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Arizona Unemployment Job Training

Individuals must use the One-Stop Directory to access services through the One-Stop Centers to get assistance with re-employment and training.

The following programs are needed to deliver their services through the One-Stop system.

  • Title I of WIA (Workforce Investment Act) (adults, youth, and dislocated workers – formerly JTPA)
  • Job Corps
  • Native American
  • Employment Service
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Trade Adjustment Assistance
  • North American Free Trade Act (NAFTA) Transitional Adjustment Assistance
  • Welfare-to-Work
  • Senior Community Service Employment
  • Veterans
  • Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Adult Education
  • Postsecondary Vocational Education
  • Community Services Block Grant
  • Housing and Urban Development
  • Migrant Seasonal Farm Worker


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  1. I have been fired for not following company policy when stopping a shop lifter. Will the fact that I am being “fired” as opposed to laid off make a difference in my ability to collect unemployment or receive job training?

  2. My company is severely downsizing at the end of Sept 2013. I will be out of a job. I am wondering if while qualifying and collecting unemployment, if I qualify for job training of another sort. I am interested in both Medical coding and Pharmacy tech

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