Unemployment Articles

    All About The Families First Coronavirus Response Act

    In a speedy display of rare bipartisanship, Congress voted to get The Families First Coronavirus Response Act and President Trump signed it into law, passed on March 18. The law brings welcome relief to states in need of funds to pay unemployment insurance to claimants. It commits $1 billion to cover the costs of processing… Read More »

    Coronavirus Preparedness: Can The US Afford UnempIoyment Insurance?

    The novel coronavirus has posed the US government with a dreadful conundrum- save the economy or save lives? It’s a chicken and egg situation. The social distancing and the resultant economic slowdown, spiking unemployment and poverty will endanger people.  Without these measures, lives will be lost due to disease and co-morbidities. This begs the question:… Read More »

    Statistics on COVID-19, unemployment & UI benefits

    There is little doubt that coronavirus has taken the world by storm. With West Virginia reporting a confirmed case, all 50 states in the United States are now affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The deadly virus is not only leading to the shutdown of the states and assaulting the U.S. economy but also is increasing… Read More »

    How To Collect Unemployment Benefits If Coronavirus Has Cost You Your Job

    Those facing the heat of the Coronavirus outbreak with respect to job losses can now breathe easier since several states across the US are expanding unemployment insurance eligibility to deal with the fallout. We will tell you all about how you can collect unemployment benefits if Coronavirus-induced slowdown has gotten you laid off. Remember that… Read More »

    The Employment Situation – February 2020

    February saw a very slight change in the number of unemployed people as compared to the previous month. It currently stands at 5.8 million. Total nonfarm payroll in February rose by 273,000. This is a notable increase as compared to January. The unemployment rate stands at 3.5%, having dropped by 0.1% from January.  Major Ups… Read More »

    How To Get A Job If You Have A Disability

    Job seekers with a disability find it quite challenging to get suitable opportunities to their liking. To overcome this, candidates with disabilities need to highlight their relevant skills to potential employers asserting they are well-suited for the job. The key is not to be self-conscious about your perceived weaknesses and show the hiring manager why… Read More »

    How The American Elections Create Jobs

    With every election that takes place, thousands of Americans come out to cast their vote for the candidate of their choice. Conducting a fair election involves a lot of effort and a huge support team. The U.S Election Assistance Commission encourages people to become election workers on Election Day. Jobs in elections season require people… Read More »

    Unemployment & mental health: How losing your job takes a toll on the psychological state

    Employment is undoubtedly essential for meeting one’s basic requirements. It promotes self-esteem, self-realization, and satisfies creative urges. Conversely, unemployment has adverse effects on mental health. Read on to know more about how unemployment and mental health are interconnected.  According to statistics, the unemployment rate in the United States rose to 3.6% in 2020. Several factors,… Read More »

    Climate Change and its Impact on Global Jobs, and the Economy: Which Sectors Will Be Hit?

    In recent times, climate change has been viewed in terms of global warming, occurring due to the release of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide into the air. This phenomenon will also have a deep impact on society at a micro level, which could completely alter our way of living. It can… Read More »

    How Coronavirus Will Affect the U.S Job Market & Global Economy

    The economy of the United States has remained steady over the past year. However, the outbreak of the Coronavirus disease has seen severe repercussions for the American Job Market. One of the industries severely hit by the outbreak is the oil industry.   Oil and natural gas producers have taken a hit over the last year… Read More »

    8 Jobs You Can Get This Valentine’s Day

    If you are going through a rough patch, staring unemployment in the face, then Valentine’s day can seem like an annoying occasion. However, there is a silver lining. Some of these Valentine’s day jobs are not as available during the rest of the year. This gives an excellent chance to those looking to make a… Read More »

    How To Get Hired With No Experience

    Whether you are a fresh graduate or someone with little experience, you may be feeling a sense of nervousness and excitement as you may be looking for your first job. Finding jobs with little or no experience is not an easy task as companies generally lookout for people with experience.  Getting that first job may… Read More »

    The Employment Situation – January 2020

    January saw the total nonfarm payroll rise by 225,000, which is a notable increase as compared to last month. However, there was a very slight change in the unemployment rate, which currently stands at 3.6%. The unemployment rate for December was 3.5% respectively. Major Ups and Downs in January  The U.S Bureau of Labor and… Read More »

    Five Ideal Jobs For Veterans

    The most suitable jobs for veterans are those which require the skills they sharpened while serving the nation. It is that discipline, commitment to work, and never-say-die attitude that makes veterans employable.  Over the years, America’s veterans have had a considerable advantage over their civilian counterparts. The transition from a military job to a regular… Read More »

    Best Jobs For A Stay-At-Home Parent

    Being a stay-at-home-parent is not an easy task for anyone. You have to manage your kids, family life and finances. Here’s where stay at home jobs come in. The trick is to find the right job to balance your household duties and find time to enjoy your work.  A stay-at-home job will help you manage… Read More »