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Arkansas Unemployment Weekly Claims

The Department of Workforce Services provides a quick and convenient way to file your weekly claim for benefits via the Internet. ArkNet can be accessed by logging on to

For the best results, be prepared with the following information ready when you access the ArkNet site:

1. Your PIN (If you do not already have a current a PIN for unemployment insurance purposes, you will be asked to establish a Personal Identification Number the first time you access this site.)

2. Your Social Security Number

3. If you worked:

4. The name & address of your last employer

5. The last day you worked & the reason you are no longer working

6. The gross amount of pay you earned for the week (Regardless of whether or not you have actually been paid.)

Completing your ArkNet weekly claim will take approximately 10-15 minutes. You will receive online confirmation once you have successfully submitted your continued claim application

In addition, you may call ArkLine to claim your week by phone. You can access ArkLine by dialing 1-501-907-2590.

To claim weekly benefits by telephone you will need:

  1. Your Social Security Number.
  2. Your Personal Identification Number (called your PIN).
  3. Your total gross earnings and hours if you worked during the week you are claiming.

    • Hi, Debra – it’s likely that you can make changes through your ArkNet account if you already have one set up. If you need help, you can contact Arkansas’ unemployment division by email at [email protected] – This email address SHOULD NOT be used to file a claim. You also can call the ADWS Information Desk at 855-225-4440 or 501-682-2121. Someone should be available to help you Monday – Friday, from 8 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

  1. Kim cotton Arkansas Mississippi county I have tried every number everybody’s give me every number I can find in a book or on a piece of paper to call the IRS department of workforce anybody to help me it always hangs up on me nobody will talk to me except for recording and then it says we’re busy call back later I’ve been doing this for months my 19 weeks should be up but nobody will help me please help me somebody please guard help me I need my money or I don’t want to fix them to do fixing to lose everything I got our kids are dealing with them it’s it’s hurting and I need help please help sincerely Kim cotton

  2. I have been filing every Sunday like I’m supposed to do. But I have not received a payment. It has been going on 4 weeks now. I have called the hotline as instructed although every time I call it says press 1 to reset my pin or 2 if it’s regarding my claim. So I choose 2 and afterwards it says all representatives are busy and says to call back later and then hangs up on me…. This happens EveryTime…

  3. If I reopened a claim and it was after the Sunday. Do I have to wait till that following week to get paid. Or do I have to call to get a back payment for that week?

  4. I contacted the claim center after I filed my first weekly claim. The woman told me that there was a decision pending on my claim. That it would take 6 to 8 weeks for them to make a decision. Does that sound right? Can they actually let my family starve for 8 weeks before they can tell me if I qualify or not? I’m going to be so far behind by the time they decide something that it’s really not gonna matter anymore.

  5. I went online to claim my weekly work hours and it says that I already claimed them for the week??

  6. I have filed and gotten a confirmation that I am getting money, but I haven’t gotten a card yet? It has been 3 weeks since I got the confirmation letter. How long does it take or is there something else I need to do?
    John Hammer

  7. How do y’all expect people to reset their pin to report weekly claims if 1. You can’t reset you our pin. 2. When you call the local office the number you call has a freaking voicemail that is full and the employee apparently doesn’t know how to empty their voicemail. So please explain to me how I’m suppose to pay my Bill’s will no income while y’all are still able to pay yours not doing your job.

  8. I have COPD and 73years old but was working until Clovis 19 hit. I have taken of work until it is over then I will return to work. Will I be able to draw unemployment?

  9. On my application status it says the reason for my 4/4/2020 wasn’t paid was because a written decision is still pending . Please what that mean thou tomorrow will make my 7 days waiting period complete .

  10. I need to know how to apply for direct deposit. I filed the claim through EZARC and it told me I had to wait 24 hrs. That was Friday April 3 and I cannot log back in on EZARC. The website section on direct deposit will not open on my phone. Help please.

  11. After applying, I tried to log in for the 1st time and it will not let me set up a new pin to access my account
    What should I do?

  12. I have not received my Benefits for week ending March 14th, 2020 It states that it has already been processed. I have yet to see it in my account. I also called in my week ending March 21 2020 and it says it is being processed. It is not asking me the usual questions when I call just processed this makes no sense. I also was receiving my benefits weekly until the Corona virus hit. I was already in the system so why am I not receiving my benefits regularly. I have bills to pay!! Please don’t tell me to call the number because you can’t even get through.

  13. I have not received benefits for the week ending March 14th. The recording states that it has been processed and I have yet to receive it in my account. I was receiving benefits on time
    until the Coronavirus happened. I have bills I need to pay. I just did my week ending the 21st so now I am wondering if it is going to be processed at all. I know you guys are busy with all applying but explained before I was getting my benefits before this took place!

  14. I have filed four claims within seven weeks. Have not received anything from you people. Why have I not gotten paid. and if I can’t get paid why haven’t you contacted me and let me know what the issue is. 7 weeks been 7 weeks. About four times seven weeks 4 times at 7 weeks what’s the problem.

    • Grant,

      Please note this is a private forum and we do not have access to your claim file. Please call the Claims Center immediately for assistance.

      • I can’t reach anyone and I guess my claim is just out in limbo. Just so thrilled with this right now. I have called every number and all I get is disconnected. Every number.

      • I was layed off so the cimpany saling tbere business and no work waa avaible for me i was giving my seperation pappers and 3 weeks of seversnce pay i reported it all and have been calling in for 4 weeks i served my waiting oeriod and it still says i am disqualified for what now there is ni one to talk to i was told that i woukd be getting payments still nothing

  15. I have called in my three weekly claims,but have not recieved benifits on card. Hotline says ive been paid, but card say i hav e not. Where are mmy benifits??

    • Harold,

      Please note this is a private forum and we do not have access to your claim. Please call the Claims Center and speak to a representative for an update.

  16. I filed sept. 27th. I was terminated from the job after almost 4 years. How long will I know if I will get unemployment? I have received the mailing where it tells what I will draw full amount.

    • Vanessa,

      Generally, the waiting period lasts for about 7-10 working days. If you’ve received a letter of determination, please call the Claims Center to confirm the payment status.

  17. I filed my continued weekly claim correctly but answered the fraud question with a no but was supposed to answer yes and I am out of town can I go to the nearest office and re file my weekly claim

    • So I issue call my claim in on Sunday, the first day after the week I am claiming. But with holiday weekend it slipped my mind tried to call about 615 and line closed at 6. So of I call Monday morning will I still be eligible for my claims or am I considered late and have to restart the process?

      • Jonathan,

        If you don’t claim within the stipulated time, the weekly payment will not be processed. Please call the Claims Center for more.

    • Nicole,

      Firstly, please call the Claims Center and speak to a representative for further instructions. I don’t think you would be required to make a physical visit.

    • After the initial “Waiting Week”, you should receive the payment. Please call the Claims Center if you do not receive in in about 7-10 business days from the time of claim.

      • I called in for the week ending the 21st on Sunday and to this day it says that it’s still trying to process the week ending the 14th and I’ve already got something in the mail saying that my benefits couldn’t be paid for the week ending the 14th please advise on this one

        • Stephen,

          We understand this might be a difficult time for you. We’re anticipating a shortage of staff across unemployment offices due to the massive surge in UI applications considering the pandemic. We advise against calling or visiting the office, as you may not get a response instantly.

          Your state may have activated “Extended Benefits (EB)” authorized by the federal government. We recommend you apply for UI benefits online. For more information, please visit your state’s official Unemployment website.

        • I need no money and just because y’all have a website problem or system problem doesn’t mean my bills stop. I want answers

  18. I file the week of the 19th it kept telling me it didn’t file or I have to call day after day.

        • Scott,

          You should be able to reopen the claim on the same window. If you do not see the option, please look up on the menu or call the Claims Center for assistance.

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