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How to File An Initial Claim in Your State?

Steps to file a claim –

  1. If you have been separated from work, you can file your initial claim during your first week of total or partial unemployment.
  2. You can file your first claim in one of the two ways: by calling the TeleClaim Center or visiting a One-Stop Career Center close to you. It might not be possible to file a initial claim online in some states.
  3. Have your entire information ready before filing your claim.
  4. If you have received severance pay upon your separation from work, you may still be eligible for unemployment benefits, so it is still important to call to file your initial claim during your first week of total or partial unemployment.
  5. If eligible for unemployment benefits, you can expect to receive your first payment in 3-4 weeks if there are no issues with your claim.
  6. In general, it takes approximately 3 weeks to process a claim; however, you will still need to claim benefits every week.

Information you need before filing a claim:

  • Your Social Security Number
  • The year you were born
  • Your home address and telephone number
  • Whether you have filed an unemployment insurance claim in your state or in any other state during the past 12 months
  • Your last day of employment
  • The names and addresses of all of the employers you have worked for during the 15 months prior to filing your claim and the dates you worked for each of these employers. If you are reopening a claim, be ready with the same information for the past 8 weeks.
  • The reason that you are no longer working or that your hours have been reduced The names, dates of birth and social security numbers for any dependent children, if you are going to apply for dependency allowance.
  • Your alien registration number if you are not a U.S. citizen.

If You Are Not a United States Citizen
You must give verification that you were legally eligible to work in your state and that you are presently eligible to begin a new job.

How to File Your Weekly Claim?

After you file your application for unemployment benefits, you must start filing your weekly claims. You require filing each week, even though you are:

  1. Waiting for a verdict about benefits,
  2. Waiting for your claim to become valid, or
  3. Appealing a denial of benefits

You can file your weekly claim:

  1. Through the Internet – You can file your weekly claim online. You must have a User ID and PIN in order to file your weekly claim online.
  2. By phone – You must call the number given to you during the registration process.
  3. File every week that you want to claim benefits and keep on filing until you go back to work, run out of benefits or stop seeking work. You should claim at least one week before we can make a decision on your eligibility.

How to Claim for an Extension?

If you are presently filing weekly claims for unemployment benefits; carry on filing your weekly claim if you are jobless or working reduced hours. You will be informed by mail of your eligibility for the added benefits.
In case you have been filing weekly claims and are still laid off or working reduced hours, you will have to file an application for these extra benefits online or by telephone. You will be alerted by mail of your eligibility for the additional benefits.
To be eligible for EUC (Emergency Unemployment Compensation) benefits you must:
1. Have an unemployment claim that began on or after May 07, 2006
2. Have base period wages in the base period of this claim that is equal to at least 40 times your usual benefit rate
3. Tired your usual benefits or your benefit year has ended and not be eligible for a new claim in any state
4. Be unemployed or working reduced hours
5. Be able and available for work and looking for work

To be eligible for EB benefits you must:
1. Qualify for EUC and then
2. Exhaust all customary UI benefits and all available EUC Tiers
3. Be out of a job or working reduced hours
4. Be seeking work and submitting evidence of work search to DWD

Please note that EB is currently not available in any state.

What is the possible Eligibility Criteria in any state?

There are some basic rules for eligibility. Even if you meet some of these rules partially, you should still apply for unemployment because state offices make a reasonable attempt to process your claim, as long as you provide a good justification.
1. Must have lost job with no fault of his theirs
2. Must be totally or partially unemployed.
3. Must have received enough wages during the base period to establish a claim
4. Must be physically able to work, available for work, and actively seeking suitable work.
5. Meet eligibility requirements each week benefits are claimed.
To learn more check unemployment eligibility article
A “base period” is four consecutive calendar quarters that fall within the 18 month period before establishing a new benefit year.

How Benefits are calculated?

To calculate your weekly benefits amount click here
1. Work out your base period for calculating unemployment.
2. Take a look at the base period where you received the highest pay.
3. Calculate the highest quarter earnings with a calculator.
4. Calculate what your weekly benefits would be if you have another job.
Calculate your unemployment benefits for every week if the partial gross income is different.