Colorado Unemployment Benefit Questions

What do I do when I have found a new job?

When you file a claim, it is active for a period of one year beginning on the file date. You can use the benefits that you are entitled to any time you are unemployed during that year. When you return to work, stop filing for payment; this will close your claim. Your claim can be reopened at any time during the one-year life of your claim if you again become unemployed.

How do I cancel my claim?

If you wish to cancel your claim, you must write and mail a letter or call customer service within the first 12 days after filing your claim. Canceling your claim will completely remove the claim from the system as if you had never filed. After canceling your claim you cannot reopen the claim; you must file a new claim.

What happens if I move out of Colorado?

If you are currently receiving benefits Colorado and you move to another, you still receive benefits from your original state. You receive benefits from the state in which you worked for the past 18 months. All you have to do is provide your new address to your “original” state of residence and CDLE (Colorado Department of Labor and Employment) will mark you as an interstate payee. You then continue to file your weekly certification as normal. You will receive the exact same amount of benefits, it does not change. You are required to seek employment in the new state you moved to.

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  1. My license had to be renewed. Can I use my temporary license for any information needed while filling out the paperwork?

  2. My benefits have expired. Am I able to file for an extension of benefits? I cannot find answers or a link to apply anywhere…

  3. I was working in Arizona for a large Insurance Company and due to Covid my husband had to take a job in Colorado. My place of employment stated they could not transfer me to there Colorado location due to length of time it would take to move my Insurance License from AZ to CO because of Covid. So they said I had to quit. Can I file for UI in Colorado or do I file in Arizona?

    • Katina,

      UI benefits are generally provided to claimants who lose employment due to no fault of their own. Please check further on the Unemployment Office’s website under “Eligibility”.

  4. I am Moving oversees to a US territory. As I seek work and meet my work search criteria will I still be eligible to claim until I find a job?

  5. I am currently in Colorado i am on the extended pandemic benefits i will be moving in a couple days to Arizona, are my benefits transferable? Can i still claim? I have tried calling several times and i dont know what i am supposed to do.

    • Tiffany,

      You should be able to transfer the benefits to Arizona. Please visit the office website for more.

  6. I was working for Robert Half Staffing Agency and received a contract with Fastly, Inc through them. I worked for two months when they let go some contractors. I was among them. No warning. No severance. Since I was actually “employed” through Robert Half, can I apply for unemployment?

    • Matthew,

      Please check with your employer if they paid Unemployment Taxes into the system. If they did, you should be able to claim.

  7. On 3/19/19 my manager and I were attacked by a guest at the hotel i work at and harassed. I feared for my life as well did my manager. Would I be eligible for unemployment if i quit here while looking for another job? I do not feel safe coming to work.

    • Brianna,

      You can be eligible to resign under these circumstances and claim UI. To be doubly sure, please contact the Unemployment Office in your state before making a decision.

  8. If you work for a temporary agency and your contract ends, can you file for unemployment even though you’re still employed by the temp agency? Have been unable to be placed since end of January.

    • Noelia,

      Temporary and contract jobs do not qualify since employers’ don’t remit Unemployment Taxes into the system. Please call the Unemployment Office for clarification.

  9. We are losing Colorado Springs jobs as they are moving to a different country. If I file for my early Social Security will I still be able to collect my unemployment so I will have both?

    • My social security starts 2/19. Want to know if I can collect unemployment benefits due to my not being hired, my feeling is it’s due to my age(62). I’m also dealing with cancer and unable to do most jobs, getting cancer treatments every day. Currently have medicaid

      • Kenneth,

        UI benefits are offered to claimants who lose their employment due to involuntary reasons. Please contact the Unemployment Office to determine eligibility.

  10. What type of income received during period when someone is receiving unemployment benefit impact those (unemployment) benefits ?

    • Dennis,

      All types of income should be declared. Please call the Unemployment Office for further details.

  11. My question is I get job attached unemployment every summer when laid off but, on the 27th of March I fell on my knee at work and was sent to a workman’s comp Dr. x-rayed and prescribed physical therapy till April 10th when I was released . I did not miss any work just was changed to a different position. Will I be able to still get unemployment?

    • Shirley,

      I am not sure if you qualify under such circumstances. Just to be doubly sure, please call the Unemployment Office for clarification.

  12. I am currently finding myself in a situation where I may have to quit do to medical reasons. I have asthma and they are currently doing construction/renovation at work. It is making me sick to where I cannot be in the building. Would I qualify for unemployment?

    • Nicole,

      You might be just eligible due to the “working” conditions. Please call the Claims Center for a detailed discussion before you make a decision.

  13. My employer was recently bought out by a big corp. They are to required to work 50 hrs a week where as I was to work 45 before. They adjusted my annual pay to where i make the same, annually but working 5 hrs more a week for the same pay. IF this is leagal, and i choose not to work for them under this new condition and i quit, can i collect unemployment? I have been with the old company 11 yrs.

    • Donna,

      I am not sure if this is legally valid or not. Please consult the Labor authorities or the Unemployment Office before making a decision on your job.

  14. I collect social security and have been working a long term temp job. The company was sold and I aS required to sign up for their temp agencies. Now I am being let go since they are eliminating my position. Can I collect unemployment

    • Patricia,

      Temp employment does not qualify since employers’ generally don’t pay unemployment taxes. Please call the Unemployment Office for clarification.

  15. I was starting the process of applying for unemployment. My severance expires next month. Is there a way to upload my current resume into the Unemployment application website instead of creating another. The company I worked for has a job placement company that helps us.

    • Susan,

      Please explore the options available when you log into your account online. Alternatively, please call the Claims Center for instructions.

  16. do i have to report my 401k payout if i get it in the middle of drawing uneployment? Why if so, and how many weeks will i lose

    • Gary,

      Please report it to the office. The authorities will advise you further on the impact of declaring the payout. You can call the claims center, to begin with.

  17. I was laid off in Colorado and received 12 weeks of Severance Pay, will I be eligible for unemployment right away or do I need to wait until 12 weeks has past.

  18. I have been terminated from civil service and at the same time found eligible by VA for unemployability. Can I still proceed with my unemployment claim?

  19. I was terminated because my lack of detail led to errors in my work. My employer assured me they would not deny my unemployment but they have been dishonest with the Umemployment Inusrance case worker and said I couldn’t keep up with my work and that I was unable to take on anything else………I am concerned about the claim getting paid. Anyone have experience with all the additional questions and whether the claim will go through or not?

    • Kelli,

      If they deny on the basis of employer feedback, you can file an “Appeal” for scrutiny. Please make sure to keep supporting documents handy to prove your stand.

  20. I was an employee with salary plus benefits and they came to me and took away my salary and all benefits and said that I was no longer an employee. They wanted me to sign a contract to make me a contractor and just pay me commission but I couldn’t do that and I am currently looking for another job.
    Would I be able to receive unemployment at this time until I could find another job?

    • Well, it may be considered voluntary making you ineligible to draw UI benefits. However, there can be an exception. Please call the Unemployment Office for further details.

  21. The company I work for was sold. if I decide to start with the new company does my unemployment eligibility start over here in Colorado. What I don’t want to do is work for the new company and 2 weeks later get laid off and not be able to collect benefits.

    • You can apply right away if you were laid off. You can be eligible as long as the reason for separation from the job is involuntary.

    • I just resigned from my job due to health reasons and I received unemployment. I explained to them that the work environment made my health and my condition worse and ultimately caused me to resign.

      • If the work conditions affected your health directly, you can be eligible.

        Please speak to the Unemployment Office in your state.

  22. If resigned from my current employer due to hostile environment can I collect unemployment until I find another job

  23. Im currently employed with Waste Management in Colorado whom will be closing the office on Feb 21, 2014 which means I will be laid off. When can I file for unemployment benefits? thanks, Robert Kurtz

  24. I am employed, but my employer cut my hours to the point that I can no longer pay my bills. Does Colorado offer partial unemployment? And if so, how do I apply for it?

  25. If you get laid off from your job when fileing for benefits do I have to claim my monthly pension from a previous pera employment?

  26. I am currently receiving food stamp benefits and others but I was recently asked for a print out or proof of my benefits for the month of March. How can i go about on retrieving this info? I have tried calling the customer help line but all i get there is an automated help list. Please help me this info is needed as soon as possible so my other benefits are not stopped. Sincerely

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