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    A Detailed Guide To The Extended Unemployment Insurance Benefits In Hawaii

    Hawaii is one of the states worst affected by the pandemic-induced economic downturn. As per the report of the Bureau Of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate in Hawaii was as high as 15.1% in September. As the unemployment plight continues to worsen, officials have announced the extended unemployment benefits in Hawaii.  More About Extended Unemployment… Read More »

    The Employment Situation – October 2020

    Even as the United States continues to witness significant spread in the Coronavirus cases, October’s economic growth was better than expected. According to the reports of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the total nonfarm payrolls increased by 638,000 in October, and the unemployment rate declined to 6.9%.  This indicates that the U.S. labor market… Read More »

    Economy And Jobs: The Key Parameters For U.S. President 2020

    With the U.S presidential elections nearing a close, one thing on every citizen’s mind is Jobs, employment, and the economy. Whoever comes into power has a massive challenge against him to get the economy and job market back on track so that the people of the country don’t face any more turmoil in these uncertain… Read More »

    A Detailed Guide To The $375 Stimulus Payments In Colorado

    Colorado’s Governor Jared Polis recently signed an executive order to stimulate the state’s economy and extend support to the Coloradans’ worst hit by the current economic crisis. The executive order aims to provide $375 stimulus payments to the qualifying Coloradans. The stimulus package is said to cost the state about $168 million. The order will… Read More »

    Weekly Unemployment Claims: How To Apply And Check The Status Of Payments

    If you have lost your job through no fault of your own, you can file for Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits. After filing an initial unemployment claim, you must certify that you are fully or partially unemployed every week to stay eligible and continue to receive payments. This is done by filing a weekly unemployment claim. … Read More »

    Extra $50 Benefits: All About The Increased Benefit Amount In North Carolina

    Ever since the pandemic began, millions of North Carolinans have lost their jobs. According to the reports of the North Carolina Division of Employment Security (DES), about 2.49 million people filed for state and federal unemployment claims, and an estimated $8.2 billion benefits have been paid since mid-March. To help the unemployed meet their needs,… Read More »

    Extra $300 Unemployment Benefits In Virginia: When Can You Expect The Payment?

    Virginia received Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) approval on August 26 to provide $300 additional weekly benefits under the Lost Wages Assistance program. However, due to various reasons, the state delayed in rolling out the payments. So when can the unemployed expect to receive the extra $300 unemployment benefits in Virginia? This article will break… Read More »

    Can You Reopen Unemployment Benefits If You Are Laid Off Again?

    The pandemic-induced economic downturn had caused millions of Americans to lose their jobs and depend on the federal or state-provided Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits for survival. But as states begin to restart economic activities, people are finding new jobs or returning to their old jobs. But what happens if you get laid off again due… Read More »

    Stimulus Package: Unemployed Americans May Get Only $5 A week Without A Deal

    Recently, President Donald Trump called off negotiations for the fifth round of the Coronavirus stimulus package. This implies that millions of unemployed Americans looking for a boost in unemployment benefits are out of luck, at least for some time, and may have to depend on regular unemployment benefits from the federal or state government. In… Read More »

    Which States Are Asking To Repay The Overpaid Unemployment Benefits?

    Millions of Americans were paid Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits. While some received the entitled amount, many others were mistakenly overpaid. Since the overpayment is against the federal laws governing UI benefits, many states are asking to repay the overpaid unemployment benefits. This article will tell which states are trying to recover the overpaid amount and what… Read More »

    All About Unemployment Benefits In Florida During The Pandemic

    Unemployment benefits, popularly known as Reemployment Assistance in Florida, are given to people who are unemployed through no fault of their own and meet state-defined eligibility requirements. However, ever since the Coronavirus pandemic spread across Florida, the state made several changes to the eligibility requirements. In this detailed article, we will guide you through every… Read More »

    What The Unemployment Rate Does Not Tell You

    Among the many crises precipitated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the economic collapse and the resultant massive unemployment are uppermost among the public’s minds. The unemployment rate soared to 14.7% in May 2020 from below 3% in December 2019. As jobs have been a much-discussed issue even before the pandemic struck, everyone is wondering what the… Read More »

    Which States Are Still Paying $300 Unemployment Benefits?

    In total, 49 states received the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) approval to pay out $300 additional weekly benefits to the qualified people. Some states began giving out payments in August, others had to wait till September. While some states are still paying $300 unemployment benefits, others have depleted their funding.  This article will guide… Read More »

    Extra Unemployment Benefits Will Soon Come To An End in Florida: What You Should Know

    Florida is one of the states that received approval from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to offer $300 additional unemployment benefits to the qualified residents. Though the state began paying benefits only on September 11, the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity recently stated that Florida’s extra unemployment benefits will end sooner than expected.  In… Read More »

    Federal Response To Hurricane Sally: Know Them All

      Sally, the first hurricane to make landfall in Alabama since Hurricane Ivan in 2004, strengthened to a tropical storm after making landfall near Miami, Florida. The tropical storm slowly garnered strength until it was given Category 1 status and intensified into a Category II hurricane, on the same evening.  The hurricane brings almost 61cm… Read More »