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Arkansas Unemployment Job Search Requirements

Certain conditions must be met each week in order for you to receive benefits. To be eligible you must be:

You must also register with DWS Employment Services. You will be required to contact a specific number of employers each week. If you have not been advised of the minimum number of contacts to make each week, contact your local office for work search instructions. If you file an application for unemployment benefits by computer, the required number of contacts will be shown on your confirmation page.

Unless you are exempt from the work search requirements, you will be required to report your job contacts beginning with the 13th or 19th week of unemployment compensation.


Failure to make the required work search contacts in any week may result in ineligibility for benefits. Your work search activity is subject to audit by the DWS Benefit Accuracy Measurement (BAM) program as well as the DWS Benefit Payment Control (BPC) unit at any time during the life of your claim.

You may be exempt from work search requirements under the following conditions:

1. If your work hours with your last employer have been reduced from full time to part time and you work at least 8 hours for this employer during the week.

2. If a new employer offers you a full time job that will begin within 10 weeks from the date the job was promised, and you provide a written statement to DWS from the employer that states the job offer and the date the job will start.

Note: Until this written statement is provided, you will have to make work search contacts.

3. If you are on layoff or your work hours have been reduced from full time to part time, and you will be returning to full time work within 10 weeks after your last week of full time employment, you may also be exempt from making weekly job contacts for that period of time.

4. If you are currently a member in good standing of a trade union that maintains a full time hiring hall, you may be allowed to have your union hiring official act as your agent in helping you meet the work search requirements. Check with your local office to see if you qualify.

5. When there is a death of an immediate family member (spouse, child, parent, brother, sister, grandchild, or grandparent), the requirement to seek work will be waived for the day of the death and 6 consecutive calendar days thereafter.

6. If you are attending approved training.

7. If you have received a lawful summons to appear for jury duty.

8. If you are required to withdraw from the labor market for less than 4 days of the week because of a compelling personal emergency.

  1. I just received an official warning for not adhering to job search requirements even though I entered information very clearly that I was attending my Father’s funeral out of state. Why would I receive an official warning for this?

  2. I am trying to find out if I happen to qualify for Unemployment. In the middle of November of 2017, I lost my last job due to the department I was working in was closed, and due to issues with scheduling with school, they were not able to provide another job that worked. I was working 40 hours per week at the time. I am now working a part time job (about 17 hours a week), which I started right around Christmas time. I was wondering, is there a possibility that I could receive any Unemployment benefits for the time I have not received any pay?

    • Shayne,

      If your employment was meant to be a full-time one always and they cut your hours, please consider applying for partial UI benefits for the lost hours.

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