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Are Church Employees Eligible For Unemployment Insurance?

Unemployment is a one of the most challenging phases of life. It not only affects day to day routine and takes a toll on your financial well being, but also affects mental health to a great extent. If you’re the breadwinner and have a family, you will know the pain joblessness causes. Thankfully in the… Read More »

Top 5 Unemployment Eligibility Myths – Debunked

Unemployment insurance in US provides temporary unemployment compensation to jobless citizens who are out of work, owing to lay offs. The weekly monetary benefit may not really compensate the job loss, but helps in managing basic household expenses while the claimant is looking for job opportunities. You can receive up to 26 weeks of unemployment… Read More »

Unemployment Benefits For Seasonal And Contract Workers

Who are seasonal and contract workers? Seasonal, contract workers and temporary employees who are hired for a fixed term or have a job opportunity only during a particular season. These days, taking up a fixed term work has become quite common in many countries. Fixed term work usually falls into one of the following two… Read More »

Filing for Unemployment from Two States

The Q & A forum on our website addresses a significant number of questions and issues relating to filing for unemployment compensation from two different states. Based on our detailed study, we have collated a list of most common issues that arise which are conflicting in nature. They are as follows My regular benefits from… Read More »

Unemployment Benefits During Maternity Leave receives an assortment of queries on applying for unemployment insurance during pregnancy. Anxious readers and patrons are often muddled, especially the female working class as they don’t know where to look for answers. The editorial team are constantly scouting for common issues faced through various forums. We believe in value add articles that will… Read More »