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Factors You Should Consider Before Signing a Job Offer

Receiving a job offer is often thrilling. Whether it’s your first job offer as a college graduate or one after a brief break in the career, signing a offer letter is one of the most cherished moments in life. We often tend to accept and sign the job contract without much scrutiny, focussing merely on… Read More »

How To Boost Your Quest For Government Jobs

Working for the Government has been a dream for millions and will continue to dominate the list of “Favorite places to Work” in years to come. It not only provides us job security and access to a plethora of benefits, a job in a federal agency/department also extends an opportunity to serve the nation with… Read More »

Job Hunting Advice for ‘Stressed Out’ Millennials

According to a recent survey conducted by the American Psychological Association (APA) millennials are officially the most stressed out generation in the United States. Also known as Generation Y, millennials are those of us who reached adulthood around the beginning of this century. Now recognized by no less than the White House as the largest and… Read More »

5 Tips For Fresh Graduates to Find Success in the First Job

One of the most intriguing phases of life is transitioning from college to work life. A fresh graduate has been doing nothing but only studying since adolescence and is now staring at transitioning into a different walk of life altogether. This is certainly not a cakewalk for most of us since it’s like stepping into… Read More »

Stop! Read Before You Apply for Next Job

Being jobless is a phase of life that is not so welcoming since it primarily cuts off the monetary supply. It can also have a bearing on personal relationships and physical & mental well being. But then, it all boils down to our perception and reaction to this situation which would have occurred in almost… Read More »

Body Language During Interview – Do’s and Don’ts

A job interview is your gateway to winning or losing the job. It is a formal procedure to assess your fitness for the job profile. The most important trait that forms the basis for judgement is your “Attitude”. It can make or break the prospects for you. Along with verbal communication and the ability to… Read More »

Resume Writing Tips for Freshers

One of the most crucial aspects of scouting for a job as a fresher is your resume, a strong medium that helps you market yourself to the prospective employer. It has it all in a page or two. Your primary and ancillary skills, academic milestones, personal dossier etc. As a fresher, having a strong resume… Read More »

5 Tips That Help You to Be on Top at Workplace

Workplaces are getting extremely competitive day by day owing to an assortment of the talent pool from all age groups coupled with performance oriented policies from organizations. The bottom line is that everybody wants to be on top. After all, superior performance is always appreciated and rewarded. Some of our personal and collective strategies towards… Read More »

5 Most Effective Channels for Job Seekers

Being unemployed is one of the most critical phases of life. It not only cuts off the monetary resources but also affects emotionally that can have an impending hit on family and social life. It all boils down to how you would like to treat this phase. Positively, with exuberance of finding a job that… Read More »

Types of Unemployment

Unemployment is a temporary phase of life where a person does not have a job or lacks opportunities to earn from employment owing to multiple reasons such as layoffs. Unemployment is one of the yardsticks to measure the economic stability of a country. Governments and agencies across the World infuse the system with multiple programs… Read More »