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California Unemployment Job Search Requirements

Unless exempt by law, you must keenly seek work each week you certify for unemployment benefits. Local One-Stop Career Centers provide resources to help make the most of your job search. Take advantage of these no-cost resources and work with the EDD to build up an effective work search plan that suits your needs.

Looking for work is not a simple task, but the resources of the EDD and local partners are there to assist you! Go to your state employment website for more information about all the no-cost help available to you.

The EDD is more than just a place you have to register your resume in CalJOBSSM to meet UI eligibility criteria. It can help you know about different kinds of jobs, their availability, and how to get training for a new career path. Call the EDD for more information and assistance with planning an effective work search.

Keep in mind, to receive benefits; you must constantly confirm that you are able, available, and willing to accept suitable work.

Probable clashes like attending school during work hours or limitations with child care or transportation could limit your work availability and be an eligibility issue. Report such issues on your bi-weekly certification.

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Questions & Answers

  1. James Sizemore says:

    I am collecting UI benefits, was offered an out-of-state job starting 8/14 (about 7 weeks away). Am I eligible to collect UI benefits during this 7 week gap? If so, how do I report this event when I certify every other week?

    • Sam says:

      You should be able to collect as long as you still remain “unemployed” without income.

      Please call the Unemployment Office for further information.

  2. Pat says:

    So i started receiving unemployment benefits a few weeks ago. Everytime i go to certify for my benefits it hasn’t required me to actually put down the places i have applied at. Why is that?

    • Martin says:

      It can be a system glitch or you may be required to provide the information in a different section.

      Please call the Claims Center on the phone numbers to provided to find out.

  3. karen L. Beadle says:

    what is the phone number to report my job search each week? I lost the certification #

    Thank you.
    K Beadle

  4. Barbara Andridge says:

    I have never received weekly form and I do have a hearing date. Question is can you please start sending me the weekly form so I can fill out. Or can someone call me and explain to me. 530-409-3089

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