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Falsely Claimed Unemployment Benefits

Unemployment Insurance (UI) fraud includes collecting UI benefits that are based on providing false, unreported, or misreported information while filing a claim. Anyone who is filing a claim, reopening a claim, or certifying for UI benefits is legally responsible to make sure that they follow the requirements that are set by the law of the… Read More »

Texas – All You Need To Know When You’re Unemployed

If you have lost your job through no fault of your own, you may be entitled to unemployment benefits. These benefits provide temporary financial help to eligible individuals, based on their previous earnings, while they are seeking a new job. Unemployment benefits are offered through an insurance program run together by the federal government and… Read More »

Illinois – All You Need To Know When You’re Unemployed

Unemployed or not, living in today’s job market, it is always indispensable for you to equip yourself with the know-hows of the unemployment benefits offered in your state. Illinois, like other federal states, has its own department which takes care of unemployed populace and seeks to address their financial problems, either you are a part-time… Read More »

Veteran Unemployment Benefits In USA

Unemployment is one problem that doesn’t necessarily need a shout-out. In spite of all the banter on the march towards progression, the unemployment rate of 4.9% is not really hailed as the greatest feat. However, the stagnation isn’t forever. Know more of the unemployment benefits to cross over all the obstacles in your way to… Read More »

Pennsylvania – All You Need To Know When You’re Unemployed

Pennsylvania UC (Unemployment Compensation) program is handled by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry, which aims to provide a cushion, only if you qualify for the unemployment benefits. This enables a sense of relief to all of you who were at a constant risk of being completely stalled in your day-to-day activities because of… Read More »

Teenage Unemployment In USA

We all know that the economy was largely gloomy, with a slowdown. Teens and students are bearing high tuition prices and thus, are in dire need of finding alternate sources of income. Usually, teens manage to find work in restaurant chains and the likes but are mostly unappreciated for the work they do and are… Read More »

The Female Unemployment Issue In America

Despite more jobs being available today in the U.S., unemployment still plagues some sections of the society. While the unemployment rate is officially recorded at 5%, the surveys don’t always tell the complete story. In this article, let’s discuss the issues faced by adult American women in specific. Over the years, we’ve seen that the… Read More »

Unemployment Benefits Exhausted. What Next?

Those who have exhausted their allocated state provided unemployment compensation will always have a question lingering on the mind. What do I do next? This question can be a great concern if you’ve not got a job yet. Generally, in most of the states across the country, the payout will be unto a period of… Read More »

Filing For Unemployment Insurance While On Other Welfare Benefits

This topic is one that haunts many an unemployed soul. Filing for social welface benefits while receiving unemployment compensation or vice versa is a matter that requires serious attention. While in most cases the State and Federal law frown upon receiving multiple benefits together, there are some cases in which claimants for Unemployment Insurance (UI) are… Read More »

How does Social Security and Retirement Payments Affect Unemployment Benefits?

In tough economic times, more and more elder people might search for work past customary retirement age. In case they become jobless and do not have sufficient in the way of Social Security payments and other retirement income, they could attempt to collect unemployment benefits as a means to boost their monetary standing. For the… Read More »