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Arkansas Unemployment Phone Numbers

By using your touch-tone telephone Department of Workforce Services provides a quick and efficient way to file your weekly claim for benefits. ArkLine (Arkansas’ Interactive Voice Response System) provides you with updated information. In addition, ArkLine can be used to verify when your weekly claim was processed.

  1. To get general information, press “1”.
  2. To inquire about your claim, press “2”.
  3. To file your weekly claim, press “3”.

You can call at 1-501-907-2590:

  • for filing weekly claims (Monday through Friday 6:00 am to 6:00 pm & Sunday 12:01 am to 6:00 pm)
  • for general information (Sunday through Saturday)

For Toll Free Interstate Support – (866) 392-7284

Reporting Out of State Address – (800) 461-9941

NOTE: The Interstate Office assists claimants that have moved out-of-state with Arkansas claims processing.

  1. My pua account has been in review for over 3 months. I have uploaded all the information requested long ago. What is the problem? I am legally entitled to this assistance. Please someone, look into this. I may lose my home.

    • Wilbert,

      The Unemployment Office might be inundated with pending requests. Please visit the website to find the answers.

    • My name is Zechariah Evans.
      I filed 3 months ago I turned in all paperwork. What do I do I’m losing everything just like so many others please help me.

      • Please note this is a private forum and we do not have access to your claim file. You can consider the option of visiting an office (if safe and feasible). You might need an appointment (check the official website).

    • Michael,

      Please clear the “Cookies” and “Cache” from the browser in use. You can also try using a different one. If the issue persists, please reach out to the Unemployment Office.

    • Mark,

      Please note this is a private forum. Feel free to participate in this discussion or let us know your query.

  2. I work for jelly services as substitute teacher. We are laid off during summer months. Do I qualify for unemployment?

    • Carolyn,

      Seasonal workers do not generally quality to claim UI benefits. Please call the Unemployment Office for more.

  3. I want to know how i can obtain my unemployment? My problem is that i gotten punished for 24 or so weeks but i didn’t know that i was being punished. They say i was working a whole month or so and i was filing but the thing about it is i wasnt filing. But i cant prove it and they stopped before the 4 weeks filing. Because i moved since than but in the event.i think they got a few hundred and i jnow its wrong and i should be punished. My question is how can i pay my bills. Is there some way that they can deduct it and make me pay it back? I hate it happened and i do beleave it was my ex wife but i can’t prove it or pay my bills. Is there some way to still be able to get help and they can still get there money back from me and some penalties to get extra or something cause my bills still dont stop and im gonna be homeless.

    • The bank or check cashing place will have proof who signed or cashed the check. Via CCTV, if anyone but yourself signed the check that is a crime.

    • Rodney,

      I can understand your situation. However, some of these terms may not be acceptable. Please reach out to the Unemployment Office and see how they can help you.

  4. Job closing doors. Can I draw unemployment if I can not go back into the work force due to elderly parent?

  5. The office I work at has been sold & I was retained with a pay cut and can no longer afford to carry 2 households as my husband works out of state I’m quitting my job to trail my spouse will I qualify for benefits if my employer agrees? If so is the waiting period still 1 week?

    • Stacy,

      Please speak to the Unemployment Office before making a decision on your employment since it can be considered voluntary.

    • Since the severance is a one-time lump sum payment, you can apply for benefits right away.

      The payout amount should be declared as an income.

  6. I need to know how to get a letter tell about me get unemployment during the years of 2009 thur 2011 this is very important it is for the Vetarns dept on a claim or a number to call for this. Thanks

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