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Arizona Unemployment Application

You should apply for UI Benefits as soon as possible after the last day of work. If you are still presently working; you will need to wait until after your last day of work to complete your application for UI Benefits.

Department of Employment Security does not have Unemployment Insurance offices. You must apply online or by calling the AZ Unemployment Call Center.

When applying online, a window will come out for each issue identified letting you to provide general information related to the situation. After the application is processed, questionnaires will be mailed to you for each issue, giving you the chance to provide more details and any supporting documents you wish to supply.

Eligibility issues will cause a delay in payment.

Your application is successfully completed when you receive a confirmation number while applying online. In case you do not get a confirmation number, complete the application again or telephone the AZ Unemployment Insurance Call Center.

People who don’t have Internet access can use computers (free of charge) at a One-Stop Center or DES Employment Service Office resource center. Employees at the One-Stop Centers or DES Employment Service office can assist you with the online application. They can also notify job seekers about the other services obtainable to help them find employment.

Note: The Initial Claims Online Application is available from 12:01 a.m. Sunday to 5 p.m. Friday each week.

Documents and Information Needed to Apply (initial claim) for UI:

  1. Your Social Security Number
  2. Arizona Driver’s License or Arizona State Issued ID (optional)
  3. Your mailing address, city, state and ZIP code
  4. If you live in Arizona, know the county where you reside
  5. The names, addresses, and phone numbers of all your employers for the last 18 months
  6. The last day you worked immediately prior to filing your UI claim
  7. If you received severance, vacation, holiday or payment for unused sick pay: give the amount (before deductions) and the date it was paid to you
  8. The name and local number of your union hall, if applicable
  9. Alien Registration Number, if applicable
  10. Copy # 4 of your DD Form 214 if released from the military in the last 18 months
  11. SF 8 or SF 50 if employed in Federal Civilian service in the last 18 months
  12. If you are receiving a pension (other than Social Security), you will need the start date of the pension and the monthly benefit amount

When you apply for UI Benefits, you must provide the correct mailing address and telephone number for your most recent employer (the individual or company you worked for immediately prior to filing your application for benefits).


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Questions & Answers

  1. Shekira says:

    I have just moved from one city to another in Arizona due to going back to college, I am struggling to find work right away and it’s already been a full week I will not make it with another week without work would I qualify for unemployment? I worked at my last employee for two months but before that I was at another job for almost three years with less than a week between the two jobs …

    • Sam says:


      It looks like you quit the previous job for education. If “Yes”, you may not qualify to claim UI benefits.

  2. kim alford says:

    so ive been out of work for 2 week but I’m not fired can I still file for UI I have no idea when work will pick back up and I have rent and bills to pay

    • Martin says:

      You can be eligible to claim UI benefits for temporary layoff.

      Please call the Unemployment Office in your state to inquire further and apply accordingly.

  3. Steven says:

    I work construction. Work has come to a dead halt for myself as well as a few others. I am not yet laid off, but I have not been called to work yet. It came as a surprise. I’ve been job hunting even though my General Foreman told me that work should be coming soon. It’s been a week. I will not make ends meet even missing this ONE week. How can I get help with partial unemployment?

  4. Dale says:

    I live in Idaho but for the past 6 years have worked for an Arizona company. They have been my sole source of income and I commuted back and forth. I just got laid off and Idaho says that I can not file in Idaho because I had NO Idaho income. Your eligibility page says I need an Az drivers license but have never had one because I am an Idaho resident. Is there a way to file without an Az drivers license?

  5. kaz says:

    I left long-term employment to start a new job, but the new job decided I was not a good fit and let me go after only 2 weeks. I now want to file for Unemployment, but do not understand what date to put as my last day worked. The reason is that the new company continued to pay me for 3 more weeks via direct deposit (as a severance). Do I use the last day I physically worked or the last day I received payment from them?

  6. Pat says:

    I quit my job in New York while living in Philadelphia, PA to relocate to Phoenix, AZ in March 2015. Since moving to AZ, I’ve completed one temporary assignment that lasted a month. Am I eligible for unemployment?

  7. Krystal Cooney says:

    I am relocating from Parlier, Ca to Scottsdale Az. I am looking for employment. Can I receive unemployment until I find employment in AZ. I recently graduated from college. I was employed while attending college.

  8. Patricia Estrada says:

    applicaton for unemployment

  9. Michael Banacki says:

    I may be laid off. Will my military pension affect my UI benefits?

  10. Roberto Espinoza says:

    I will be laid off at the end of this week.
    How soon after applying for benefits will I be able to recieve a check?

    • Adrian says:

      The first week of unemployment on a newly established benefit year is a waiting week.If there are no issues established on your claim, you can expect your first benefit payment(normally after you’ve filed your second weekly claim) within approximately 10 business days.

  11. Jane Morrison says:

    I had to quit my job and move back to Cochise, AZ from Dewey, AZ due to saving my house from foreclosure. I had renters who moved out without my knowledge in July. I found out it was 2 months late. I needed to move back to fix up and live in house. It is 260 miles from Dewey, AZ.

  12. Rosemarie Cruze says:

    I got laid off in dec 2010. I didn’t think I was eligible for ui so I did not apply. Is it too late to apply because I think I do qualify. Thank you.

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