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Arkansas Unemployment Weekly Claims

The Department of Workforce Services provides a quick and convenient way to file your weekly claim for benefits via the Internet. ArkNet can be accessed by logging on to

For the best results, be prepared with the following information ready when you access the ArkNet site:

1. Your PIN (If you do not already have a current a PIN for unemployment insurance purposes, you will be asked to establish a Personal Identification Number the first time you access this site.)

2. Your Social Security Number

3. If you worked:

4. The name & address of your last employer

5. The last day you worked & the reason you are no longer working

6. The gross amount of pay you earned for the week (Regardless of whether or not you have actually been paid.)

Completing your ArkNet weekly claim will take approximately 10-15 minutes. You will receive online confirmation once you have successfully submitted your continued claim application

In addition, you may call ArkLine to claim your week by phone. You can access ArkLine by dialing 1-501-907-2590.

To claim weekly benefits by telephone you will need:

  1. Your Social Security Number.
  2. Your Personal Identification Number (called your PIN).
  3. Your total gross earnings and hours if you worked during the week you are claiming.

Questions & Answers

  1. Nicole says:

    I filed my continued weekly claim correctly but answered the fraud question with a no but was supposed to answer yes and I am out of town can I go to the nearest office and re file my weekly claim

    • Sam says:


      Firstly, please call the Claims Center and speak to a representative for further instructions. I don’t think you would be required to make a physical visit.

  2. rodney sisson says:

    it says my claim is being processed but how do I know if it will be paid

    • Sam says:

      After the initial “Waiting Week”, you should receive the payment. Please call the Claims Center if you do not receive in in about 7-10 business days from the time of claim.

  3. Shay says:

    It says I’m under disqualification for the week of the 21st. What does that mean?

    • Sam says:

      It means that weeks’ benefit may not be paid. Please speak to a representative of the Claims Center for further details.

  4. Celia Martinez de Weart says:

    Icant login !

  5. miracle says:

    I need help on my log in it isn’t letting me log in

  6. ronrico Simmons says:

    Please contact me asap

  7. katherine smith says:

    I file the week of the 19th it kept telling me it didn’t file or I have to call day after day.

  8. Michael says:

    What happens if I file a day late and that next day is a holiday?

  9. atapana sao says:

    What will happen if I am a day late filing?

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