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Suspended Unemployment Benefits

There will be times when you will be intimidated by that letter you receive by mail or a notification sent via e mail or call. The messenger from the state informs you about a temporary suspension or disqualification from receiving unemployment insurance. This will be a testing phase for you and your family if you’re… Read More »

Have You Considered Buying Disability Insurance?

It is a cherished dream for any individual to have a good career so that one can pay bills on time, buy that dream home and car and enjoy financial freedom. Living life in the fast lane might not leave us anytime to think about possible hurdles. What if something goes horribly wrong and those paychecks… Read More »

Long-Term Aftermath of the Great Recession on Floridians

If you lose a job in Florida, chances are you will take a long time to find another. Florida has the maximum rate of long-term unemployment in the nation. According to a latest census data, more than 53 percent of jobless Floridians are without work for six months or longer-worse than any other nation. As… Read More »

Disability Insurance for Unemployed

Are you out of work due to illness, non-industrial injury or pregnancy related condition? If so, you may be entitled to receive disability insurance benefits. Disability insurance offers fractional wage replacement to eligible workers who are not capable to work because of a disability. There is a number of disability insurance and other types of… Read More »

Unemployment Insurance Common Questions – Part 2

Claims, & Benefits – Common Questions Series What all information can I get through Unemployment Insurance Telephone Service? What are the responsibilities of a claimant? When should I apply for insurance benefits? What is the source of unemployment benefits to pay the insurance amount? Can all the unemployed be eligible for unemployment insurance benefit? Will… Read More »

How Does Health Insurance Work during Unemployment

Are you out of work and uninsured workers in United States? Do you need health coverage and want to know where to get free care for jobless employee like you? In today’s economic crisis, one of the most important issues for laid-offs, besides loss of paycheck, is health insurance. It’s important to have, but it… Read More »

How to Collect Unemployment Benefit after Temporary Job Ends in New York

If you have given up your part time job for any of the reasons, then your Unemployment Insurance benefit might stop. The one factor that all states have in common is that, in order to receive benefits you will have to be continuously looking for work, and able to accept work if you find a… Read More »

Unemployment Insurance Common Questions

Eligibility What is the base period? What is covered employment? What should I do in case if I am not eligible for Monetary Benefit? What is Unemployment Insurance and who is eligible for it? What are the basic eligibility requirements to obtain unemployment benefits? What is an Alternate Base Period and how is it calculated?… Read More »