Arkansas Unemployment Appeal

Arkansas Unemployment

Unemployment is a challenging experience that affects millions of people every year. It can be very difficult to make ends meet when you’re out of work, and the process of applying for Arkansas unemployment benefits can be confusing and intimidating. But if something goes wrong during the application or certification processes, you have the right to file an appeal.

There are several reasons why you may want to appeal. The most common reason to appeal is that you did not meet Arkansas eligibility requirements. Other reasons include an incorrect weekly benefit amount that doesn’t match the Arkansas unemployment calculator, errors reporting wages when filing your weekly claim, or issues with your employer over wrongful termination. Job separation is one of the main eligibility requirements, and you must not be fired for misconduct or quit without good cause.

If you’re denied UI benefits, you may feel like you have no options, but that’s not true. There is an appeals process that you can use to challenge the denial of your Arkansas unemployment benefits.

The Arkansas unemployment appeals process is designed to give each unemployed worker a fair chance to present their case for unemployment eligibility.

If your claim was denied, you have the right to request an appeal within 20 days of receiving the decision. The first step in the process is to file an appeal with the Arkansas Appeal Tribunal.

How to file an Arkansas unemployment appeal

Download and print the Petition for Appeal to Appeal Tribunal Form and mail it to the Appeal Tribunal within 20 days.

Arkansas Appeal Tribunal
P. O. Box 8013
Little Rock, Arkansas 72203
Ph: 501-682-1063

Using the form is preferred but not required. You can also write your own letter to the Arkansas Appeal Tribunal requesting an appeal hearing.

Your determination letter will include specific instructions for appealing a decision.

To file an appeal, you must complete the Request for Appeal form that was included with your claim denial letter. You can also download the form from the ADWS website. The form requires you to provide your name, address, phone number, and Social Security number, as well as information about your employment history and the reasons why you’re appealing the decision.

Arkansas Appeal Tribunal

Once you’ve filed your appeal, the ADWS will schedule a hearing with an appeals tribunal. The tribunal is made up of three members: an administrative law judge and two industry members who have experience in your field of work. The hearing will be held either in person or by phone.

At the hearing, you will have the opportunity to present substantial evidence and testimony to support your unemployment claim. You can also bring witnesses to testify on your behalf. The ADWS will present its case as well, and the tribunal will consider all of the evidence before making a decision. The tribunal’s decision will be mailed to you within a few days of the hearing.

Arkansas Board of Review

If you’re unhappy with the tribunal’s decision, you can appeal to the Arkansas Board of Review. Use the form Petition for Appeal to the Board of Review to submit your request.

Arkansas Board of Review

P.O. BOX 8016
Little Rock, AR 72203
Ph. 501-683-4300

Your determination letter from the Tribunal Hearing will include instructions for appealing to the Board of Review.

Arkansas Court of Appeals

If you’re still unsatisfied with the decision after the Board Review, you can appeal to the Arkansas Court of Appeals. This is a much more formal and complex process than the ADWS appeals process, and it’s strongly recommended that you hire an employment attorney to represent you.

In district court, you’ll have the opportunity to present your case to a judge, who will make a final decision based on the evidence and the law. The judge’s decision is binding, and there is no further appeal.

It’s important to note that there are strict deadlines for filing appeals and requests for review, so you should act quickly if you want to challenge a denial of benefits. If you miss a deadline, you may lose your right to appeal. You can always call the ADWS if you have questions about your situation.

The Arkansas unemployment appeals process can be a complex and challenging experience, but it’s designed to give you a fair chance to receive the benefit payments you deserve. If you’ve been denied unemployment payments, it’s important to act quickly and file an appeal within the 20-day deadline. With the help of an attorney or legal aid, you can present your case and hopefully receive the benefits you need to get back on your feet.

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