona unemployment

Once you submit your request for benefits, it is crucial to remain on top of things to ensure your benefits continue. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Arizona unemployment fraud

Unemployment fraud is when you knowingly give false information or hide important facts in order to get unemployment insurance benefits that you don’t deserve.

Committing unemployment fraud could result in a denial of benefits for up to 52 weeks, and you may face legal action from the Arizona Department of Economic Security.


An unemployment overpayment occurs when someone receives more benefits than they were entitled to. This can happen due to a variety of reasons, such as providing incorrect information or not reporting income accurately.

Arizona law requires you to pay back any benefits you aren’t entitled to. Repayment may also include penalties and interest, depending on the reason the overpayment occurred.

Extended Benefit programs

Extended Benefit programs are designed to provide additional unemployment compensation to people who have exhausted their regular unemployment benefits. These programs are initiated during times of high unemployment rates and are intended to provide temporary financial assistance until the labor market improves.

There are currently no Extended Benefit programs in effect for Arizona. Each eligible unemployed worker in Arizona is currently entitled to 24 to 26 weeks of unemployment, depending on quarterly unemployment rates.

Job training assistance

Arizona offers a variety of job searching resources through its Arizona at Work network in an effort to help unemployed workers find new jobs and meet the unemployment program’s work search requirements. A few of these programs include:

  • Arizona Back to Work Program
  • AZ Job Connection
  • Migrant and Seasonal Farm Workers
  • Veterans Program
  • Vocational Rehabilitation

Learn more job training opportunities in Arizona


Arizona unemployment contact information

If you have questions about your claim for Colorado unemployment benefits, or require assistance with filing, call the unemployment claims center.

If you are looking for help with finding a new job, including resume writing help and training programs, visit your local ARIZONA@WORK Job Center.

Common questions about Arizona unemployment

Can I file for unemployment benefits if I am traveling or sick?

No, you must be able and available to work, which you cannot do if you are sick or traveling.

What happens if I earn more than my weekly benefit amount?

You may earn up to $160 per week without it affecting your weekly benefit amount. Once you hit that threshold, the Arizona Department of Economic Security will deduct earnings from your weekly benefit amount. If your earnings are the same or more than your weekly benefit amount, you will not qualify for unemployment benefits for that week.

Do I need to keep filing claim certifications after I find a full-time job?

No, you do not need to keep filing weekly claims if you have returned to work or no longer need benefits. There is no need to notify the Arizona Department of Economic Security, either.

Should you lose your job and need benefits again, you can simply reactivate your claim, or file a new claim for benefits if your benefit year has lapsed.

What is the maximum benefit amount I can receive?

The current maximum weekly benefit amount in Arizona is $320.

Can I move to another state and still receive Arizona UI benefits?

Arizona pays unemployment benefits to workers who move or live out of state, so long as they worked for Arizona employers who paid unemployment taxes.

You cannot receive unemployment benefits from more than one state; however, you can file a combined wage claim to include wages from other states in order to increase your weekly benefit amount.

How soon can I apply for unemployment benefits after losing my job?

Unemployment benefits are not retroactive, meaning it’s best to apply for them right after you stop working. If you are currently employed, you will need to wait until your last day of work to submit your application for UI benefits.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. What is the waiting week?
Applicants' first week of unemployment during which you meet all the eligibility requirements is the waiting week. In a waiting week, you cannot earn wages that equal or exceed your weekly benefit amount. You will be ineligible for any reason whatsoever nor a week which occurred prior to the effective week. The waiting week is not a payable week.
Q. If applicants quit filing their claims, how do they reactivate claims?

When you qualify for unemployment benefits, a benefit year is set. The benefit year begins on the Sunday of the week in which you file your application for UI. Your benefit year ends after 365 days. The benefit year ending date appears on your wage statement (UB-107).

When the benefit year is going on and you stop filing for claims due to work, vacation, illness or any other reason whatsoever. You should reactivate your claim given that you have a balance remaining in your regular account with a benefit year which is not expired or qualify for one of the extensions is still in effect.

Q. What can happen if I forget to file my weekly claims?

If you miss filing a claim in a certain week. You can file for the current week and the prior week which you missed. If you missed filing claims for two weeks the system does not recognize you. Failure to file the weekly claim may result in a delay in having any of your benefits approved or they may be a delay in receiving your weekly benefits amount.

If you receive a message stating no record of your social security number. This means the system is missing two or more of your most recent weekly claims. This means the two previous benefit weeks were not submitted for processing of payment in a timely way. You must get in touch with the UI call center to reactivate your claims.

Q. Are my benefits taxable?

Federal law states that UI benefits are reportable on your income tax returns. The internal revenue service provides detailed instructions for the completion of your returns. It is necessary for applicants to make estimated tax payments. Once the year ends the ADES sends a statement showing your total benefits paid.

To make sure you receive your statement, report any change of address, even if you stop filing for returns. Always provide your name, Social Security Number, and your new address. You can elect to have your federal and state income taxes deducted from your unemployment checks.

Q. What should I expect when filing for unemployment in Arizona?

If applicants face any qualification issues during the application process, a window appears for each issue identified. The window helps you provide general information that relates to the situation. Once the application is processed, a questionnaire form will be mailed for each issue. This gives applicants the opportunity to provide complete details and any supporting documents you wish to provide.

Once your application is successfully processed you receive a confirmation number which certifies that all the statements made on your application are true. If by any chance you do not receive a confirmation number, complete the application again or contact the Arizona unemployment call center.

Q. What happens when I return to work or I am working part-time?

If you return to work or no longer wish to claim benefits. You can simply stop filing weekly claim forms, there is no requirement you must notify. If you're unemployed again or wish to restart your claims you can apply online or by telephone. If you return to work or are working part-time during a week which you claim benefits. You have to report all earnings even if you haven't been paid by your employer.

Q. What is an eligibility issue?

An eligibility issue is an information or a set of circumstances, which questions whether unemployment benefits in Arizona are payable. An eligibility issue can also deny benefits under the unemployment insurance law. The ADES will investigate all current eligibility issues which can apply to your claim before paying unemployment insurance benefits.

A benefit payment can be held while an ongoing investigation. However, it is important to note while conducting the investigation you continue to file weekly certifications.

Q. What is a claim audit?
A claim audit is when an applicant is randomly selected for a review during your benefit year. This is done to ensure that your unemployment claim is processed correctly. If an applicant is selected for an audit review your:
  • Base period earnings
  • Reason for separation from your previous employer
  • Claims payment history
  • Work search efforts
  • Other weekly eligibility requirements

Questions & Answers

  1. My Base period year was with Company ?? ..”A”… Im receiving a non-pension retirement from company “B” I worked for 20 years ago… will that effect my unimployment benefits in Arizona ?

  2. I was sent a letter and told I did not qualify because I had no base period wages. I have summaries of all 4 periods they are referring to from both Lyft and Uber, How can I submit them? I am reluctant to go out to an office as I am almost 70 and would be a prime subject for this virus. I have these gross wages and can list them if told where. Thank you

    • Don,

      Please try finding answers online since there might be limited phone support due to the shortage of staffing. You can use the “Resources” or “FAQs” section of the website.

  3. I was recently let go by a Head Start program in Arizona due to end of the Head Start Year program and they gave us a letter saying that we were not guarantied a job position next year, will I be able to receive my benefits.

    • John,

      If you were let go due to involuntary reasons and your employment remitted Unemployment Taxes into the system, you should qualify.

  4. I work for a hotel as a. Server. They are remodeling and closing the restaurant for 6 months. Can I receive unemployment benefits?

  5. I will be laid off on Nov 26, 2016, can I apply for benefits before that time. Also, I have worked for the last three years and recently claim my Social Security while working. Will my SS have any effect in receiving benefits?

    • You can only apply after being laid off. Please wait for your last working day to be over.

      SS benefits will have a say. I suggest you inquire further with the Unemployment Office in your state for specific details.

  6. Mm my husband was laid off after 35 yes for one company.Know he can get Unemployment but he’s not in good helth,congestive heart failure,not able to stand very long due to bad hip so uses a wheelchair.He’not filed due to having to look for a job are their any exceptions for this?

    • Well, UI benefits are only extended to those who’re able and available for work. He may not be eligible with the current health condition.

      Please call the Unemployment Office in your state for further details.

  7. I was hired just for the Mardi Gras holiday as a bartender at Mango Mango I was laid off on February 9th 2016 was my last day of work I also suffer from a sever anxiety disorder and see a doctor for it. Do I qualify for unemployment and if so how do I make a claim? Thank you.

    • You may not be eligible since unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons.

  8. Hi

    I get an Arizona State Retirement System pension. I retired several years ago but also worked recently again and then was laid off. Would the pension be deductible from Unemployment Benefits?

    • In some states, you can receive both these benefits. Not sure of how it works in Arizona.

      Please call the Unemployment Office for precise information.

  9. Hello! I was let-go from my employment yesterday for lack of normal productivity in the last couple of months. I asked the employers Human Resource director if I can file for un-employment benefits. Her answer was “I am eligible to file”. Would getting let-go for not showing normal productivity be considered as misconduct? Thanks for your response.

    • It can be the reason for stopping you from qualifying since UI benefits are only extended to those who lose the job due to involuntary reasons.

      Please inquire further with the labor authorities in your state.

  10. I have been on work comp for the last19months for a work related injury.I’ve had two surgeries.last year after the first surgery I was released to light duty I tried to file unemployment but was denied because my work said I could have my job back when I was released now after many second surgery I’m released with permanent restrictions. So many work had nothing for me.can I file for unemployment ?

    • Unfortunately, personal reasons such as health are not considered.

      Please check further with the labor dept in your state.

  11. if I have surgery to repair my torn ACL and MCL and will miss a significant amount of work can I collect ui? also if the company offers (short term disability) std can you collect both ui and std?

    • You will not be eligible since unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons.

      Personal reasons like health issues are not considered.

  12. After my last job I got hired by a company and had completed 4 days of computer training, had 2 scheduled days off – during those 2 days off became violently ill to where I couldn’t even call to let them know. Is that the LAST job legally or do I use the job prior to that I actually WORKED at and was let go from??

    • I guess just 4 days may not count as your last job. You can apply on the basis of your employment before that.

      Please call the customer service wing of the labor dept in your state for further information.

    • Yes, you are eligible for UI benefits for the hours lost.Please contact your state office for more info surrounding this.

  13. i quit my job because i moved to florida 5 years ago. was working in florida for past 5 years am i still eligable for work in az

    • Its best advised to file for UI from the state where you last worked.If you’re contemplating,please file from FL.

  14. I have worked temp agencies for about 7 months. Two weeks ago, On my way to work on my bicycle at 4:30 in the morning (two blocks away from my job site) I had a collision with another oncoming bicycle with no headlights. I broke my finger which will require surgery to have two pins put in. My hand will be in a cast for a month. It is my right hand and unfortunately, I am right handed. I found out today my temporary job assignment, Amazon, terminated me since I am unable to do the work I was hired to perform. I am my sole support. Do I qualify for disability or unemployment?

  15. We are in the middle of a buy out from another company , I make $14hr and work 40 hrs a week and my hubby works25 at 11.50hr and furnished and apt with utilities as part of my compensation and get 5 weeks vacation time every yr. My question is the new company will most likely offer me 25 hrs a week at considerably less money may be even minimum wage and cut my vacation pay and charge me for some if not all of the elec and water .
    my question is when they take over and we have to submit an application and resume’ and then negotiate our wages etc. if we decide not to work for them at that time since the other company now has technicaly let us go because are not working for anyone at that point ….. are we still eligable for UI or not?? .till we can find another job .

    • If you are expecting a significant cut in your working hours, it would be better to work and claim partial unemployment benefits.

  16. I’ve been retired since 12/2010 would I be able to apply and qualify for unemployment benefits while looking for a job now?

    • I have been caught in a lay-off at my company in Tucson, I am eligible for a small pension, around $500.00 a month. Can I still collect unemployment while looking for a new job.

  17. I retired at the age of 70 before retiring I worked 2 yrs. for a mining company am I able to file for unemployment.


    Louis O. Mancha

    • If you are willing to look for suitable employment, then you may be able to receive unemployment benefits. There are other requirements too.

  18. well for the last two almost three mouths I have been decided benefits and they make up fast stuff to not give it to me and the number I have been given to call to resolve the problem its hard to get throw and when a do finally get threw to some one they hang up on me and how I see it if they cant do there job I sure can and I can at lest answer the phone and not hang up and anyways how do I get the benefits I deserve if people are going to keep hanging up on me and I don’t know what to do anymore

  19. We are in the middle of a buy out from another company , I make $14hr and work 40 hrs a week and my hubby works25 at 11.50hr and furnished and apt with utilities as part of my compensation and get 5 weeks vacation time every yr. My question is the new company will most likely offer me 25 hrs a week at considerably less money may be even minimum wage and cut my vacation pay and charge me for some if not all of the elec and water .
    my question is when they take over and we have to submit an application and resume’ and then negotiate our wages etc. if we decide not to work for them at that time since the other company now has technicaly let us go because are not working for anyone at that point ….. are we still eligable for UI or not?? .till we can find another job .

  20. My hours are cut from full time 35 hours to part time 14 hours and cannot survive on the lower wages, what is the terminology for leaving my job? Will I be terminated or laid off or what? I am in this position and do not want to jepordize eligilbility to receive unemployment benefits. I need to give my employer an answer in the morning.

    • Hi Audrey,

      You can collect unemployment benefits when your working hours are cut significantly. Please check about the procedure to procure partial unemployment.

  21. I have filed for U/I three seperate times and have been denied. The last two as a school bus driver i was let go due to a surgery, i had my (fmla)ran out and i was fired.Three months later i found employment at another school but never was awarded u/i. And now im on summer break and was denied again.I was told “school bus drivers are not qualifed for u/i” But i have friends at other school bus companies that receive it. Can someone explain this to me?

    • Hi Tony,

      You must be able and available to work while collecting benefits, so I think the 1st time you were out for surgery, you were unable to work and hence were denied benefits. If you were fired for work related misconduct, then you will be denied benefits. Summer break is a seasonal holiday in your employment and hence you may have been denied benefits. Drivers sure receive benefits.

  22. Is anyone else having problems when trying to log into file your weekly claim? Its not letting me view or file. Gives an error message. Also, does anyone know when it will be fixed?

    • Hi Jessica,

      The call center and certain functional areas were closed on 27th as it was a state holiday (Memorial Day). You might have faced some problem due to this. Any information you need should be available by wednesday at the latest.

      • The website is still not letting you file! You cannot call your claim in and the site was also not working on Sun. When will I be able to file my claim and recieve my benefits? You guys need to get your site up so people can file. People depend on there weekly cash deposit. I have been working straight for 9 years, and have more than paid my dues, I would have got my payment already but instead i am sitting here wondering if I’ll be able to put gas in my car or food on the table, thanks Arizona State Dept. You cant even talk to anyone when you call. What am I supposed to do?

        • Hi Jessica,

          This is indeed a big issue. We have couple of other users complaining about the site. It might help if you could visit the nearest unemployment office. It sure is an inconvenience, but should be able to help.

  23. If i started working full time in october off 2812 to may off 2013 would i wualify for ui benifits.

    • Hi Rose,

      The state determines you eligibility to receive benefits not only on how long you worked, but also on how you lost your job and how much you earned during the base period. Your benefit amount amount is calculated based on your earnings in the base period (the period of employment). Generally at least 4 calendar quarters of employment is needed to receive benefits which means 12 months. However, your state may choose to provide unemployment benefits based on other alternate methods.
      Check for other eligibility requirements in your state before proceeding to apply.

  24. I was just just let go from my job at the home depot. How can I file and for how long will I get unemployment

    • Hi Grayson,

      You have a possibility of receiving compensation as your seem to be not at fault for having lost the job. But, there is also a minimum earning requirement to be eligible. This is called monetary requirement. You will have to check if you have sufficient earnings in the base period under covered employment. You may be entitled to up to 26 weeks of state unemployment benefits

  25. Dear Sir,
    I am permanent resident of USA and live in AZ since oct 2012, since then I have been applying for jobs but iam still unemployed ,am I eligible for unemployment benefits. please let me know at the earliest as i have very less money left.I am trying my best to get a job , thank you

    • You will be eligible if you make an active effort for work each week that you claim benefits.

      An active work search includes the usual methods of obtaining work that you are suited for by experience, education and/or training. An ample search for work is a sincere effort, and is not just an attempt to remain eligible for benefits.

      General inquiries and phone calls are considered basic explorations of the job market. These should be accompanied by suitable follow-ups, which may consist of personal visits and submission of applications and resumes.

      Arizona defines a systematic and sustained work search as making work search contacts on at least four days of the week. These contacts can be in person, by mail, or through the internet. Looking for work at your local Employment Service office can count as one of your contacts

      • I have been trying to fill out a form to start my claim for unemployment benift’s, as I was laid off 5-13-2013, have tried every site, and still have not been able to file, and no phone# avaiable, the phone# they listed said they no longer do this on the phone, and the sites that I have gone on have one product after another that they want me to try, I do not want any of this, just want to fill out the form for UI, please give me just a site for just the form, and not all the garbage of wanting me to try or by stuff, this has been very cofusing for me, why can’t they just put up a simple site? please reply via my e-mail thank you, M Boslett

  26. What if someone you know moves from one state to Arizonia, is living with someone else, files for unemployment when thet left their job willingly, and files for food assistant claiming minor dependents, when they don’t live with them. How do I confirm if this has been done or just let it be and do nothing?

  27. I moved to Nevada and did not receive my 1099 for 2012. How can I receive a copy? Also, what is your Federal ID number?

    Thank you,


  28. Do I qualify for unemployment if I work part time started in Sept. 17.50 hours per week and if I get a early retirement of only 372 dollars. I got laid off June 29th was my last day but my severance pay ran out in November.

  29. If I find employment and report earnings, is UIB stopped. Is there an amount formula for earnings reported to still receive partial UIB?

  30. I am currently working only a few days aweek. This may be my last week and I will be layed off. How do I know if I will qualify for unemployment. I worked may 15th 2011 thru it will be the 2nd week of oct 2011 and had no prior work for 2 years before this job.

  31. I need to add wages that were (for some unknown reason) not used to dermine my eligibility for benefits. I do not know how to do this on-line.

  32. I presently work at a major food store chain here in Arizona. I work part time. I’ve been informed by my doctor that I will need surgery. If the company will not allow me to take a leave of absence and advises me that I have to quit my position would I be able to draw unemployment? Thank you

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