Unemployment Articles

    Things You Should Do If You’re Unemployed

    Times can be tough, even more so when you are unemployed. There are uneven economies around the world that have made it difficult for people to find work. Unemployment could be a challenge irrespective of age, qualification and how unemployment affects the larger population in recent years. Though you might not be able to control… Read More »

    Ugly Face Behind Low Unemployment

    The employment situation continued to blossom under the stewardship of President Donald Trump with more than 2 million jobs being added in 2017 alone. Based on the report in April 2017, 164,000 jobs were added to the past month and the recovery dragged the unemployment rate to 3.9% which is the lowest since 2000. The… Read More »

    The Employment Situation June 2018

    June 2018 sees the total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 213,000 and the unemployment rate rise 4.0% from the previous 3.9%. The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics has stated that job growth mostly occurred in the professional and business services, manufacturing and healthcare industries while retail trade industries faltered and lost jobs. Household Survey Data:… Read More »

    What to Write in a Job Offer letter?

    When the interviews are done and the candidate is selected, you need to write out a job letter. But, what do you include in a job offer letter? In a job offer letter, you have to write a formal written document which is an agreement between the hiring manager and the candidate. Before you go… Read More »

    Social Security Disability Benefits Claims At 15-Year Low

    In the US, the Social Security Disability Insurance program is one of the most misused programs. The newly added feature states that those who received SSDI benefits would be reviewed. Before the added feature, once people are in the SSDI system that they can rarely get off until now. A New York Times report suggests… Read More »

    12 Résumé Writing Tips That Will Land You That Job

    Your résumé is what gives a prospective employer the first impression. It can be your ticket into the company. If your résumé looks just like any other one that the recruiter comes across on a daily basis, it is likely that it will be ignored. Give your résumé a few customizations and avoid some mistakes.… Read More »

    The Employment Situation in the US – May 2018

    The total nonfarm payroll employment in the United States increased by 223,000 in May 2018. Coincidentally, the unemployment rate in the United States edged down further to 3.8%, as reported by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. There has been a steady uptick in employment in several industries. These industries include retail trade, health care, and… Read More »

    How Good is the Trump Economy?

    To spell it out in his own words, President Trump tweeted, “In many ways, this is the greatest economy in the HISTORY of America.” This poses a question of whether the economy is doing exceptionally well post the Obama administration. This is based on the big difference between the level of economic performance and the… Read More »

    Lowest Unemployment Ever in The Last Half Century

    President Donald Trump broke protocol and tweeted that there was a positive job report with the lowest unemployment. However, the current Federal Rule states that the executive branch employees are required not to comment on major economic reports. This jobs report is usually kept under wraps till the Labor Department publishes it at 8:30 am.… Read More »

    14 US States Encounter Record Low Jobless Rates

    April 2018 marks the 107th month of the current economic expansion that had begun in June of 2009. This expansion surpassed what was previously regarded as the second longest economic expansion in US history from February 1961 to December 1969. With the assumption that this economic performance continues, the record low jobless rates in 14… Read More »

    The Unemployment Situation – April 2018

    The month of April sees the total nonfarm payroll employment in the United States increased by 164,000. But the biggest update in the month of April is the unemployment rate edging down to 3.9 percent. This update comes after six months of being static at 4.1%. In terms of employment, jobs gains had occurred in… Read More »

    San Francisco To Offer Free Tuition To Residents

    Free tuition will be provided to the residents of San Francisco, announced the city’s Mayor. This would be done in partnership with a Community College which will make it the first city in the country to offer free tuition to its residents. Ed Lee, Mayor of San Francisco announced that “The government will set aside… Read More »

    Quitting Your Job or Getting Laid Off – What’s the Better Option?

    There’s a lot of upheavals taking place in the organization and a round of layoffs have been happening. Decide if you need to quit your job or if you should leave your job. Your workload is shrinking and other people’s positions are being slashed. You feel you’re being excluded from meetings and that you might… Read More »

    Ways To Tackle Youth Unemployment In 2018

    An unemployed youth is one who does not have a job, but actively seeks for one based on their educational qualifications. The United Nations categorizes a person as unemployed on the basis of one who is qualified, willing and able to work, but does not find any job based on their specialization. According to the… Read More »

    Jobless Claims Below 300,000 for Record Longest Streak

    April marks the lowest number of jobless claims and this means that those claiming new unemployment has never been this low. With the initial jobless claims decreasing by 9,000 against a proxy of layoffs in the US that was adjusted to 233,000 in the week. What this means is that claims have now gone below… Read More »