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Updated : July 1st, 2021

California Unemployment Benefits

Unemployment Insurance (UI) in California is an initiative taken up jointly by the state and the federal government. The purpose of the initiative is to provide financial support to those who have lost their jobs due to reasons beyond their control. 

The government, along with providing financial support, also provides an opportunity for the job-seekers to find training and counseling programs to improve their skill sets. It also provides outlets where job-seekers can connect with prospective employers to seek employment opportunities.

Find out more about the services provided by the Employment Development Department (EDD), California unemployment eligibility requirements, and much more.

Eligibility to Apply for UI Benefits in California

To qualify for unemployment benefits in California, applicants must gain eligibility on three parameters set by the EDD. The three parameters are- monetary eligibility, job separation, and maintaining eligibility.

Monetary Eligibility

While applying for Unemployment Insurance in California, applicants must first meet the monetary eligibility requirements. The applicants must earn a minimum wage during the four-quarter base period. The weekly benefit amount and the maximum benefit amount of the applicant are dependent on the wages earned during the base period.  

To be eligible for unemployment benefits in California, an applicant must have earned at least:

  • $1,300 in the highest earning quarter of your base period, or
  • $900 in your highest earning quarter, and a total base period earnings of 1.25 times the highest earning quarter

The base period is a 12-month period, which is divided into four quarters. EDD has designed two types of base periods to calculate wages to establish a claim. They are:

  • Standard Base Period
  • Alternate Base Period

A standard base period is the first four of the last five calendar quarters. In this method of calculation, the quarter prior to which you apply for benefits is not considered, but four quarters prior to this is considered.

For example, if an applicant claim begins in the first quarter of 2019 (i.e. Jan, Feb, and March), the base period will consist of the following quarters – Oct-Nov-Dec 2017, Jan-Feb-Mar 2018, Apr-May-June 2018, and Jul-Aug-Sep 2018. Note that Oct-Nov-Dec 2018 will not be considered as a part of the standard base period.

In the event the applicant does not have sufficient wages in his or her standard base period, EDD will then consider calculating his or her wages using the alternative base period. The alternative base period consists of the last four calendar quarters prior to the beginning date of the claim.

For example, if the claim begins in the first quarter of 2019, (i.e. Jan, Feb, and March), the alternative base period will consist of these quarters – Jan-Feb-Mar 2018, Apr-May-June 2018, Jul-Aug-Sep 2018, and Oct-Nov-Dec 2018.

The alternative base period can only be considered when the applicant does not have enough wages in his or her standard base period, but has sufficient wages in the alternative base period.

Find out more about eligibility requirements

Job Separation

Once the monetary eligibility is established, the step for qualification will be to prove that the applicant lost his job due to no fault of his or her own. The applicants must meet the below-mentioned criteria to meet the job-separation criteria:

  • The applicant must not lose the job through their fault
  • The applicant was not involved in any illegal, criminal, or unethical activities in his or her workplace, which resulted in you getting fired
  • The applicant was fired or work time was decreased due to lack of work
  • The applicant did not quit the job due to lack of interest

Please note that not all those who are unemployed will be eligible for Unemployment Insurance. The benefits are given to only those who meet all the eligibility criteria set by EDD.

EDD will verify the reason given by the applicant for separating from your previous organization. It will contact your ex-employer to verify the reason given by the applicant. If any discrepancies are found, the applicant’s eligibility will be affected.

The EDD will conduct a telephonic interview with those who were fired or quit the job on their own to hear the issue on job separation. A notice will be mailed to the applicant if he or she is not eligible for benefits. In the event that the applicant is not happy with the response, he or she can file an appeal against the decision of EDD.

Eligibility Calculator

Eligibility requirements – overview

Maintaining Eligibility

Establishing monetary eligibility and meeting the job-separation criteria will get the applicant qualified for unemployment benefits in California. However, the applicants are expected to maintain the eligibility factors throughout the benefits weeks. Failing to maintain the eligibility requirement will lead to interruptions in the payment of weekly benefits.

The applicants must take note of the following points to maintain eligibility during the benefits weeks:

  • Be physically able to work throughout the benefit week period
  • The applicant must be available to work
  • Applicant must be ready to accept the work offered to him or her
  • The applicant must be actively seeking for job opportunities

Applicants must certify for benefits each week by providing a certificate while applying for benefits. The information on the certificate will show if the applicant has met with all the eligibility criteria during the week.

Find out on job search requirements

How to Apply For UI Benefits in California?

Applicants will need the following documents to apply for unemployment benefits in California:


In the state of California, applying through the online portal is the most convenient mode to apply for benefits. Log in to to register your claim. The timings to register for benefits differ on different days, which is listed below:

  • Sunday – 5:00 AM to 8:30 PM
  • Monday – 4:00 AM to 10:00 PM
  • Tuesday-Friday – 2:00 AM to 10:00 PM
  • Saturday – 2:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Applicants could avail services such as opening new claims, certifying for continued benefits, updating the address and phone number and receiving important notifications. Applicants can also view, request and print a copy of form 1099G for up to the past five years.

Note – If you face any trouble while applying online, you can contact edd customer service number.


Applicants can also file claims for unemployment benefits through a phone call in California. They can call from Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 12 noon, on the following unemployment contact number as per their language choice:

If the applicant is hearing impaired, he or she can reach the TTY line on 1-800-815-938.

Fax or Mail

The applicant can send their application for unemployment benefits through fax or by mail. All they have to do is to download the Unemployment Insurance Application forms from the Forms and Publications page of the website. Fill up the relevant forms and fax it or mail it to the EDD using the address on the forms.

How to File Weekly Claims

Applicants can file their weekly benefits by contacting the same sources used for filing the initial claims. Once the initial claim is filed, the applicant will receive crucial information on his or her claim. The applicant must read and respond to all the requests to avoid payment delays.

The applicant will also separately receive his or her first Continued Claim Form, DE 4581, which must be filled up and submitted once in every two weeks to request for your benefits. This process is known as certifying for benefits in the state of California, and this provides the EDD with the required information to verify the applicant’s weekly eligibility.

Learn how to claim weekly benefits

UI Benefits Amount

Benefits Calculator

Applicants can use the calculator to find out how much weekly benefits he or she may approximately earn in the state of California.

Unemployment Benefits Calculator
Select Number of Dependents:
0 12 3 4 5
Unemployment Benefits Calculator
State: California
Number of Dependents: 0

How much did you earn in each of these quarters?

$ 0
$ 25,000
$ 0
$ 25,000
$ 0
$ 25,000
$ 0
$ 25,000
Calculating your Benefits Amount ...
Disclaimer: The estimates are good in faith and accuracy is not guaranteed. We are not liable for any loss and damages caused by using the tools on our website. This calculator is here to assist you in evaluating what you might obtain if you are entitled to receive benefits. We make no promises that the sum you receive will be equal to what the calculator illustrates.

Know more about the Benefits Calculator

Things to Know After Filing An Application

Once the application is filed, the claimant will begin to receive the benefit amount every week. There is a need for the claimants to be aware of all the rules and regulations imposed on them throughout the benefit period. The applicants must also know about the services imparted to the unemployed job seekers to make the best of the benefit period.

Overpayments and Fraud

Overpayments arise when the applicant receives benefits which he or she was not entitled to. If in case the applicant draws overpayments from EDD, he or she will receive a Notice of Overpayment via mail.

The Notice of Overpayment will contain information on the nature of overpayment that is drawn by the applicant, the amount to be paid back to EDD and penalties levied (if any). It will also contain information on the applicant’s right to appeal against the imposition of overpayment, and about the procedure to appeal.

The EDD has classified overpayments into two categories – Non-Fraud and Fraud.

Non-Fraud: If you received a payment which the applicant was not entitled to, but not intentionally or not as a result of his or her fault, it will be considered as a non-fraud overpayment. In such a case, the applicant will receive a notice stating that he or she received an overpayment and the excessive amount needs to be paid back. However, In some exceptional cases, the applicant may not be asked to repay the excessive amount. 

There will be no penalties or interest levied on the applicants in the case of non-fraud overpayment.

Fraud: A fraud overpayment occurs when the applicant intentionally misleads the EDD into paying more benefits than he or she was entitled to. If the applicant withholds an important piece of information, lies about his or her earnings during the base period, gives false or fake documents to prove eligibility, fails to disclose information of wages earned during the benefits weeks and similar misleading tactics are considered as a fraud in the state of California.

If a fraud overpayment case is established, the applicant will be expected not only to pay back the excessive amount but also pay a penalty of 30% of the amount of the overpayment. He or she may also face disqualification from anywhere between 5 weeks to 23 weeks.

If the applicant fails to repay the excessive amount along with the stipulated fine amount, the EDD may deduct the money from his or her future weekly unemployment benefits amount, which is referred to as an offset.

As a policy of offset, the EDD may also deduct from or totally withhold the applicant’s state income tax refunds, lottery winnings, or any other source of income owed by the state. The EDD may also file a case against the applicant in a court of law, charge him or her court costs and interest, and record a lien on his or her property.

Benefits Extension

EDD extended benefits during economic-downturn or when the state’s unemployment rate is beyond the threshold level. It is suggested that the applicants should visit or call the concerned authorities to know more about the current available Reemployment Assistance plans.

Job Training Assistance

The state of California provides ample opportunities for applicants to improve their skill set to get better employment opportunities. California Training Benefits (CTB) provides opportunities to the applicants to further their education, improve their skill sets, and/or learn a new trade to improve their competitiveness in the job market.

If get approved by CTB, the applicant will be exempted from certain conditions such as to be available for work, to be actively seeking job opportunities, and accept job offers, while you are participating in a training program.

Know more job training opportunities in CA

California Office Locations and Phone Numbers

Make a note of the following list of phone numbers to avail the respective services in the state of California:

CA Unemployment Office Phone Numbers

Filing Claims - English 1-800-300-5616
Filing Claims - Spanish 1-800-326-8937
Filing Claims - Cantonese 1-800-547-3506
Filing Claims - Mandarin 1-866-303-0706
Filing Claims - Vietnamese 1-800-547-2058
Automated Self-Service - English 1-866-333-4606
Filing Claims - TTY 1-800-815-9387
Fraud Hotline 1-855-327-7055
Debit Card Related Information 1-866-692-9374
Debit Card Related Information - TTY 1-866-656-5913
Overpayment Collection Section 1-800-676-5737
Official Payments Corporation 1-800-272-9829

Locate your nearest unemployment office

Frequently Asked Question

Q. How are UI benefits calculated?
Ans. The Unemployment Insurance Benefits are calculated using the applicant’s earnings during a specific 12 month period, or as referred to here as the base period. The base period begins approximately 15-17 months prior to the date the claim is filed. The amount paid each week is calculated based on the calendar quarter with the highest earnings during the base period.
Q. How does vacation pay or holiday pay affect my eligibility to receive unemployment insurance benefits?

Ans. Vacation pay or holiday may be deducted from your benefits. It will depend on whether or not you have been given a definite date to return to work at the time you were placed on layoff status: If you are not given a definite date to return to work, any vacation pay or holiday pay paid to you when your job ends is not deducted from your weekly benefit amount.

If you are given a definite date to return to work, any vacation or holiday pay for the period of the temporary layoff is deductible from your benefits. The Department will allocate vacation and holiday pay as follows:

- Vacation pay will be allocated to the number of days you requested vacation or to the number of days your employer required you to use as vacation during the temporary layoff.
- Holiday pay that is paid before you return to work will be allocated to the week(s) in which the holiday(s) fall. Holiday pay that is paid after you return to work will be allocated to the week that you return to work.
Q. What is the procedure to file an appeal?
Ans. In the event cancellation of benefits, overpayments or penalties, the EDD will mail you a Notice of Determination, DE 1080CZ. The document will contain the reason for the action taken, the duration of the punishment and your right to appeal for the same.
To file an appeal against such an order, you will have to fill out form-DE1000m or write a letter to the concerned department. Your letter must contain your name, address, contact details, social security number and the reason for filing the appeal.
The concerned department will then review the decision. If the decision is taken as per state law and regulation, the notice will be sent to the Office of Appeals. The Office of Appeals will send a hearing notice that:
  • Schedules the hearing.
  • Sends information about the hearing.
  • Advises the claimant where and when to appear for the hearing.

An Administrative Law Judge will hear the appeal. After the hearing, the Administrative Law Judge mails a decision to all parties. Contact the Office of Appeals at the telephone number listed on the hearing notice if you have any questions.
Q. What do I do if I have problems using a credit card?
Ans. If you come across any issues with your credit card, you may find help from the following sources:
  • For online transactions: Visit the OPC website and select Help for assistance.
  • For phone transactions: Call OPC at 1-800-487-4567 for assistance.
Q. Can I leave my Continued Claim Form, DE 4581 at any EDD site?
Ans .You may leave your Continued Claim Form DE 4581 at any EDD site, but please note that leaving your DE 4581 at an EDD site will delay your payment. This happens as the form will have to be sent to the appropriate EDD site for payment which will add an additional one to three days to the mailing time.
The way would be to mail your DE 4581 using the envelope provided. It is the fastest and easiest way to receive your benefit check.
Q. Why did I receive a Request for Identity Verification, DE 1326C?
Ans. DE 1326C will generally be sent because the Department faces the following issues:
  • The department has been unable to verify your identity using the information you provided when you filed your UI claim. Or
  • The department received information that your identity may have been compromised
As a result, the department will ask for further identifying documents for verification. Whenever there is a question of correct identity, the Department requires identifying documents to ensure benefits are paid only to those who are legally entitled to receive them.
Failure to provide the requested documentation may result in a denial of benefits.
Q. How does severance pay affect my eligibility to receive unemployment insurance benefits?
Severance pay is not deducted from the insurance benefits you receive and, as a result, it does not affect your eligibility to receive benefits. The method of payment, such as a lump sum payment or payments paid to you at regular pay period intervals does not change the nature of the payment.
However, it is very important for you to report the severance pay you receive at the time you file your unemployment insurance claim without fail.
Q. Why did I receive a Form 1099G?
The Form 1099G reports the total taxable unemployment compensation that is issued to you from the State of California Employment Development Department (EDD) for a calendar year.
Your benefits are taxable and reportable on your federal return only, but you do not need to attach a copy of the Form 1099G to your federal income tax return.

Questions & Answers

  1. Does self-arranged training in the CTB include going to community college? I see that they can allow an extension for that type of thing, is there a max amount of weeks allowed for extensions, or would it be until you finish?

    1. Jodie,

      Ideally, you should be claiming from the state where your employer is based (they would have remitted taxes in CA).


    MY PAYMENTS HAVE ONLY BEEN FOR $150 FROM 09/12/20 TO 12/26/20, YET I RECEIVED A FEDERAL PAYMENT OF $300 ON 09/20/20. IN MY CALCULATIONS I SHOULD HAVE RECEIVED THE FEDERAL BENEFITS OF $300 FOR ALL 15 DATES OMITTED: 9/12/20; 9/19/20; 9/26/20; 10/03/20; 10/10/20; 10/17/20; 10/24/20; 10/31/20; 11/07/20; 11/14/20; 11/28/20; 12/05/20; 12/12/20; 12/19/20; AND 12/26/20

  3. Your website needs to be updated to present true facts to those seeking answers. Your little questionnaire to determine whether you are eligible for benefits is inconclusive. There are other reasons in California to leave a job, including trailing spouse. I came here for specific answers, and you do not even seem to know that California accepts trailing spouse for benefits. People who are looking here for answers, so yourself a favor and ask your unemployment department or a better state specific website.

  4. My Edd is pending, when I called I was told a determination interview has been requested. How long after is the actual interview?

    1. Joseph,

      There is no set time due to a large number of pending applications. Please continue chasing regularly.

  5. I filed my application for California unemployment benefits on 07/14/2019. I was found eligible to receive benefits on 08/12/2019. However, I never received a
    message notifying me I was approved to receive benefits in my Uline account or by mail. So, I thought my claim was denied because I never heard back from
    the California Unemployment Department. How do you request a backdating interview with the unemployment department so I can receive retroactive payments from August 2019 – November 2019? I’ve called all the California EDD Customer Service numbers but they all hang up. Is there a form or application I can fill out to request backdated payments that I can mail in or fax to the EDD?

    1. Tina,

      There will be an intermittent delay considering the pending applications. Please wait for a response or continue chasing the office at regular intervals.

  6. I have been trying to get in touch with EDD state of California. The number 833-978-2511 is no good. The message states they are there to help but can’t take any calls now then hangs up. I have been trying for 3 weeks. Help!!

    1. Victoria,

      Please try finding answers online since there might be limited phone support due to the shortage of staffing. You can use the “Resources” or “FAQs” section of the website.

  7. I had to go abroad while I was still working as an Independent Contractor for an employer in the state of California. I’ve been doing remote work for them even before going overseas and this situation did not affect my work. However, after the pandemic hit, I was unable to return to the states due to travel restrictions and avoided doing so for precaution as I was still able to work remotely as usual from overseas — until a few months later when my employer/client shut down due to the pandemic and my hours has then stopped altogether. Am I eligible for Unemployment Benefit in this case? I am unsure of the term “physically able to work” in one of the eligibility points, as I am not ill and can do work, only remotely for the time being.

  8. I am full-time community college student, was working in Walmart nearly 10 -15 hrs per week. started job just 15 days prior to lock-down, however due to Covid 19 fear ,I stopped going to work, may I claim compensation.

  9. Hello, I work part-time on a W-2 and lost my other part-time self employed job due to Covid-19. How do I fill out DE 4581? Is line 6 to enter the W-2 part-time work I am still employed with?

  10. I had to recertify for all my weeks that i had previously certified for but received no payment because of penalty weeks. i have not even received a payment afterwards when my penalty weeks should of been served. the status says not paid but for the weeks i had to recertify for, it shows as pending and has been so for 3 days. Is anyone else having this issue?? what do i do, it is impossible to get a hold of a person from edd and i really need this money.

    my name is jeremy paul carpenter and 20200510W0537659 is the confirmation number for one of my certifications.

    1. Jeremy,

      Please wait for the department to get back to you. Also, make sure to check the payment status at regular intervals.

  11. Hi,

    So I filed my UI claim for reduced hours unemployment (which I am assuming from what I know also results in the $600 weekly) on April 7, 2020. After that, I was told to certify for weekly benefits for week 1 and week 2, but both are showing they are pending right now. I have already received the federal stimulus check for $1200. Should I not be receiving any sort of information on the $600 weekly? My hours were cut by my employer and my wages are not the same (I am working 16 hours now, compared to 33 hours in the past).

    I am not able to get a hold of anyone on the EDD help line… And I tried calling a local office but they said there is nothing they could do if it says it is pending? Please advise of what to do in this situation.

    Thank you.

    1. Hetal,

      There will an intermittent delay owing to the number of applications. Please be patient and make sure to check the status regularly.

  12. Curious if anyone has a similar situation.
    I was on maternity leave (5mos) came back to work for 2 weeks then this all hit. We all got laid off. I applied for unemployment (3/19/2020) received an approval letter for unemployment stating benefits on 3/30. I also received my continued claim form (post marked 3/30) which was to be mailed on 3/29, I received that form 4/1/2020. I sent it in on 4/1 when I received it. Upon logging in to my UI online it says disqualified. And of course I cannot get through to anyone. So what do I do?

  13. Sam,
    Thank you for your answer. I went through the steps online but since my previous employer was a company overseas, I am unable to fill out the information on the page. Any advice on how to go about this?
    Will appreciate your support!


    1. Tony,

      We don’t really know and there’s no phone support. We suggest you check more on the website. Best wishes!

  14. Hello there- I was working overseas for the past 18 months and moved back home last month. Since then, I can’t find a job and given the situation now, it will be even harder. Am I eligible to apply for UI? What is the procedure?

    1. Tony,

      We understand this might be a difficult time for you. We’re anticipating a shortage of staff across unemployment offices due to the massive surge in UI applications considering the pandemic. We advise against calling or visiting the office, as you may not get a response instantly.

      Your state may have activated “Extended Benefits (EB)” authorized by the federal government. We recommend you apply for UI benefits online. For more information, please visit your state’s official Unemployment website.

  15. Would leaving my job to focus on my college degree be a valid reason to be eligible for benefits? I want to get into my career as soon as possible but would not be able to support myself without my current job

    1. Bryan,

      As much as I am aware, it might be considered ineligible since it hampers the prospect of working full-time. Please call the Unemployment Office for clarification.

  16. I am going through microaggressive bias in the workplace that has resulted in discrete retaliatory behavior in the workplace. I work in the state of California. If I take a leave of absence, can I collect unemployment during that time?

    1. Kimberly,

      If you can prove it was not your fault (in case of a dispute), you can be eligible to claim UI benefits without any interruption.

  17. I am about to quit my job because my fiance is being transferred from CA to NV. Our marriage date was set for October 2020. I found section/article int he EDD website that states I could qualify for ” The claimant’s prospective marriage is imminent and involves a relocation to another area because the claimant’s future spouse has established or intends to establish his or her home there, and it is impossible or impractical for the claimant to commute to work from the other area” VOLUNTARY QUIT 155- domestic reason”. Imminent means right away, would I still qualify if our date set to be married isnt until Oct. 2020? Also we are like the last people ont he planet that do not use social media of any kind, so how do I prove we are set to get married ?

    1. Robert,

      The E.U.C(Emergency Unemployment Compensation) remains expired. There is no extension available. Please inquire further with the labor authorities in your state by calling them.

  18. I’m have claiming the iu from State of California . And I going to travel(overseas) for couple months. What happened if I didn’t report to edd.
    Or if I report after I go like a months ,that will be like fraud or something else?
    Did edd will know my departure records?

    1. I have sent the unemployment numerous information on back pay on my unemployment checks they were returned or someone got taken in jail for cashing them.

  19. I’ve worked full time for a church for 8 years and have been terminated. Am I eligible to file for unemployment?

    1. Addie,

      Please check with your church administration if they remitted Unemployment Taxes into the system and apply accordingly if the employment was terminated due to involuntary reasons.

  20. I am having to quit my job due to getting married and moving to another city. I am moving 175 miles from my current employer. Am I eligible for unemployment?

    1. Brian,

      Please call the Unemployment Office in the state where your last employment was based. You might qualify as a “Trailing Spouse”.

    1. Thom,

      The E.U.C(Emergency Unemployment Compensation) remains expired. There is no extension available. Please inquire further with the labor authorities in your state by calling them.

        1. Keryn,

          The E.U.C(Emergency Unemployment Compensation) remains expired. There is no extension available. Please inquire further with the labor authorities in your state by calling them.

  21. What are the days in the week the office is closed to talk with someone? Today is July 9, 2019 and the office is closed. I called 8 I need to get my customer number which never came in the mail.

  22. I recently started a new job, but will not be paid for 2 weeks. Even though I am working, and not being paid, will that effect my UI benefits?

    1. Matt,

      Ideally, when you get into an employment contract, you should stop claiming weekly benefits. Please call the Claims Center immediately for guidance.

  23. I am a school crossing guard. I ask for summer school, and it looks like there will be no openings. Can I receive unemployment for the time lost in the summer?

    1. Linda,

      Seasonal workers do not generally qualify to receive Unemployment Compensation due to the nature of the job. I suggest you call the Unemployment Office to find out about your eligibility.

    1. Chris,

      To be eligible, a claimant is required to have active employment and earnings during the last 4-5 calendar quarters. Do use the “Eligibility Calculator”.

  24. Can I claim unemployment if I quit my job because I got transferred to a different team without prior notice, and the function of the team is completely different from my previous function? I also don’t have any technical background needed by the new team.

    1. Izzou,

      UI benefits are only extended to claimants who lose their employment due to involuntary reasons. Please call the Unemployment Office for clarification.

  25. what do I do if my 26 weeks are up and I am still unable to find work? Is there an extension for special circumstances?
    appreciate your help.
    Thank you

    1. Karen,

      The E.U.C(Emergency Unemployment Compensation) remains expired. There is no extension available. Please inquire further with the labor authorities in your state by calling them.

    1. Dennis,

      Please note this is a private forum and we do not have access to your 1099-G. Please visit the official website and it should be available for download.

  26. Can not login to my account. when I attempt to send an email and revise my account I never receive the email to complete the process.

    1. Annette,

      You can check the claim status either by phone or the internet, over the department’s official website.

  27. I am a Washington State resident but have been working in California for about a year now. I am a military spouse. My husband just got orders to Tennessee. I had to leave my work to move with him since I am included in his orders. Am I eligible to collect unemployment while looking for work?

    1. Maria,

      As a military spouse, you can be eligible to claim UI benefits. Please speak to the Unemployment Office in your new state to find out more about the benefits available to you.

  28. I was unemployed throughout all of 2017 and then found employment in February of 2018. I’ve been employed from February 20th. But now I’m facing a potential lay off by June 30th. Does my 2017 unemployment benefits count as wages earned? and Does my claim begin on July 2nd?

    1. Frank,

      All earnings will be considered. I suggest you use the “Benefits Calculator” available on this website to ascertain benefits.

  29. My notification date that I was being laid off due to downsizing was May 30th and my last day of regular work is June 30th. What is the earliest date in CA I can file for unemployment?

  30. I have 2 part time jobs, they both cut my hours can I collect some kind of unemployment till I find another job?

    1. Cori,

      I am not sure if you qualify on the basis of part-time employment. Please call the Unemployment Office for clarification.

  31. I receive a small pension and Social security. I had a P/T job but got laid off. Do I qualify for unemployment benefits?

  32. In California is unemployment compensation paid by a check mailed to your address or is a Debt type card used?

  33. My question is the last place I worked was California in Jan and Feb of 2018 but before that I worked in a different state. I want to know can I file for California now ? even though my base quarter period for sept I worked in a different state ? I work for the federal government.

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