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The Employment Situation in the United States – January 2018

The Employment situation is a monthly report provided by the US Bureau of Labour statistics. The report mainly consists of data which involves the unemployment rates in the country. This unemployment rate research takes into account all factors such as unemployment in the terms of ethnicity, race, gender, age and industry.  The report also examines… Read More »

US Government Shutdowns For a Second Time in 3 Weeks

For a second time, Congress pushed hard to reach a deal for government funding past midnight but failed. This has lead the federal government to a shutdown in just three weeks since the previous one. Senate had originally reached a deal the previous day, it focused on lifting spending caps and raising military spending and… Read More »

Employment Situation Across the USA – December 2017 (Household & Establishment)

Every month, the Bureau of Labor Statistics releases a news release called ‘The Employment Situation’. Detailing how employment is faring in all industries within the United States. The month of December saw no changes to the overall unemployment rate. However, most of the industries in the United States did create a steady increase of jobs… Read More »

Top Regional News: Unemployment Rate Falls in Tennessee

Tennessee was the 16th state in 1796 and is today bordered by eight states and the Mississippi River. Also known as the Volunteer State, it is home to over 6.6 million people and has its capital in Nashville. Other counties with large populations include Memphis, Knoxville, Chattanooga, and Clarksville. The median household income is $47,275… Read More »

Employment Situation Across the USA – September 2017 (Household & Establishment)

The national Unemployment Rate in September 2017 was 4.2%, a fall of 0.2 percent, compared to the previous month. In aggregate, there were a little over 33,000 jobs reduced from the economy during this month. The negative impact of Hurricane Harvey and Irma could be felt in industries such as food services and drinking places… Read More »

Top 5 Metro Cities For Businesses In US

The word ‘Silicon Valley’ reverberates through the entire world as a synonym to the most business friendly environment! So what characteristics of a city shortlists one into being considered as one of the most sophisticated and convenient places to set up your business? Is it the number of research organizations/universities or the already established and… Read More »

Employment Situation Across USA – August 2016 (Household & Establishment)

The unemployment situation in the country has witnessed little movement over the last 2-3 months. During the month of August 2016, it continued to remain stable with an unemployment rate of 4.9%, the same as last month. In aggregate, the economy added a little over 151,000 jobs across various sectors and industries. It must be… Read More »

Employment Situation Across USA – July 2016 (Household & Establishment)

Over the last couple of months, the unemployment rate in the country has remained stable without much dilly-dallying. As per the monthly news release from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S Department of Labor, the national unemployment rate in July 2016 was 4.9%, the same as June. During this month, the might of various industries… Read More »

Employment Situation Across USA – June 2016 (Household & Establishment)

After months’ of constant fall and to being the lowest in years since the recession in May 2008, the unemployment rate rose by 0.2 percentage points to clock 4.9 percent during June 2016. The economy added 287K jobs led by Leisure and Hospitality followed and Healthcare. At the end of this month, the number of… Read More »

Employment Situation Across USA – May 2016 (Household & Establishment)

After months of dormancy, there is finally some news to cheer about for Americans with respect to the unemployment situation in the country. The national Unemployment Rate fell by 0.3 percentage points in May 2016 to clock 4.7 percent with gains of 484,000 jobs during this month. The number of jobless persons in the country… Read More »