Arizona Unemployment Office Locations

One-Stop Centers in Arizona are defined in the following ways:

  • Comprehensive Center – The basic services of the above listed partner programs are obtainable on site. This includes co-location of most staff from these programs.
  • Affiliate Site – Most of the basic services of the required partners are available on site. Also referred to locally as Satellite Locations, these can be facilities operated by one program but with other partner staff on site. Information on all of the above listed partners programs is also available at this location.
  • Electronic Access Location – These are self-service locations with minimal staff assistance available.

Some of the One-Stop Centers are as follows:

Apache County

Apache and Navajo Counties Workforce Partnership

TDD:  (800) 367-8939

Affiliate Site:

WIA Eagar Office 7 South Highway 180, Suite 2

P.O. Box 747




(928) 333-4454

(928) 333-2903 – Fax

Cochise County

Cochise County Workforce Development

TDD:  (520) 452-1667

Comprehensive One Stop Centers:

Cochise County Workforce Development 1706 East 10th





(520) 364-8906

(520) 364-8926 – Fax


Cochise County Workforce Development 1843 Paseo San Luis Sierra Vista



(520) 458-9309

(520) 417-9910 – Fax

Affiliate Sites:

Arizona Department of Economic Security 1140 North F Avenue Douglas



(520) 364-4446
Arizona Department of Economic Security 1843 Paseo San Luis Sierra Vista



(520) 459-3206
Cochise County Workforce Development 669 Brewery Gulch Bisbee No Phone


Coconino County

TDD:  (928) 679-7131 / Relay:  7-1-1

Comprehensive One-Stop Center:

Arizona Department of Economic Security 397 Malpais Lane, #9 Flagstaff


(928) 779-4557

Affiliate Sites:

Arizona Department of Economic Security 1057 West Vista Avenue

P.O. Box 4269





(928) 645-5201

(928) 645-3744 – Fax


Goodwill of Central Arizona

2225 North Steves Boulevard

P.O. Box 1060





(928) 526-9188

(928) 526-9240 – Fax


Sunnyside One-Stop 2403 North Izabel Street Flagstaff



(928) 779-7011

(928) 774-3995 – Fax


Gila County

TDD:  (928) 425-3250

Comprehensive One-Stop Center:

Gila County Division of Health and

Community Services

5515 South Apache Avenue, Suite 200 Globe



(928) 425-7631

(928) 425-9468 – Fax


Affiliate Sites:

Arizona Department of Economic Security 100 North Tonto Street, Suite B Payson


(928) 468-9830

(928) 474-9193 – Fax

Central Arizona Association of


2250 Highway 60, Suite 1

P.O. Box 912




(928) 425-3171

(928) 425-6450 – Fax


Check Directory of Arizona One-Stop Sites for more information.

8 thoughts on “Arizona Unemployment Office Locations”

  1. Fred Deeter says:

    Where is the nearest unemployment office to Deer Valley and 19th Ave in Phoenix?

  2. michael brake says:

    can I collect unemployment insurance if I receive S.S.I.

    1. Sam says:


      You should be able to if you’re able and available for work. Please consider applying and declare your SSI income at the time of application.

  3. anthony warren says:

    Can I collect unemployment if I relocated moved from another state

    1. Martin says:

      If you quit the job voluntarily to move to another state, you will not qualify. Otherwise, you can file from the state where you last worked.

  4. Steve Stapleton says:

    Am I eligible to receive unemployment if I am not receiving social security. If I am working enough to meet the required amount of time and I loose my job at no fault of my own?

    1. Martin says:

      You can be eligible to apply for Unemployment Insurance if you lost the job due to no fault of yours.

      Please consider applying.

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