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Arizona Unemployment Job Search Requirements

You must make an active effort to look for work each week that you claim benefits.

An active work search includes theusual methods of obtaining work that you are suited for by experience, education and/or training.An ample search for work is a sincere effort, and is not just an attempt to remain eligible for benefits.

General inquiries and phone calls are considered basic explorations of the job market. These should be accompanied by suitable follow-ups, which may consist of personal visits and submission of applications and resumes.

The law needs that for you to be considered as actively seeking work you must be pursuing a course of action that is sensibly designed to result in quick reemployment.

Arizona defines a systematic and sustained work search as making work search contacts on at least four days of the week.  These contacts can be in person, by mail, or through the internet.  Looking for work at your local Employment Service office can count as one of your contacts.


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