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California Unemployment Office Locations

The California Employment Development Department website helps in providing information on the locations of America’s Job Center of California. You can also search for:

  • America’s Job Center of California
  • Disability Insurance Offices  
  • Tax Offices  
  • Veterans Services Offices near you by choosing the type of office you are seeking.
    Please call ahead for days and hours of operation. On State Holidays, EDD offices will be closed or hours of operation may change.

  1. Need the number to call to verify my identity was sent documents and had mailed in the requested documents but a rep said they never received anything so need to speak to who ever can fix this issues. Was given a number to call for me to verify but the number is no longer in service. This is highly frustrating as this is the only thing that is delaying me from receiving my payments and need to get this fixed ASAP!

  2. If I was hurt on a job and I am currently a Federal employee, can I collect State Disability ? I currently have a part time job and pay into the state. Am I eligible to collect.

  3. Hello,
    am filing a unemployment laid off by UCSD on sept 28 as a medical records clerk..the govt site asking for job type wont accept clerk,office work,clerical .what do i put there to proceed with my claim?

      • Is there a walk in office in so. Cal? I am 63 and can’t use a computer and can’t get any phone help. I feel kind of hopeless. This isn’t welfare its been paid for.

        • Leeglover,

          You can try to consider the option of visiting an office in the vicinity if feasible.

  4. Am tried of me hang here on my phone waiting for your people who you hired have no answer to the question that a customer bids providing of the letter I ask to het help to speak with with some one to help me with this letter that says I need to get a supplemental certification so I can recieve continuing my benefits . My last money was send in on July 13, 2018 and not yet have I have help with you poor choice of workers you hired and as well send me an Application so I can so you how it’s done by the book of state of California date is July 31, 2018 I hope by then I lose my rent my car payment do you o your employees who have a high school diploma or four years of college ,,,,WHAT IS THE DELAY ON THIS ONLINE STUFF COME ON NOW LETS GET IT MOVING

    • Carolina,

      I can understand your situation. Firstly, please note this is a private forum and we’re not a government agency. Secondly, I suggest you consider visiting an Unemployment Office in the vicinity or try looking up for answers to your situation on the department’s website.

  5. Need an Unemployment Office location near Culver City CA to follow up on my claim. I can’t do online b/c account is locked out, and I can’t do by phone because I’ve spent hours and no one answers. Please advise. Thanks.

  6. I’ve worked full time for an attorney; he wants to reduce my hours by half. Can I go on unemployment instead since my half-time wages would be lower than unemployment?27

  7. i need a termination date official letter so i can give it to social security they need a copy .so i can recieve my past paid thank you and i look foword to your e-mail.

  8. I’m currently a CA state employee, hired as a permanent intermittent (PI), I just completed my one year and 2 months and passed the probationary period (10/2014) and have more than the sufficient hours to qualify as a true PI.

    During the first 10 months of hire, I have worked close to 40 hours a week for the most part and mixed in some months with 37-38 hours/week.

    But now for the month of Nov and future December, it was 20 hours a week and will be till year-end.

    Do I qualify for any partial unemployment benefits for these two months and conceivably into early 2016. Average monthly high earnings in 2015 was approximately $2,500-2,600 gross.

    • You can be eligible for partial unemployment benefits. Please check with your state and apply accordingly.

      Use the Benefits Calculator available on this site to get an estimate of benefits you qualify for.

  9. hello, can I get an address and phone number to the nearest unemployment office in riverside ca.
    thank you, bill adams

  10. Where is the closest unemployment office to Riverside, CA that I can go and find out why I did not get paid?

  11. I applied for UI in June of 2013. In August of 2013 I received a notice of amended unemployment insurance award indicating my weekly amount would be $183.00. I have not received a weekly claim for to date. I have submitted 2 questions to EDD via contact us at the EDD web site. I have not received any reply. I am unable to get through via 1 800 300 5616 to speak to a live person. Additionally I cannot seem to find a physical address for the closest unemployment office. Can you PLEASE tell me what is going on? Do I need to resubmit my claim?

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